Tips For Safe Online Shopping

tips-for-safe-online-shoppingWith the increasing trend of online shopping cybercriminal activities have also increased. More and more people are attracted towards online shopping and why shouldn’t they be, you get everything from bargains to offers to easy returns. But the point where problem arises is that most of the online shoppers are unwary and fall for cyber criminal’s traps.

It is not hard to shop safely and securely online, all you have to do is be attentive and take some precautions. We don’t want you to become a victim of cyber-criminal activities that’s why we are giving you some useful tips which will help you in doing safe online shopping.

  • Use Known Websites

The popularity of online shopping websites is increasing and now there are hundreds and thousands of websites awaiting to serve you. But here you have to be careful, make sure you always buy from those websites which are well known and familiar. Some websites are misspelled or have a different top-level domain but at a glance they look like a famous online shopping website. While searching from search engines check the spellings and complete website address before clicking on the link. It is even better to write the URL yourself, this way you will be prevented from visiting a malicious and fake website.

  • Never Give Personal Information

While filling the credit card form or any other form on website never ever give your personal information you feel hesitant and suspicious to give. No online shopping store and websites need your birthday, security number and other such information but if you provide them this information they can do more damage than you can think of.

  • Check The Lock

If you shop online from your credit card then make sure never to buy anything from a website that does not have SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption installed. The sites having SSL start from HTTPS:// rather than HTTP:// and there is a small padlock sign appearing in the status bar or in the URL bar.

  • Manage Online Passwords

The first thing you need to do is protect the password on websites. By using a password manager you can easily manage multiple accounts and passwords. It encrypt passwords which otherwise would have been in plain text and can be accessed by others. Most of the internet security software and antivirus come with password management.

  • Beware Of Using Public Wi-Fi

As much as you love open public Wi-Fi, they are equally dangerous as well. It is better never to shop online using a public Wi-Fi because criminals can easily intercept and steal your passwords and other personal information.


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