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Amazing Smartphone Apps You Don’t Want To Live Without

We could never deny to the fact that smartphone apps have totally changed the way we live our life. With these innovative apps we get whole world right at the palm of our hand. And with the passage of time the influence of these apps on our day to day life has continued to increase. From cooking to travelling to office work, these apps are helping us in everything we can think of. Here is a list of those smartphone applications we certainly don’t want to live without.


SoundHound_Mobile_IconWho doesn’t like music? The genres people prefer may differ but almost everyone like to listen music. There are some times when we enjoy a song in friend’s car or in the mall but don’t know its name. Finding such songs is just a breeze with Sound Hound. Hold your phone up to the speaker and simply hum the tune or sing the song as much as you remember and it will identify it. Once the song is identified you can download it, read its lyrics or share it.

any-do-logoMany of us don’t agree with it but planners have become a necessity as along as we want to complete the long list of tasks in a small day. is an amazing app which offers interactive visuals. Its innovative calendar and daily planner is ideal for keeping your professional as well as personal life organized.


whatsapp-logoWhatsApp is among some of the most liked messaging platform. It lets you send free messages across the world, and not just text messages you can send pictures, songs and videos all for free. Now you can even make calls with this superb app. The option of group messaging is ideal for talking to whole group of friends at once. The best thing about WhatsApp is it is easy to use with interactive interface.


unnamed (2)Waze is the best app you can get for avoiding traffic jams and hassles. It pulls information from other Waze users so you can avoid crashes, obstacles and traffic jams. But still if you unfortunately get stuck in a traffic jam its amazing feature, traffic bar, gives you the countdown of how long it will take to clear up the road.

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Tips For Safe Online Shopping

tips-for-safe-online-shoppingWith the increasing trend of online shopping cybercriminal activities have also increased. More and more people are attracted towards online shopping and why shouldn’t they be, you get everything from bargains to offers to easy returns. But the point where problem arises is that most of the online shoppers are unwary and fall for cyber criminal’s traps.

It is not hard to shop safely and securely online, all you have to do is be attentive and take some precautions. We don’t want you to become a victim of cyber-criminal activities that’s why we are giving you some useful tips which will help you in doing safe online shopping.

  • Use Known Websites

The popularity of online shopping websites is increasing and now there are hundreds and thousands of websites awaiting to serve you. But here you have to be careful, make sure you always buy from those websites which are well known and familiar. Some websites are misspelled or have a different top-level domain but at a glance they look like a famous online shopping website. While searching from search engines check the spellings and complete website address before clicking on the link. It is even better to write the URL yourself, this way you will be prevented from visiting a malicious and fake website.

  • Never Give Personal Information

While filling the credit card form or any other form on website never ever give your personal information you feel hesitant and suspicious to give. No online shopping store and websites need your birthday, security number and other such information but if you provide them this information they can do more damage than you can think of.

  • Check The Lock

If you shop online from your credit card then make sure never to buy anything from a website that does not have SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption installed. The sites having SSL start from HTTPS:// rather than HTTP:// and there is a small padlock sign appearing in the status bar or in the URL bar.

  • Manage Online Passwords

The first thing you need to do is protect the password on websites. By using a password manager you can easily manage multiple accounts and passwords. It encrypt passwords which otherwise would have been in plain text and can be accessed by others. Most of the internet security software and antivirus come with password management.

  • Beware Of Using Public Wi-Fi

As much as you love open public Wi-Fi, they are equally dangerous as well. It is better never to shop online using a public Wi-Fi because criminals can easily intercept and steal your passwords and other personal information.

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How Can Virtual Reality Help You in Enterprise

With the popularity of Virtual Reality people are busy in guessing how much change it will bring in gaming, education and other fields of life. But most of them are missing out on one of the most important thing, Business. Virtual Reality like other fields can greatly influence enterprise and business as well.e9e1b00a21c02ae31952123e31d4f1db

Virtual Reality can be a game changer in enterprises. From connecting to customers to differentiating yourself from the competitors, Virtual Reality helps you in everything. It may not be bringing drastic changes currently but in future it will totally revolutionize the enterprises. These are few example how enterprises can make use of virtual reality in next few years.

  1. Training

Virtual Reality can prove a major help for trainers and they are going to use it extensively in the future. With Virtual Reality people can be trained in entering a new world and not leaving the office at the same time. Companies will become more competitive as they will be able to train their representatives more often. People like financial managers can train by using virtually created office environment so they can learn good communication and leadership qualities.

  1. Working with Remote Workers

Relationships between employees working in same enterprises but different areas can also be made better by using virtual reality. Those employees who are working in remote areas or from home can also work in virtually created office with peers colleagues sitting around them. This will make the employee feel more as a part of enterprise, plus the boss will also know that you are actually working at home.

  1. Less Travelling

While expanding your business you often need to have meetings with international clients. Most of the time you travel to other cities or even countries for meeting these clients as video conferencing is not hugely preferred because it does not give the feeling of a face to face meeting. Virtual Reality on the other hand can give you face to face meeting experience even when sitting in two different corners of the world. It will not completely replace business travel but it will surely reduce business travelling. The reduction in travel cost is one of the biggest advantage plus it will also reduce the time employee is out of office.

