Few Back to School Devices You Must Have

There were times when the list of school supplies included notebooks, colours, sketchbooks and more this kind of stuff but today this list is totally transformed. With all the typical school supplies latest electrical gadgets are also becoming essential for all levels of students from primary to college. Tablets, e-readers, Bluetooth keyboards and smart pens have taken place of heavy books, papers and pencils. Below is a list of some amazing back to school gadgets, it may include the one you’ve been looking for yourself.

Livescribe 3 Smartpen

content_sec1_imageTaking down notes is a thing we all have to do in schools and colleges, well it is made much simpler with Livescribe 3 Smartpen. It features a small infrared camera at the tip which captures your handwriting and saves it in the memory. When connected to the tablet it syncs all the notes to Livescribe+ mobile app. It uses Bluetooth technology to par with the devices plus its long lasting battery gives you 14 hours of usage on a single charge. Livescribe 3 Smartpen is compatible with most of the newer Apple devices.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3

en-INTL-L-Surface-64GB-i3-4YM-00001-mncoSurface Pro 3 is a perfect device that gives you convenience of a tablet and functionality of a full fledge laptop. It is like a tablet which comes with a click in keyboard or a kickstand keypad. Powered by 4th generation Intel processor it gives you optimum performance in every task. In schools and colleges you mostly need these devices for web browsing whereas its high capacity battery gives you nine hours of web browsing between the charges. Its capability to run Windows 8 and full Microsoft Office Suit it makes it more ideal for a student.

Seagate Portable Drive

downloadOur PCs often crash down which lead to loss of our important data including all presentations and assignment. To save our self from this kind of crisis it is better to keep an external drive which backs up our important documents. Seagate Portable Drive is slime and light so you can easily carry it around plus its 2TB storage capacity is more than enough for storing your files and even your favourite media.

Virtual Keyboard

kbdiamondVirtual keyboard is the latest technology used in institutions these years. Most of the students own tablets so virtual keyboard makes it easier for them to work. It is a keyboard projected by a laser on a flat surface like desk, the advance optic tracks your finger movement and works accordingly. It uses Bluetooth technology for connecting.

MediaShair Hub

RAVPower_FileHubMediaShair Hub is a device that allows you to take your media and important files everywhere with you and enables you to share them with various wireless devices. You can easily plug in any SD card, portable hard drive or USB drive to the media hub and the built in wi-fi will share the content with up to seven devices including laptops, Apple and Android devices. It runs for up to nine hours on a single charge and also serves as a portable power station.





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