Technology That Will Spice Up Your Office

Spending long hours in office watching unattractive tables and beige walls can bore you to death. Most of the time office environment and ambience is so dull and boring that our works seems harder and a burden to us. To improve your productivity and let you perform efficiently technology developers have developed some incredible devise that will reduce the boredom and bring life to your office. Here have a look at some.

Laser Keyboard

laser_virtual_keyboardLaser projection keyboard was just fiction like flying cars a decade back. But luckily this fiction has become reality and had made our work easier and interesting. It connects to your laptop or tablet via Bluetooth and projects a keyboard on a flat surface like desks and tables. This small device also has a motion sensor mouse which recognize your finger movements and performs accordingly when you click or double click.

USB Air Purifier

SKU075277--7With too many people sitting in a small office room the atmosphere often becomes hot and suffocating. USB Air Purifier and fan is the best solution for this. This small and light weight device is ultra-portable so you can easily carry it. It removes the odor and provides a soothing fresh air. Apart from offices it can also be used in rooms and any other closed spaces like cars. Charging is also not an issue as it recharges by connecting to a USB port.

Kanex Multi-Sync Keyboard

kanex_multi-sync_keyboard_wit-key-frontIn the world of multitasking we need devices that can work with more than one thing so we can do more in less time. Kanex Multi-Sync Keyboard is designed to take your multitasking to the next level. It can be used with multiple devices simultaneously, for writing an email on your Mac, taking notes on your iPad or replying a text message from your iPhone.

Flexible LED Desk Lamp

Silver_Flexible_LED_Desk_lamp-red_lamp_folding_each_directionFlexible LED Desk Lamp is here to solve all your lighting issues and brighten up your work space. This sleek and stylish lamp is very flexible so you can easily adjust it according to your requirement. It features a USB port at the back which can be used for charging devices like smartphones, MP3 players, etc. even when the lamp is off. It consumes 80 percent less power than fluorescent lights plus the touch sensitive button makes it easier to adjust the brightness.

USB Desktop Aquarium

4fgdgdfgfdg_zps9997d769The small USB supported aquarium is the best thing you can add to your desk for lightening up the things. Though it is powered by USB but it is still a fully functional aquarium with living fish and running water. It also features an overhead light, under-gravel filtration system and multicoloured interior lights. At the side of the aquarium is a pen holder which boasts a LCD in front which shows time, date and temperature.

Wireless SSD

screen-shot-2013-06-04-at-12-33-46-pmThe new wireless SSD is an easy solution for storing your important data and media files or for sharing content with multiple devices. It is a perfect blend of portability of wireless devices and durability of solid state technology. Just store all your favourite content on smartphones or tablets, space is not an issue as you can immediately transfer it to your SSD.


Best 13 Inch Laptops You Should Buy

As our life is becoming faster we need to stay updated and productive even on the go. Gone are the days when office work was only done in offices, now you need to check your mails, have video conferences with colleagues and do a lot more on the go. For dealing with this busy routine you need to have a laptop which can be easily carried around. The 13 inch notebooks are the most suitable devices for carrying on the go, these Ultrabooks are slim and light plus they are equipped with all the latest features so you won’t have to compromise on anything.

Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch

250441-apple-macbook-pro-13-inch-thunderboltApple as ever has brought some drastic changes in its new version of Mac Book. Though you may not find much difference in the outer look but there are some great improvements inside. Last year’s MacBook was equipped with Haswell chip whereas the new 13 inch MacBook with retina display packs in Intel’s core i5 processor and integrated Intel Iris 6100 Graphics. Featuring an Apple’s Force Touch Trackpad which uses different levels of sensitivity to perform functions rather than conventional clicks, it adds more smoothness in your work. Plus the new processor also gives you some extra hours of battery as compared to 2014’s MacBook.

Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro

Lenovo-Yoga3-Pro13-Slv-Angle1bLenovo’s Yoga series is one of the best series ever introduced by Lenovo. Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro is a perfect blend of stylish design and ultimate flexibility. It is Lenovo’s first laptop featuring Core M processor. Not just this processor offers better speed and more responsiveness but it is the first fanless processor, in short it is the best processor a laptop can get. With metallic hinge and slim design it can bend back up to 360 degrees and offer you multiple modes for working so you can choose one which is most comfortable for the task at hand. Its stylish design and modern finishes make you look smart while working.

Dell XPS 13

XPS 13 Ultrabook Touch NotebookSome of the thin and light 13 inch laptops are beauty with no brains but this is not the case with Del XPS 13. It is a balanced combination of stylish design and powerful performance. Dell XPS 13’s previous version of 2014 was also impressive but the latest 2015’s version is simply amazing. Its long lasting battery and powerful processor gives you an experience you’ve always wished for. You also get the option of upgraded quad HD+ version touchscreen.

