A Comparison between Lenovo Z50 and Sager NP9772


With advancement in all other types of laptops we have also witnessed some amazing improvements in the field of gaming laptops. Almost all leading laptop brands are introducing new gaming laptops in the market to satisfy demanding gaming enthusiast. Battery life, graphics card, high capacity RAM, etc. are all those essential things which play a determining role in the efficiency of a gaming laptop.


With so many options available in the market finding a perfect gaming laptop can be a daunting task. This comparison of two gaming laptops will help you in choosing an ideal gaming laptop for yourself.

Graphical Performance

A GPU is the most influential component of a gaming laptop, a high quality GPU means a better gaming experience. Lenovo Z50 is loaded with NVIDIA GeForce Graphics. Its NVIDIA GeForce 840M 2GB graphics give you a satisfying performance and lets you enjoy a smooth movie playback. On the other hand Sager NP9772 features GeForce GTX 980M Graphics. It is not just a simple graphic card but it expands physics processing and amplifies your gaming by taking it to the new level of realism.

Storage Capacity

You cannot take most out of your gaming laptop until it has an impressive storage capacity. Lenovo Z50 lets you store all your heavy games and gives you a smooth performance every time with its high capacity storage. It comes with hard drive of 1TB and 8 GB SSD. Whereas Sager NP9772 is fully loaded with 1TB hard drive and 512GB SSD which enables it to satisfy some of the most demanding customers by meeting their storage needs and letting them expand their media library with latest games.

Processing Speed

Processor type and processor speed also plays an important role in making your gaming experience best or worst. This superb gaming laptop from Lenovo is equipped with Intel Core i7 4th Gen processor which gives you incredible speed of 2.10 GHz. While if we come to Sager NP9772 it is also equipped with powerful Intel® Core™ i7-4790K Processor which gives you optimum speed in every task.

RAM Capacity

Without a spacious RAM you cannot enjoy your games at their best. Lenovo and Sager both understands this need that’s why they have equipped their laptops with high capacity RAM. Lenovo has equipped Lenovo Z50 with a 16 GB RAM whereas Sager has loaded a 32GB Duall Channel DDR3 in NP9772. So both the laptops have a satisfying RAM but Sager is one step ahead in this particular point.


How can we forget display and screens, while talking of the most important elements of a gaming laptop. Lenovo Z50 features a 15.6-inch Full-HD Display that adds life in your gaming by delivering you true to life images. Sager has also featured a 17.3″ Full HD LED-Backlit Display with matt finish in its NP9772 to give you an outstanding gaming experience.


Toshiba WT310 Review

After enjoying tremendous success in Laptop market Toshiba is now planning to rule Tablet market. In past few years Toshiba has launched some great tablets which offer us incredible features in affordable price. Toshiba WT310 is also among those amazing tablets launched by Toshiba. Let’s review it so we can decide whether this tablet is a good option or not.toshiba-tablet-wt310

Toshiba WT310 was designed by keeping business users in mind which makes it a competitor of Windows Surface Pro. It may not succeed in beating the ultra-stylish design of Surface Pro but its features are a good catch.

Design and Features

Toshiba WT31 has a solid built and a robust design which allows users to use it freely without worrying about its damage. Where this solid design has some advantages it also has some disadvantages on the other hand. This design makes it a bit heavier than other tablets of this size and also lacks elegance and modernity. This 825g and 12mm thick tablet features a brace of speakers on board but the volume seems particularly low and the sound quality is also just average.wt310-design-features

Toshiba WT310 can surely satisfy some of the most demanding customers with its connectivity options. It offers us a full-size USB, micro HDMI and headphone jack all on one side. Plus there are options of wireless connectivity as well, including Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. You can also get compact docking station that holds the tablet upright and offers additional connections, including two more USB ports, Ethernet, 3.5mm headphone jack and HDMI just for £50.

