Gift Options for 5th Graders

Your little hero is all set up for the guesses in his Christmas gift you have bought for him. Little Mr. handsome is now grown to 5th standard kid, and soon will be crossing the primary level of his education. The level of enthusiasm and excitement is automatically increased with being in the happiness of power, of all growing up.

So why not give your beloved growing boy a tech surprise this Christmas. A technology that can boost the enthusiasm and help him in learning the new world of educational arena.

Surely with the changing world directions, now children are more of having a tech gizmo on their wish list, than having a traditional conventional gift for their priority.

Some of the most common and exciting gift picks that can help you child grow his inner capabilities are:

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

Samsung galaxy tab 3 is a perfect tablet for your growing child. With his advancement to secondary level of educational system, he needs to get a tech gift that can help him in entering into the new world of technology that can help him not only enjoy the fullest of his movies and games but let him learn through various educational tools available at Google play store. With office installed, your child can have a next level educational experience with great confidence.


Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

Xbox One

Xbox is known to have a great boost in the gaming world. Every boy needs one and every parent can have one to give their boys a full thrilling gaming surprise. Xbox not only gives your child a full entertaining gaming session but also lets your boy connect to their beloved family members at long distance, to share their gaming experience. It has a lot of series of educational games as well for better development of your child.


Xbox One

Play Station 4

With emerging trend of advance gaming, all boys are up to clearing the gaming levels of thrills. So why not you’re your boy a gaming experience to show his skills with play station 4.

Play Station 4

Play Station 4


Your little one will not be so little from now on, soon he will be clearing his primary level and will be entering into the secondary level educational system. Where he wants an upgrade with his treatment and gadgets. So give him a superb gift that can help him with his educational projects as well. Camcorder is an excellent gift in this case that can help him with both the aspects of his entertainment and for educational purpose.




To accessories the tech gizmos of your boy, headphones is a very good gift that can be a splendid addition to his accessories. Headphones is an every kid need at every level. To enjoy the games and music and sounds peacefully without disturbing others. Headphones also allow your child to concentrate better without the outside noise, while learning for educational purposes.


Beats Headphone


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