Inside London, Christmas Lights

With the initials of festive season, London is all set to have its famous streets to be decorated with all the bling’s of the lights. The light decoration is the most exciting and ancient way to have your celebration with all the joy and smiles. Lights decoration add an extra charm to the festivity of the occasion. With the onset of the Christmas season, London is all prepared to have all streets a perfect bling makeover.

London has some famous and renown streets, that are famous for long times in the past, to be all decorated. These include Bond streets, Covent Garden, Oxford Street and Regent Street.

A complete schedule is made publically available for people .The schedule of the date and time availability allows the public to know where and when they can spent their luxurious hours.

With this year’s Christmas and New Year celebration, all of the four famous and many other streets are all set to have a full festive celebrative shows. Following are the introduction and this year’s light decoration theme of the various streets.

Bond Street

Bond Street, sing 18 century, is known to have all the famous fashion providing stores. The famous fashion shopping is what people do there. This street is the only street between the famous oxford street and Piccadilly. Europe’s most expensive retail tread is enlighten with beautiful themes arranged with the combination of lights. This year Bond Street is all set to the peacock lights arrangement themes. A perfect luxurious celebrations which will last from 8 December welcoming Christmas and go with the celebration and will last up to 6 January welcoming new year with all its festivity.

Covent Garden

Covent Garden, which was once a vegetable and fruit garden shop is now the famous shopping arena of the London. It is not only a famous shopping spot but also a famous tourists spot and a famous royal opera house as well. With 2014 celebration to be started the street is decorated with the statues of the different characters related to the Christmas. This year the huge silver studded statue of reindeer stands between the streets on the gift packs posing. Along with other light decorations there is a live reindeer roaming with a girl that is free for public to feed or have a picture with.

Oxford Street

The most famous and major street of the London, especially famous for Europe’s one of the most famous and expensive shopping streets. The street is fully lighted with the shining white light made orbs. This year’s decoration seems to be somehow the same from previous year, but the public review is so demanding on this decoration that it is still an eye catching décor piece.

Regent Street

Yet another famous shopping street of the London for both the natives and famous tourists spot. Everyone waits for the super exciting decoration of this street as it is known to be the most illuminated street among all. This year regent street is all set with the decoration of theme “night at the museum; secret of tome. With reindeer horns like arrangement with this specified theme depicting the décor.


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