Make your Christmas and New Year Shopping Easier with Technology

With Christmas and New Year just round the corner, everyone is busy in showing their shopping spree. With all the crowd, rush and panic in claustrophobic shopping centers Shopping has become more fatiguing and time consuming task. In holiday season people hardly get a chance to shop with a relaxed mind. Luckily technology like all other aspects of our life has also transformed our shopping. Technology lets us shop with a peace of mind by helping us in escaping the chaos of shopping malls in Christmas and New Year season. Some tech gadgets and apps proves a great companion for our shopping. Here I would be discussing all these gadgets and apps in details which make our shopping much easier.

Online Shopping

Online Shopping

Starting with iBeacons I would like to focus on every single technology related thing which has made our shopping easier. These are small Bluetooth devices which send unique signals to people who have downloaded a shop’s mobile app.  iBeacons can be used to guide you in finding the exact outlet and points out the exact shelf where you can find the product you are looking for. It is ideal for navigating the crush. In busy shopping days like Christmas and New Year holidays, this device saves our time and takes us to the exact point where we can find our desired product, minimizing the need to peep into every single shop filled with hyper buyers, to find our item.

More and more retailers are trying to cut down cues with payment apps. Day by day more retailers are introducing apps which let customers make their orders, pay for their purchase and then just come to the desk for a couple of minutes, just to pick up their products. These tailored retailer payment apps helps us in escaping the long queue at the cash counter.

Can’t face fighting through the throng to pick out an ideal outfit for the New Year party? With smart windows you just have to stand outside the window and a virtual stylist will help you in deciding the perfect outfit. You just have to add some information related to your choice and the virtual stylist will recommend you outfits from the store which will be according to your choice of colour combination and style. So stand calmly outside the shop and let the virtual designer work for you.

Online Shopping

Online Shopping

Touchscreen kiosks are also playing a chief role in saving your time while shopping. If you don’t want to spend hours trawling the shop for that Christmas gift you decided to buy for your friend, only to find out that it is not in the shop anymore, Touchscreen kiosks are perfect for you. It lets you quickly check which items are available in the shop and also allows you to find right product by entering information on your preferred features and choice.

Apart from all these apps, many websites like Amazon, Ebay, SnapDeal, Myntra, etc. allows you to do online shopping, letting you shop just by sitting at your couch and avoiding the hap hazardous situation of shopping malls. Plus some apps like Google Shopper gives you the freedom to compare prices so you can buy you desired product on best price. So enjoy a stress free shopping season by embracing technology this year. Happy Shopping!


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