Enjoy the Best of Instagram With These 5 Apps for Android

Instagram is one the most used social networks in the world. It is no doubt the most popular photo sharing platform available to everyone. 70% of the Instagram users check their feed at least once a day, 35 % several times a day and number of likes per day is 1.2 billion; that’s 8500 likes per second. Wow, this is just oh so great number. Well, there are few annoyances we face on every social media platform, few are there on instagram too which we really wish we had some alternatives for. Check out these 5 best apps to fulfil your wishes. 

  1. VSCO Cam

vsco-camA regular Instagram user and tired of frequently using filters on Instagram? Why not choose an alternative, ‘The VSCO Cam’. This will help you edit your photos with a professional touch. You can make your photos more attractive by adjusting your photo’s exposure, brightness, contrast and temperature. It also offers plenty of other options to make your photos even more gorgeous.

  1. InstaMessage

unnamedIntaMessage is the new craze. While instragram Direct lets you share photos and other stuff upto 15 people in the group, InstaMessage is a smart alternative. With this app running, you will automatically be able to make friends with people who have the same app installed. You can start chit chatting with your new friends instantly. If you want your own pals to be present on it, send them the invites and enjoy better communication options.

  1. Xposed Instagram Downloader

instagram111111You get tagged by your friends on Instagram and you find it impossible to download your favorite pictures since there is no such option present around. Try the Xposed Instagram Downloader to combat this disappointment. It introduces modules that allow you to integrate this very feature in the official instagram app. Once you download the module, reboot your device. You will be able to discover a download option if you click on the additional options button. Now you have got the access to all of your desired photos and videos. Cheers!

  1. TrackGram

unnamed (1)Well we do get quite inquisitive about the following numbers on Instagram. If you are facing problems of finding out who followed you or if you have followed them back? This is where TrackGram comes in to answer your questions popping up. Though TrackGram you will be able to discover about the new followers, the people who unfollowed all present on one page.

  1. InstaPlace

azazdsWhere is my delicious cupcake pictures I uploaded on Instagram? We do upload a lot of food pictures but we forget to save them with a proper date and location. And after few days we are unable to search them. Well to cope up with this problem, you can certainly use the InstaPlace. It enables you to tag the photographs with few categories of skins you can choose from. Together with a date and automatic location finder.


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