Screen and Styluswt310-screen-stylus

Toshiba WT310 is equipped with an 11.6-inch screen with a fingerprint-resistant coating. This coating helps in reducing fingerprints but it gives a matt look while robbing its sharpness. Its HD resolution of 1,920×1, 080 pixels deliver vibrant colours and bright images. It also includes an all plastic stylus which elegantly fits in the slot at the side of the tablet. Its this feature makes it a bit superior to other tablets like Surface Pro which still wants you to awkwardly clip the stylus at the side. It also includes handwriting recognition so you can convert your scribbling into clear text.

Processor and Windowswt310-processor-and-windows

Powered by a 3rd generation Intel Core i5-3439Y processor clocked at 1.5GHz Toshiba WT310 gives optimum performance in your everyday tasks. Backed by 4GB of RAM along with 128GB SSD memory it gives you a satisfying speed and responsiveness. It runs Windows 8 pro so you can get more productivity in less time by utilizing some amazing features of this Windows. Microsoft Office comes as standard and there’s a raft of security measures from Intel on board, including Anti-Theft which allows you to shut your lost or stolen tablet remotely.

Camera and Battery

Toshiba WT310 comes equipped with two cameras. A three megapixel camera on back with autofocus and a simple one megapixel webcam on the front. The battery life is also average. With Toshiba WT310 you can enjoy an uninterrupted entertainment for five hours as its battery lives up for almost 5 hours between the charges.

Technology That Will Change PCs of 2015

With cellphones and all other latest devices getting slimmer and more interactive, why should PCs stay behind? The technology that will be used in 2015 will completely transform PCs. Hardware developers took inspiration from gaming consoles, mobile devices and even 3D printers to bring innovation in laptops and desktops. Let’s have a look at the technologies which will be used in future PCs.

Wireless Chargingwireless_charging

Charging has always remained an obstacle in our way of uninterrupted entertainment. But with drastic changes made by latest technology, our problem is also about to be solved. Intel is planning to make wireless chargers. You will just keep a laptop on table and it will start charging. Intel wants to make wireless chargers as common as a Wi-Fi signals, so people can easily find them in cafes restaurants, airports and other such public places. The first laptop with wireless charging is expected to come this year.

Creative Desktopscreative-desktops

Desktop PCs started with a dull white box and now has become a hub of creativity and productivity. Desktop PCs these days include technologies like depth-sensing cameras and 3D printing. In future we will be using devices like HP’s sprout. It looks like a normal all-in-one PC, but packs the latest imaging and collaboration technology. It features a Touch Mat which can be used for dual-purpose as images can be scanned and also manipulated on it. In future PCs will come with virtual keyboards as they will be given more priority over regular keyboards.

Biometric Sensorsbiometric-sensors

By the end of this year, Intel will be introducing a software which will enable users to log on to a website using biometric system. It will be used for two purposes, authentication as biometric authentication is relatively secure and more reliable plus the users will not have to remember dozens of passwords. Apple is already using this technology in authorizing credit card payments and Intel is planning to bring it in PCs.

Interactive Computersinteractive-computers

Computers are expected to become more perceptual and more interactive this year. With a combination of gesture, voice and visual recognition technologies being installed, PCs will change completely. The 2D cameras will be replaced by Intel’s RealSense 3D cameras which will identify objects and be able to measure distance between the objects. PC gaming will also become hands free with camera’s Kinect-like gesture recognition capabilities. Intel is also planning to combine visual, voice and sound input to recognize human moods and reading habits.

Thinner, Faster and Lighterthinner-faster-lighter-laptops

With so many options of laptops, hybrids and tablets, buying a PC is not a simple decision and it would become even more difficult this year. With PCs becoming more flexible, thinner and lighter it will become difficult for you to choose one. Laptops will be introduced with just 15 millimeters thickness and PCs will also offer long lasting battery with new Broadwell and Skylake processors from Intel and Carrizo chips. Applications will become faster with DDR4 memory and Windows 8 will be replaced by Windows 10.

Key Features of Windows 10

windows-10Finally the long awaited new version of Windows is almost here. Instead of rumored Windows 9, Microsoft is releasing Windows 10. It is expected to be released in mid of 2015 but Microsoft has already started distributing the Technical Preview of Windows 10. Let’s have a look at some of its key features.

