Getting Ready For Christmas

What do we really want for Christmas? More time, more fun, more joy and less stress?  Well, you can get a chance to enjoy a stress less Christmas with your loved ones if you prepare well before Christmas. Christmas day comes once a year but preparation for this event takes months. Entering the month of December we have entered the Christmas season. There is so much to do before Christmas, shopping for Christmas presents, decorating your house, grocery shopping for holidays, preparing Christmas foods, and much more. Between all these things we hardly get any spare time to sit back and enjoy the festivity of this spiritual occasion with our family. You can have a calmer and more centered holiday celebration if you have a proper plan for Christmas preparations.

  • Cleaning

Every year you spend hours or even days in Christmas cleaning. Cleaning takes a lot of time so it is better to get done with it before time. Get everyone in the family to help you in cleaning, this would save your time and will also make cleaning a less fatiguing task. Don’t forget to clean every ignored nook and corner of your house including fans, walls, freezer, etc. as you wouldn’t want your house to look dirty and messy when your friends and relatives visit you on Christmas.

  • Gift Wrapping

Go through your gift wrap stash and take note of what you have on hand. Make a list of what you need to purchase at least a couple of weeks before Christmas. Throw away all the torn wrapping papers and crumpled bows and buy new wrapping supplies. The survey of 2,000 UK parents, commissioned by Wilkinsons, found that almost 3 hours and 23 minutes are spent in wrapping your Christmas presents. So pack your gifts before time as you would hardly get any spare minute on Christmas Eve or a day before that. Purchase a gift wrap organizer to keep bags, wrap, bows, etc. neat and ready for use. Keeping everything all in one place and ready to go will help you breeze through this task.

  • Food and Recipes

Plan your Christmas food and holiday meals before time. Take out the recipes you will be needing and if you have to find one, then find it before time. Check your pantry and freezer for the items you have in hand and make a list of what you need to buy. Take out all the baking and cooking utensils you will be needing. Clean them and keep them at a place which is easily reachable.

  • Lights and Decorations

The most time consuming task of Christmas season is decorating your house. Make sure you begin decorating as soon as possible. Go to your store and open all those cartons which have Christmas decorations of last year. Get rid of all those broken ornaments and non-functioning light bulbs and strings. No need to keep all this broken stuff at home anymore. Buy new decorations and a new Christmas tree if needed. Decorate your house with lights days before Christmas and even try to decorate your Christmas tree before time. So you don’t have to spend your last day in store all covered with dust and taking out decorating items, instead of enjoying with your family.

You are done with your Christmas preparation, plan some celebratory activities you can do in all that time you saved by planning your tasks. We wish you an enjoyable Christmas season. Merry Christmas!


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