Toshiba Chromebook 2

toshiba-chromebook-2-product-photos-02If you are trying to buy a 13 inch laptop which offers all the essential features in an affordable price then Toshiba Chromebook 2 is the best option for you. Toshiba Chromebook comes in two versions one with a Full HD screen (1,920 x 1,080) and one with an HD screen (1,366 x 768) so you can opt one according to your needs. Chromebooks are often thought as laptops with cheap built and poor performance but Toshiba Chromebook 2 is not like this at all. It has a stunning display and incredible overall performance.

Simple Steps to Secure Smartphones and Tablets

phone_securitySmartphone these days have all our emails, contacts, saved passwords, credit card numbers and much more. In short all our personal and sensitive information is kept in our smartphones and tablets so it is important to keep them secured. There are plenty of hacking and data stealing apps available which makes your data vulnerable to hacking. You will not want to think of all the damage and crisis you’ll suffer from if someone steals this information. There are simple steps which will help you avoid such situations just act on them and make your devices more secured and protected.

  • Password Protect Your Device

There are almost one third of smartphone users who go with the default swipe to unlock option and do not set a password for unlocking their home screen. If you keep your phone open to all it will attract intruders and hackers. Keep a password for screen and make sure password is difficult to guess. Latest smartphones also give the option of setting a pattern which is also good as patterns are difficult to imitate. And make sure you change your password after every few months because there might be someone who knows your password and use your cellphone when you are not around.

  • Install Trusted Apps

While installing a new app we don’t consider whether it is a trusted app or not. A dangerous app can do us more harm than we can think of, they can spread malware, infect the software and some can also steal your contact list. Google Play, Amazon Appstore, Apple iTunes and Microsoft’s Windows Store offer reliable apps but third party apps can contain malicious content. To avoid accidental installation of such apps android users can block such apps by going to security settings and unchecking the “unknown sources”.

  • Install Security Apps

In Android market and Apple app stores you can find a number of security apps. These apps automatically detect malicious content and codes and let you know when you are in danger. Such apps are perfect for protecting yourself from online fraud and phishing you can become victim of while downloading something. Installing these security apps should be the first thing to do when you get a new phone or tablet.

  • Enable Remote Location

Smartphones and tablets often get stolen or sometimes we lose them by our own mistakes, in both the cases our tablets can get into wrong hands and our personal data can be stolen. To avoid this situation tracking apps are developed which let you track where your device is and also let you remotely delete your sensitive information. If you are using an iPhone then go to iCloud in settings and turn on “Find my iPhone.”

  • Avoid Public WI-FI

While waiting at airport on sitting alone in a coffee shop, we always look for public Wi- Fi to get ourselves busy. Where these public Wi-Fi are great for passing time or doing important work while on the move, these open Wi-Fi can also pose big security threat. Hackers use these public networks to access personal information like passwords, usernames, credit card details and much more.

Best Augmented Reality Apps for Learning

augmented-realityAugmented reality has totally revolutionized technology world. With all the wonders it is doing in various fields of our life it is hugely influencing the educational sector as well. AR or Augmented Reality will be used in future class rooms to escalate student’s learning process. Well not just in class rooms but it can also help children in studies at home as well. There are various augmented reality apps available in app stores and markets which are totally transforming the way students learn. Here are some best app you can get.

  1. Geometry101

Geometry, the most dreaded branch of mathematics is simplified now, thanks to Geometry101. With this app you can have an interactive experience with geometrical shapes as you can examine them from multiple angles plus studying the properties is also made easier. It gives you 3D representation of the shapes and let you modify their properties like height, radius and lengths.

  1. Star Walker

Like reading about starts and space? This app will make you fall in love with all the stars and planets in the solar system. This augmented reality app lets you enter a world you’ve never been before. Star Walker labels all the stars and satellites you point your tab at. It tells you which constellation you were looking at while starring out at the night sky plus also gives lots of exciting facts about stars, constellations and satellites. Featuring a time machine it enables you know how sky looks at a specific time in past or even future. You can also connect it to a second display unit for viewing sky on big screen.

  1. 4D Anatomy

Augmented reality is the perfect tool of learning for 21 century. 4D Anatomy app is only available on App store so people having iPads or iPhones can benefit from it. This amazing app makes it easier for you to understand complex information. In a 3-dimensional learning environment it gives you a tour inside of human body.

  1. Phonic Tricksters

Phonic Trickster is a fun app for children. It lets you test your knowledge of phonics. It is a useful app for those parents who find it hard to teach phonics to their little ones. You have to chase tricksters in your classrooms or around the homes and have to stop them from escaping by giving the correct answer. This app is loaded with flash cards and audio quiz so kids can learn in a better way.

  1. Word Lens

Ever wondered what are the different names of a single thing in various languages? Well, Word Lens is an app which translates printed words from one language to another. There is no network required for running this app means you can carry on with the translation of words even on the go. It is a very beneficial app for those who are trying to learn a new language.

  1. AR Dinopark

Bring dinosaurs back to life with this incredible AR app. This app makes you feel as if the dinosaurs are alive as they appear in various scenes which are taken by the built-in camera of your device. It allows you to share these scenes with dinosaurs in them on various social media websites.