  1. Try Before Buying

Comparing the devices before buying is a common habit. Just imagine you will be able to compare products just by sitting at home using virtual reality. And not just small things you could compare cars houses and other such things by actually experiencing them. Before buying a car or going for an international trip, we spend weeks to get maximum possible knowledge regarding the things so we can make the right decision, but with virtual reality you can decide immediately by having a real feel of car, hotel or whatever you’re concerned about.

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Few Back to School Devices You Must Have

There were times when the list of school supplies included notebooks, colours, sketchbooks and more this kind of stuff but today this list is totally transformed. With all the typical school supplies latest electrical gadgets are also becoming essential for all levels of students from primary to college. Tablets, e-readers, Bluetooth keyboards and smart pens have taken place of heavy books, papers and pencils. Below is a list of some amazing back to school gadgets, it may include the one you’ve been looking for yourself.

Livescribe 3 Smartpen

content_sec1_imageTaking down notes is a thing we all have to do in schools and colleges, well it is made much simpler with Livescribe 3 Smartpen. It features a small infrared camera at the tip which captures your handwriting and saves it in the memory. When connected to the tablet it syncs all the notes to Livescribe+ mobile app. It uses Bluetooth technology to par with the devices plus its long lasting battery gives you 14 hours of usage on a single charge. Livescribe 3 Smartpen is compatible with most of the newer Apple devices.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3

en-INTL-L-Surface-64GB-i3-4YM-00001-mncoSurface Pro 3 is a perfect device that gives you convenience of a tablet and functionality of a full fledge laptop. It is like a tablet which comes with a click in keyboard or a kickstand keypad. Powered by 4th generation Intel processor it gives you optimum performance in every task. In schools and colleges you mostly need these devices for web browsing whereas its high capacity battery gives you nine hours of web browsing between the charges. Its capability to run Windows 8 and full Microsoft Office Suit it makes it more ideal for a student.

Seagate Portable Drive

downloadOur PCs often crash down which lead to loss of our important data including all presentations and assignment. To save our self from this kind of crisis it is better to keep an external drive which backs up our important documents. Seagate Portable Drive is slime and light so you can easily carry it around plus its 2TB storage capacity is more than enough for storing your files and even your favourite media.

Virtual Keyboard

kbdiamondVirtual keyboard is the latest technology used in institutions these years. Most of the students own tablets so virtual keyboard makes it easier for them to work. It is a keyboard projected by a laser on a flat surface like desk, the advance optic tracks your finger movement and works accordingly. It uses Bluetooth technology for connecting.

MediaShair Hub

RAVPower_FileHubMediaShair Hub is a device that allows you to take your media and important files everywhere with you and enables you to share them with various wireless devices. You can easily plug in any SD card, portable hard drive or USB drive to the media hub and the built in wi-fi will share the content with up to seven devices including laptops, Apple and Android devices. It runs for up to nine hours on a single charge and also serves as a portable power station.




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5 Latest Gadgets You Can’t Wait To Buy

No matter where you are what are you doing, tech devices can always help you with your work. Whether in office, home or on the move, there are some gadgets and devices which saves your time and make your life easier. With every passing year these devices become more advanced and improved and gives you better performance than they ever gave before. Here we are presenting you some latest tech devices which are a must buy.

  1. Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard

bluetooth-multi-device-keyboard-k480-1This multi-device Bluetooth keyboard is simply the best device you can get to amplify your multitasking. It is designed in such a way that it can simultaneously work with up to 3 devices no matter what kind of computing platform they have. Now you can simultaneously work on a document on your computer, comment on a friend’s picture or reply to a text message all from one device just by using the switching dial. 

  1. G-DRIVE ev SSD

G-DRIVEevSSD_StandingHero_LoResIf you are tired of the slow speed and low storage capacity of your computer then G-DRIVE ev SSD is the device you have been looking for. By connecting it to USB 3.0 you get ultra-fast speed of up to 400MB/s. Coming with the storage capacity of 512GB it gives you enough room to store all your media plus it is compatible with Mac OS, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows 8. It comes with three year warranty so you can work with complete peace of mind.

  1. Livescribe Echo Smartpen

livescribe-echo_g1This superb gadget is equally useful for business professionals and students. It lets you record voice while taking notes. If you miss some lines while noting you can listen the recording later and complete your task. The best thing is you can also share these notes with computer, iPad and iPhone through a USB connector which is also used to recharge the pen. It has huge storage capacity and can store up to 400 to 800 hours of audio depending on the version you have. In addition there is an OLED display which lets you interact with the apps easily.

  1. iPad Scanning Dock

84570_1000x1000Photos are the tangible memories of memorable events. Photographs can be ruined with spills or their bright colours often fade off with the passage of time. The best thing to prevent these memories is to convert them to digital files. This work is made easier with iPhone scanning dock. This sheet-fed scanner takes just 12 seconds to convert photo into 300- or 600-dpi color JPEG image which is directly stored in iPad’s camera roll. It features a built in dock that holds the iPad upright and also recharges its battery.

  1. SyrenPro

bocina-bluetooth-iluv-syrenpro-exteriores-inalambrico-negro-23294-MLM20244470049_022015-FIf you are a music lover and often have parties outdoor then SyrenPro Bluetooth speaker can serve you best. It is weather resistant so work efficiently in all conditions plus it has TrueWireless Stereo pairing which lets you create your own stereo system wirelessly. You can either plug it in or use its rechargeable battery which gives you up to four hours in a single charge.