Start Menu Returns

Microsoft tried to convince its users that Metro UI was equally good for keyboard and mouse, but they failed in convincing people, that’s why Microsoft has taken a complete U turn in Windows 10. It was rumored that Windows 10 will have a start button and now the rumor has been confirmed. Windows 10 shows us a start menu in bottom left of the desktop like previous versions of Windows. It also has some of the touch of Windows 8.1, right side of the menu can be seen with Metro-like live tiles. However it gives you the liberty to customize it like Windows 7.

Task View

Multi-tasking can be done more efficiently in Windows 10. It gives you a new task view button (Alt-Tab) that would show the task view interface meant for improving multi-tasking. You will see something similar to stacked cards as you see on hitting the windows tab. Now you get a refined view while gong by the images.

Virtual Desktop

Microsoft has added a virtual desktops feature in Windows 10 especially for the enterprise and power users. It lets you switch between multiple desktops according to your convenience. It is currently present as a third party Windows tool but in Windows 10 it will be a built in feature.

Universal Apps

You can finally have Universal app model in Windows 10. Windows Universal apps actually combine all your apps so they can run on all Windows devices including phone and tablets. All apps will be under one store whereas Windows 10 will also support older stores.

Metro Apps

Microsoft is no more forcing you to run Metro apps on your computer but you can use them in Windows according to your choice. These apps come with an icon for more options, just like what we saw in the charms. This feature shows that Microsoft is trying to fill the gap between desktop and Metro UI.


It is one of the best feature Windows 10 is offering us. It is designed for Microsoft’s 2 in 1 devices that help to automatically change the mode if the device detects no keyboard is attached. Actually the news has it that a back touch button appears to help you navigate in case the keyboard is removed.


Windows 10 is also introducing an improved Snap function. It allows windows to be tiled horizontally as well as vertically. The new Snap feature works according to your preference and requirement depending whether you want to snap Windows into new screens or tile Windows.

Easy Shut Down

Windows 8 users have not been given the convenience of easy shut down, they have to navigate through Charms, log off, and then shut down the computer. But Windows 10 takes us back to the era where you could easily shut down your computer. Now, you can simply press Alt+F4 while viewing the desktop and choose from options including shut down from the drop menu.

Best Laptops for Programming

If you are a programmer, planning to buy a new laptop and need some advice, then you are at the right place. With so many options of laptops available in the market it becomes extremely difficult for a person to buy a laptop which is best for him. Where some brands offer better processors, some offer more features. Some offer long battery timings and some offer laptops in cheap price but lack in features. With so many complexities, finding a perfect laptop for yourself is a tough job.

There are few specifications which you should keep in mind while buying a laptop for programming. If you are into graphic based programming, then you need to be more careful because in addition to other important features, you must make sure that your laptop has a dedicated graphic card for better rendering of your program. Without a well-built laptop, you’ll encounter many problems like laptop making loud noise, laptop overheating and many times you will end up re-starting the computer because it just stops functioning. We are providing you a list of laptops which are best for programming and coding. This list will narrow down your options and help you in finding a perfect laptop at perfect price.

Lenovo Y50

lenovo-laptop-y50Lenovo Y50 was designed to attract the gamers but it is great in programming also. This laptop has been equipped with some of the amazing features which makes it an ideal laptop for coding and programming. 8GB SSD, 8GB RAM, 1TB of hard drive space, GTX 860M graphic card from NVIDIA, and quad core fourth generation Intel i7 processor with 6MB cache combines together to give you a smooth coding and programming experience. With its 5 lbs and back lit keyboard you can carry it everywhere and work in every sort of lighting conditions.

HP Envy

hp-envy-laptopHP Envy is a best option for all those who are looking for a cheaper laptop for programming. This budget friendly laptop will do a fine job with its fully loaded features. Featuring 15.6 widescreen, 8GB RAM, AMD-A10 quad core processor and 750GB of hard drive, it gives you all what you want. Having AMD Radeon HD 8650G and optimized to work with windows 8 operating system, it gives you more responsiveness and better performance.

