Samsung Galaxy S6 is Expected Soon!

If you are a fan of Samsung Galaxy S series and anxiously waiting for its new model then brace yourself as Samsung Galaxy S6 is ready to hit mobile market. Samsung has a predicted pattern of launching their new devices; the flagship ‘S’ model appears, and then a few months later the improved Note pops up. With Samsung having released the Galaxy Note 4 a couple of months ago, everyone’s attention has fallen on its upcoming flagship dubbed as the Galaxy S6. Samsung fans are having huge expectations from S5’s successor as South Korean giant is likely to bring drastic changes to its new device to win its Best Android Phone title back. There have been conflicts about the release date of S6 but now it is expected to be launched in February 2015.

Samsung Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy S6

Plenty of whispers are circulating, the rumors mill on what specs and features Samsung Galaxy S6 is going to offer. Seems like Samsung has learned from the mistakes it made in S5 and tried to fix them in S6. S5 did not have any major changes from its predecessor S4, as a result it was unable to stir mobile market. Recent reports have revealed Galaxy S6 will be an altogether different smartphone from S5. It is predicted that Samsung S6 screen will have Samsung’s favourite SuperAMOLED display technology. With the trend of big screens in new models of smartphones, S6 is likely to have large screen between 5.3 inches to 5.5 inches. Samsung has already introduced QHD resolution in its previous devices so we can expect it in Galaxy S6 as well. There are rumors of a flexible or curved display which Samsung has been developing and we’ve seen on the Galaxy Round but we are not sure if the firm will utilize it in S6 or not. It will be great if the S6 has a curved screen, it would be something different from the continuously similar looking rectangular designs. To give its design a solid and elegant look Samsung has built S6 with metal, unlike S5 which has a plastic body. There is no final word on Samsung Galaxy S6 camera but there are more chances that firm will equip their new device with 16Mp with optical image stabilization like the Note. With the common trend of front cameras in smartphones S6 also features a 5MP shooter.

Coming to its software and processor we are pretty sure that Galaxy S6 will stick with Android. It will be preinstalled with latest Android 5.0 lollipop and we expect a new version of Samsung’s TouchWiz interface. Galaxy S6 will be powered by one of Qualcomm’s 64-bit which have already been announced and scheduled to arrive inside devices in the beginning of 2015. On the storage front, the phone has been rumored to come in 32-, 64- and 128 GB models to choose from, plus Samsung is likely to equip the Galaxy S6 with 3 GB of RAM.

With the release of their new smartphone Samsung is ready to battle with their rival Apple. As Galaxy S6 has all those features which can compete with the advanced features and technology of Apple iPhone 6.


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