Samsung Goes on Some Serious Charity

With the continuous emergence of the new technological brands and every brand developing something new with every passing year, the images of the brands have become from a neutral to an evil sight of just having the business on the top.

Every new technological advancement lets users to have a new device of fun and excitement. The world of technology changes from huge devices to portable ones, from buttons to touch devices, from touch to air motion sensors. All the superb and human helping technological advancing for easing the human life.

These advancement have also benefited the human mankind in overcoming many various diseases, mankind was fighting for long time ago. The advancement increases the mortality rate too. And have let humans fight the disease with more advancement.

But then again, with all this going on it seems to be a war between the brands to win the happiness and preference of people. An image of brands being evil in fighting for their reign seems a never ending war. There was a class that was missed out, for having the fun factor using the tremendous functionality devices. This was the class of handicaps.

The eyeCan Project

The eyeCan Project

Handicap people were unable to enjoy the benefits and fun of using the laptops and other exciting devices such as tablets. With all this war going on, a group of volunteer people from the company Samsung came out with the brilliant idea for handicaps to have all the fun.

Samsung came out with the idea of an eye controlled mouse pads named EYECAN+.  This superb device is a fantasy come true for handicaps. This is a little portable device that is attached to the monitor or screen device and is controlled by the eye movement of the person. The device doesn’t need to be setup every time, it only requires a setup at the first time use. And it will be set to the individual’s eye characteristics.

This device is an infrared device that detects the pupil movement. With the movement of the pupil and other few gestures of the eye, it helps do all the functions of the mouse such as copy, paste, scroll, drag and drop. The device has an inbuilt 18 commands program that pops up on the screen for selection of a particular command with the movement and blinking of the eyes.

This spectacular device is not yet commercialised. Samsung plans just to manufacture few units of EYECAN+ which will be used for charity purpose to the handicaps. Samsung also plans to make this device accessible to organisations and individuals who want to have it commercialised, later on. According to Samsung, each device will cost about $500 to produce and this isn’t the first time Samsung has built such device. It built the same back in 2012, and this is just the upgraded version.

This technology hasn’t been a common thing till now, the only other company in using eye control sensors is Tobii. But this company is just using such technique basics in gaming device manufacturing.


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