Lenovo Z710

lenovo-laptop-z710If you are looking for a laptop with wide screen for coding purpose then you cannot get anything better than Lenovo Z710. Lenovo Z710 offers you all the features you need as a programmer. It comes with 16 GB of RAM, 8GB solid state drive, fourth generation Intel i-7 quad core processor (2.5GHz), GT745M graphics card from NVIDIA and 1TB of hard drive space. This new introduction from Lenovo is a good choice for coding and programming.

Acer Aspire V3

v3-acer-laptopWhen you want to buy a programming laptop within a budget then Acer Aspire V3 is your best option. It is one of the cheapest programming laptop. It is equipped with a backlit keyboard, Intel HD 4400 graphic card, 1TB of hard drive, windows 8.1 operating system, and has 15.6 inch screen. This solid laptop from Acer gives you a long battery life of almost 7 hours which lets you work uninterruptedly.

Apple MacBooks

macbook-appleMAC os X is preferred by a number of programmers over Windows and other operating systems. There is certain coding which can be done only on Mac OS, you can select a MacBook of your choice from this impressive range of MacBooks, depending on your budget. More money you spend on MAC, better will be your coding experience. We will not suggest any specific MacBook as all are great in programming so choose one which best suits your budget and requirements.

Make your Home a Smarthome

With technology rapidly overtaking our lifestyle, we have now gadget and devices for everything. In this scientific era we are leading a life, we could only dream of just few decades ago. By using latest and modern tech, we have totally transformed our life. We now have laptop and tablets instead of old bulky desktop PCs, our big mobile phones have squeezed into slim and sleek smartphones, TVs have become smart TVs and performing computer like functions, and the list goes on. In this era where everything is modernizing itself, why should our homes stay behind? With appropriate gadgets and latest technology now we can turn our homes into smarthomes.

Today we have got all those innovations which enables us to transform our home into a smarthome that can clean itself, match your mood, talk to you, and controlled completely from the palm of your hand.

A Smartphone Can Make a Big Difference

Connected devices are becoming more and more common these days. These devices are the ultimate way of turning your old fashioned home into a high tech home. You have always wished for a device that could automatically play your favourite music when you start your dinner or make your hot tub ready when you enter your home, all these things are possible now because of devices that connect to internet. Almost all the latest devices can be fitted with a wi fi plug and can be connected to smartphones and you can turn them on or off using internet. Now you can fire up your coffee machines just by sitting in your bed or you can buy slow cookers that relay the status of your meal to your smartphone. You also get a complete peace of mind as you know which devices are on. If you leave your house in hurry and forgot to turn your iron off, don’t worry, just tap your mobile and turn off your iron.

The Enviable Smartlocks

Taking care of your house keys when you are on the go or out on a trip, can be a daunting task. So say goodbye to these old methods of home security and say hello to smart locks. These locks are installed in your front door and are controlled by your mobile. You can customize their settings to automatically unlock when you are near the door and you can give this access to anyone you want. No matter wherever you are in the world, you can now easily control your front door. Some of the smartlocks can also take pictures so you can know who is at the front door. 

Robot Chores

Vacuuming is one of those household chores which you always wanted to get rid of. In this present modern world, prevailed by technology, we have robots who can do all those chores which we don’t like to do. These little robotic vacuum cleaners can be programmed to do the cleaning and they can return to their changing station all by their selves. So go out and enjoy with your friends while this robot is cleaning up your house. And if you think it will not complete the task properly then you are wrong as they can sense dirt particles on the floor and clean it. If you are worrying that they will get jammed behind a chair or table or they’ll fall off the stairs, so top worrying because they have sensors which prevent these things to happen. Apart from cleaning you also get robotic solutions for lawn mowing or you could buy refrigerators which will tell you how many bears are left in the fridge and washing machines which can inform you how much time is left until the job is done.