Quick and Easy Steps to Share Files between Windows, OS X and Android

Do you find transferring files between PC, Mac and Android hard? We will let you know several easier ways to transfer your files.  After reading this up, you’ll definitely be able to transfer your files effortlessly.


File sharing involves few simple steps, start by plugging in the USB Hub into a spare USB Hub on a windows PC. It can run on both windows 7 and 8.  A pop up of auto play will be seen inquiring what you want to do with the device. All you have to do is click on Run SKLoader. Exe.  You will be required to select ‘Always do this for software and games’. Now you have 3 port USB Hub attached to the Windows PC.

The next step involves connecting Windows PC to Mac. You will be requiring a USB-USB cable included in the box. Then attach one end to a spare USB port on your Mac and the other Magic port at the end of Inateck. You’ll again experience a pop up on Mac desktop, an untitled drive and a CD icon called ‘’MacKMLink’, click on the icon and choose MacKMLink. You are all ready now for the file transfer. You can easily copy paste now between the PCs with the same method. Simply drag and drop them between the PCs. This will enable you to copy the file and you are good to go.

When you are on android, PC or Mac should be the host device. You have to plug the USB into a spare USB Hub on a Windows PC or Mac. This was done on Windows 7 however it works on Windows 8 as well. After this step, you’ll get a notification of AutoPlay. Click on the Run SKLoader.exe. After acting out this step, you will have a total of 3 USB ports attached to your Windows PC. You will be able to use any other USB ports on the laptop.

To carry out the file transferring tasks, you will have to download the free WinDroid Linker app on your Android device. You can do it in two ways. Let’s Discover the easiest one first. Simply search and download it form Google Play. Otherwise, you can click the MacKMLink icon present in task bar, you will get the direct link to the app download. Tap the web page link on your tablet or phone, whatsoever you are using. Just tap the OK option and download the .apk file. Now drag down the notification bar and tap on the file download and click ‘install’.

In order to connect the Windows PC to Android device that supports OTG, you will have to connect the OTG adaptor included in the box to one end of the supplied USB cable. Plug one end on your Android phone or the tablet, and the other into Magic Port present at the end of the Inateck Hub.

After going through all this process, a window will pop up on your PC screen. This will show your android files. Now you are all set to transfer files between PC and Android.


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