Technology That Will Change PCs of 2015

With cellphones and all other latest devices getting slimmer and more interactive, why should PCs stay behind? The technology that will be used in 2015 will completely transform PCs. Hardware developers took inspiration from gaming consoles, mobile devices and even 3D printers to bring innovation in laptops and desktops. Let’s have a look at the technologies which will be used in future PCs.

Wireless Chargingwireless_charging

Charging has always remained an obstacle in our way of uninterrupted entertainment. But with drastic changes made by latest technology, our problem is also about to be solved. Intel is planning to make wireless chargers. You will just keep a laptop on table and it will start charging. Intel wants to make wireless chargers as common as a Wi-Fi signals, so people can easily find them in cafes restaurants, airports and other such public places. The first laptop with wireless charging is expected to come this year.

Creative Desktopscreative-desktops

Desktop PCs started with a dull white box and now has become a hub of creativity and productivity. Desktop PCs these days include technologies like depth-sensing cameras and 3D printing. In future we will be using devices like HP’s sprout. It looks like a normal all-in-one PC, but packs the latest imaging and collaboration technology. It features a Touch Mat which can be used for dual-purpose as images can be scanned and also manipulated on it. In future PCs will come with virtual keyboards as they will be given more priority over regular keyboards.

Biometric Sensorsbiometric-sensors

By the end of this year, Intel will be introducing a software which will enable users to log on to a website using biometric system. It will be used for two purposes, authentication as biometric authentication is relatively secure and more reliable plus the users will not have to remember dozens of passwords. Apple is already using this technology in authorizing credit card payments and Intel is planning to bring it in PCs.

Interactive Computersinteractive-computers

Computers are expected to become more perceptual and more interactive this year. With a combination of gesture, voice and visual recognition technologies being installed, PCs will change completely. The 2D cameras will be replaced by Intel’s RealSense 3D cameras which will identify objects and be able to measure distance between the objects. PC gaming will also become hands free with camera’s Kinect-like gesture recognition capabilities. Intel is also planning to combine visual, voice and sound input to recognize human moods and reading habits.

Thinner, Faster and Lighterthinner-faster-lighter-laptops

With so many options of laptops, hybrids and tablets, buying a PC is not a simple decision and it would become even more difficult this year. With PCs becoming more flexible, thinner and lighter it will become difficult for you to choose one. Laptops will be introduced with just 15 millimeters thickness and PCs will also offer long lasting battery with new Broadwell and Skylake processors from Intel and Carrizo chips. Applications will become faster with DDR4 memory and Windows 8 will be replaced by Windows 10.


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