5 Cunning Gadgets for College & University Students

‘Student life is awesome!’ – The statement will hit every student in a dissimilar way. The individuals who are going to their take exams soon and have to prepare some ultimate scary stuff will take this as a serious life threat while those who are about to end their student life and entering into professional spheres might agree with it. Nonetheless, student needs remain the same. Taking notes, carrying heavy bags, deadlines, tests, grades, money constraints, and lastly efforts to look great are the major highlights of a student life.

Well, let’s make your life bit fun and easier by introducing 6 clever gadgets that will change your college or university life for better. And of course, you’ll be able to look good after having these gadgets around.

  1. Evernote Moleskine Smart Notebook

95afee71d0749cc47424178f124ec7fa2To which category you belong, note takers of note stealers? Well the good news is Evernote Moleskine Smart Notebook doesn’t discriminate. Write down your class lectures via pen and paper, and simply translate them with all the organizational and accessibility perks of Evernote app. Moreover, you can even translate from paper to pixels by simple use of of Evernote’s page camera on your smartphone and capture a photo of your notes.

Store up these notes in the app with a whole bunch of organizational options available. You can make use of customizable, searchable ‘’smart sticker’’ for the purpose of tagging. It might even solve your money problems. How? Share your notes with others trough this gadget and charge for every lesson.

  1. OtterBox phone charging case

apl33-iphone-5s-20-2Academic life can get really chaotic especially if you keep things messy and lack organizing skills.  Running to get in class for time, internships, extra curriculars, tests and what not. In this kind of hectic routine, you might just not be able to charge your phone fully or your phone might die during long working hours. But, we have got a solution here, The OtterBox Phone Charging Case.

It extends the battery life twice over, and will auto-stop charging to conserve power. Isn’t it cool? Grab this one, stay connected and live!

  1. Kindle Voyage

kindle_voyageHate carrying books with you? Then you don’t need to do it anymore.  Technology hasn’t forgotten your daily life problems. Now easily get access of you books in digital form. Through Kindle- select from a collection of over 600,000 books lists every semester. Moreover, the Kindle Voyage has a night light function enabling you to read even in dim light.

  1. Fitbit Flex

simple.b-cssdisabled-png.he2e3da70d98b34b28ddbee568cbd794cAs discussed before, studenthood is all about being active and meeting deadlines. But individuals often fail to balance their routine life with studies. Welcome Firbit Flex in your life. This is an incredibly useful gadget helping you to manage stuff easily. Now you can stay fit and manage to set up your routine thorough this gadget. This will act as your basic tracking device, complete with a silent alarm option. You are surely going to appreciate this device.

  1. Portable ice maker

T_WithoutZoomOh, we talked about a lot of gadgets except something that could make your body happy. Let’s break the ice, Portable Ice Maker is the cool gadget both literally and figuratively. If summer semesters are annoying you with its heat, then enjoy frosty beverages by making up to 26 pounds of ice per day. Chilly drinks are going to leave your mind and body refreshed and relaxed.


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