Key Features of Windows 10

windows-10Finally the long awaited new version of Windows is almost here. Instead of rumored Windows 9, Microsoft is releasing Windows 10. It is expected to be released in mid of 2015 but Microsoft has already started distributing the Technical Preview of Windows 10. Let’s have a look at some of its key features.

Start Menu Returns

Microsoft tried to convince its users that Metro UI was equally good for keyboard and mouse, but they failed in convincing people, that’s why Microsoft has taken a complete U turn in Windows 10. It was rumored that Windows 10 will have a start button and now the rumor has been confirmed. Windows 10 shows us a start menu in bottom left of the desktop like previous versions of Windows. It also has some of the touch of Windows 8.1, right side of the menu can be seen with Metro-like live tiles. However it gives you the liberty to customize it like Windows 7.

Task View

Multi-tasking can be done more efficiently in Windows 10. It gives you a new task view button (Alt-Tab) that would show the task view interface meant for improving multi-tasking. You will see something similar to stacked cards as you see on hitting the windows tab. Now you get a refined view while gong by the images.

Virtual Desktop

Microsoft has added a virtual desktops feature in Windows 10 especially for the enterprise and power users. It lets you switch between multiple desktops according to your convenience. It is currently present as a third party Windows tool but in Windows 10 it will be a built in feature.

Universal Apps

You can finally have Universal app model in Windows 10. Windows Universal apps actually combine all your apps so they can run on all Windows devices including phone and tablets. All apps will be under one store whereas Windows 10 will also support older stores.

Metro Apps

Microsoft is no more forcing you to run Metro apps on your computer but you can use them in Windows according to your choice. These apps come with an icon for more options, just like what we saw in the charms. This feature shows that Microsoft is trying to fill the gap between desktop and Metro UI.


It is one of the best feature Windows 10 is offering us. It is designed for Microsoft’s 2 in 1 devices that help to automatically change the mode if the device detects no keyboard is attached. Actually the news has it that a back touch button appears to help you navigate in case the keyboard is removed.


Windows 10 is also introducing an improved Snap function. It allows windows to be tiled horizontally as well as vertically. The new Snap feature works according to your preference and requirement depending whether you want to snap Windows into new screens or tile Windows.

Easy Shut Down

Windows 8 users have not been given the convenience of easy shut down, they have to navigate through Charms, log off, and then shut down the computer. But Windows 10 takes us back to the era where you could easily shut down your computer. Now, you can simply press Alt+F4 while viewing the desktop and choose from options including shut down from the drop menu.


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