Top 5 Android Smartphones 2015


If you are looking for an android phone with great software, stunning specs & highly user friendly features, 2015 has a lot to offer you. There are certainly some smartphones that always stand above the others in the gadget race. Buying a new smartphone is not an easy job since we have got countless options. Well, you can run down all the standard specs and features and look for the one that highly satisfies you.

Here is the list of 2015’s Top 5 Android smartphones which will rock your world for sure!

  1. Galaxy Note 4


It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Galaxy Note 4 has managed to win over the smartest phones of 2015. The stunning 5.7 ‘’ Quad HD Super AMOLED display has an incredible range of precise colors and high contrast, captures bright and clear images with its incredible front and rear cameras. Along with the ultra-power saving mode, the phone charges faster making it to last longer than other phones. It’s seamless and natural multitasking is surely going to please you. The latest Multi Window functionality gives you much more flexibility to manage multiple applications at once on a single screen.


  1. Google Nexus 6 google nexus

Google Nexus 6 is the new love. With its massive Quad HD display, Android 5.0 Lollipop and the Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 quad-core 2.7GHz processor provides lightning fast multi-tasking and the Adreno 420 GPU gives you brilliant graphics. Individuals who frequently use phone and face horrible battery issues, then Google Nexus is something you would desire. Charge up to 6 hours of use from only 15 seconds of charging. Moreover, capture great images with its f2.0 lens and 13-megapixel camera with optical image stabilization in daylight and low light. The only problem with the phone is that it’s still extremely hard to find in the stock, so if you get lucky enough of finding one, grab it with confidence!

3.One Plus Oneone plus

A little time ago, onePlus one was an alien name in the smartphone market, but now it can be tagged as the ‘Smartest phone of the year.’ With its stunning design and impressive features, OnePlus is a proper high-end smartphone that comes at a fraction of the price of the competition. It has a superb value with plenty of power and Large, high-quality screen. Snapdragon 801 2.5GHz CPU; 3GB RAM; Android 4.4.2 with CyanogenMod, the OnePlus one has got it all. With its all in one features and attractive price tag it’s like you’ve been offered a cake, have it. The only drawbacks of the phone are its Patchy 4G support in UK and too-quiet call speaker.

  1. Motorola DROID Turbo4Motorola DROID Turbo

The only problem most of the Smartphones have is the battery issue. We can talk about impressive design and high quality features of a phone for hours and hours but none of it would be good enough until the battery lasts longer. DROID Turbo wins you at the battery life. It promises up to 48 hrs. of battery life along with great specs.  Offering a 5.2-inch Super AMOLED display, a 21MP camera, Motorola’s awesome custom software and a body that’s not all that fat, DROID Turbo is a catch for you!

  1. Xperia Z3 Compact xperia z3 dgdg

Xperia Z3 Compact is the latest entrant brought in by Sony. It is the most elegantly designed phone of 2015 with flagship specs. With a 4.6-inch screen (compared to the Xperia Z3’s 5.2-inch), the Xperia Z3 Compact is one of the more expensive mini variants of flagship smartphones that we’ve seen. Compact Z3 is a good choice because of its stunning camera of 20.7-megapixle, ability to stream PlayStation 4 games on the phone and its dust and water resistance feature is an additional treat.


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