Review of Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro

lenovo-yoga-3-proSleek, stylish and flexible laptops are all people can talk about these days. All the leading laptop brands are striving hard to produce improved Ultrabooks so they can give best to their customers in terms of size, technology and features. With all this fondness for flexible and convertible laptops Lenovo has introduced an exceptionally flexible convertible laptop, Yoga 3 Pro, which is bound to rule the market with its groundbreaking features. I am reviewing this laptop so you can have a close look at its features and get a better idea what this superb device has to offer you.

Stylish Design

Lenovo is capable of bringing best on best and that’s what it has done in Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro. Its ultra-stylish design can make all other Ultrabooks envious of it. Measuring only 13.8mm and weighing only 1.19kg it is one of the slimmest and lightest laptops available in the market. With its slim and light profile you can always slip it into a bag along with your books and documents. Its design makes it more handy and easy to carry. Featuring a watch band hinge it lets you flip it to 360 degrees and enjoy four separate modes. In short, it is a perfect blend of performance of a laptop and convenience of a tablet.

Power and Performance

The latest Intel Core M-5Y70 processor is the heart of Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro. Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro is the first device that came with Intel’s new processor.  All those geeks who want to use latest technology as soon as it hits the market were dying to buy Yoga 3 Pro because of its Broadwell processor. When this brand new processor is combined with a 256 GB solid state drive, up to 8 GB of RAM and Intel integrated HD Graphics 5300, it gives you a performance beyond imagination. Yoga 3 pro gives you more than enough power for web browsing and streaming HD video content in fact it lets you do editing of high resolution pictures and video editing efficiently.

Display and Sound

What better can Lenovo offer you than a 13.3-inch QHD+ 3200×1800 IPS display? With wide viewing angle the screen looks good from any angle plus it delivers bright and extremely sharp images. Its thin touchscreen is even better than Full HD. Made up of Corning Gorilla Glass it has the potential to withstand the pressures of tough life on the go. So have a more interactive experience with its high quality intuitive touchscreen. But its glossy display may cast reflections under sunlight which makes it difficult for you to work comfortably outdoors. It comes loaded with JBL stereo speakers which are excellent for enjoying immersive audio while watching movies or paying games. It is also certified with Waves Audio which enables you to produce studio-class sound easily.

Connectivity Ports

Even though it has dramatically thin and sleek profile but it stills packs all the essentially needed connectivity ports. Yoga 3 Pro is equipped with USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 ports, a SD card reader and an HDMI port. SD card reader supports all the famous card formats plus it also helps you in expanding your storage. Featuring an HDMI port it enables you to have a clutter free connection and allows you to enjoy your media on large screens by connecting it to projector or other large screen display units. It also features 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth which allows you to stay connected and more productive even on the go. All the ports are placed in the sides of laptop, making them easier to access.

Battery Life

Featuring a 44.8 Wh internal battery, Lenovo claims Yoga 3 Pro has a battery life of 7.2 hours. However when the laptop is used with moderate brightness and multiple applications running at a time, it lasted lesser than the acclaimed time. When we used it for web browsing, downloading applications and streaming videos with 70 percent brightness and the backlit keyboard also switched on, the battery lasted only for four to five hours. But by keeping its slimness in mind we cannot say that it has an unsatisfactory battery life.

Final Verdict

However, Yoga 3 Pro may not exceed other Ultrabooks in terms of battery and audio but it still manages to satisfy us. Apart from these two, its amazing and exceptionally good features can easily justify its expensive price tag. Considering its option of multiple modes and latest Intel processor along with other top notch features, Yoga 3 Pro is a device everyone would love to buy.


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