LG G3 Review

medium01-2LG G2 was one of those smartphones which literally shook the smartphone market. It kept the market captured for quite some time but as soon as LG felt the phone is losing its popularity, it launched the new version LG G3. With all the competitors focusing on the screen. LG was also bound to bring some dramatic changes in the screen of LG G3. Well not just screen but G3 also has some other groundbreaking features as well.


LG G3’s metallic body was much talked about before its release, as the plastic body of G2 was one of the reason it didn’t succeeded in getting five stars. LG’s fans very anxiously waiting to hold the metallic phone in their hands but unfortunately when G3 was launched we found that it had a plastic body which was painted to give it a brushed metal look. Despite having a plastic body LG G3 looked better than most of the other phones placed on the shelf. The back plate is removable so you can replace the battery and add a micros SD card. G3 comes with 16 GB and 32 GB and all those who will be buying the 16GB model will definitely need a memory card to make use of all the great heavy apps.


Display is the factor that enables G3 to outshine all other smartphones of its kind. Coming loaded with the amazing 2K display it takes your user experience to the next level. The display is much brighter and even bigger than its competitor but still it somehow manages to fit in the same slim and stylish body. With 2560 x 1440 pixels adorning its IPS+ panel it lets you enjoy media at its peak. Talking of display how can we forget the pixel density of 534ppi which is higher than all other phones.


Driven by the powerful quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor running at 2.5GHz, it gives you all the speed and power you need to perform exceptionally well. In addition the perfect combination of 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage further improves the performance. With LG G3 web browsing is more fun with the 4G connectivity. The pages load with a speed you’ve never experienced before plus it is capable of handling HD content like an expert.


Unfortunately G3 is not good in battery as its predecessor was. Actually the real reason for unsatisfactory battery performance is that it packs in 3000mAh battery which is not suitable for a phone having 2K screen. While using it daily for Facebook, web surfing and YouTube viewing it gave us a round 15 hours on a single charge.


After G2 we were expecting a simply amazing phone from LG and luckily G3 has lived up to our expectations. By closely reviewing it all the features we have come to a decision that it is definitely much better than its predecessor in most of the things. The only thing in which G3 lacks behind is the battery, otherwise G3 is a phone we always wished to have.


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