Hands On Acer Iconia B1 Review


Acer Iconica B1, the 7-inch tablet, fully packed with awesome features and coming in a good price, we really felt the need of reviewing this machine. This Android Jelly Bean tablet is available at a much affordable price of £99. There are few things that might disturb you such as its lower amount of storage and low resolution. Let’s explore the Acer Iconica B1 in more detail to assess it deeper.

Display and Design

Coming in much lesser price, the Acer Iconica is a light weight built machine with plastic chassis. Weighing only 320g, it wins at being lighter than its potential competitors such as Google Nexus 7. But, the overall the machine is better than what Acer Iconica is offering. However, Iconica fails to provide with ample amount of storage but the good news is the rear of the tablet covers microSD slot. You will find two other connections in the tablet, MicroUSB charger socket on the bottom and headphone jack up top (3.5mm). Moreover, the design is a bit different than what we often complain about Acer machines being dull and boring but this time Acer has pulled the design better than before. A sleek blue line has been added in its design, giving the tablet a classier, differentiated look.

Talking about its display, it instantly disappointed us as it compromises on its screen the most, coming with a low resolution of only 1,024 x 600 pixels. The image quality appears to be very poor and colours do not come out in their finest forms. This is the real major drawback we experienced. Even if the screen was of average quality, it would’ve been satisfactory but that’s not the case.


We normally do not talk about browsers of any machines we review, but here is a special one. The Acer Iconica worked really fast, it wouldn’t be wrong if we call it a super-fast browsing device. Powered by dual-core processor, it opens up the web pages very quickly enabling the user surf on internet easily. Well, this information was meant for casual users. The professionals who surf heavily and demand upon faster internet usage may find it a bit slower.

 Performance and Benchmarks

Performance is what we find the most important showdown where a machine is judged. Coming with an Android Jelly Bean 4.1 operating system and dual-core MediaTek MTK8317T it is expected to perform strongly. However, the tests carried out generated some average results. For instance, the Acer Iconica produced below average results with the AnTuTu app scoring just 5,825. Google Nexus was far ahead winning by scoring 12,726 points in the test.

Moreover, other tests performed were a mere disappointment. The web based Javascript test the SunSpider again showcased some average results. Sadly, the rivals of Iconica were again discovered to be much reliable and powerful.

Though coming with powerful features, the Acer Iconica failed to impress us when assessed on performance. We can only tag it as an ‘Average machine’

Battery life

Alas, what do we say about its battery life now when Acer Iconica itself accepts being ordinary at providing with a longer battery life. It couldn’t manage to work for more than 4 hours which is pretty bizarre to know. This certainly makes it least desirable especially for people who aim to own a tablet for some serious working. Obviously, who would like to have a device having such short battery life?


The Acer Iconica features 0.3-megapixel VGA front-facing camera and has still image resolutions of 640 x 480. This definitely doesn’t make it a good machine to capture pictures with. If you want to make any video-calls, you will have to find a good lighted place in order to appear clearly visible on the screen.


Reaching on the conclusion, we have discovered the device quite an average one but as it comes in a low price, it wins some attention. It is more of a budget tablet and less of a performing tablet. The screen’s resolution deprived the essential clarity and colors. The performance based tests revealed quite average results. The Iconica was left far behind by its rivals in terms of performance. Moreover, the much talked about camera wasn’t found to be very remarkable as well. If we had to suggest you any alternative, then Tegra Note is what you can look for. It is well equipped with latest latest Nvidia Tegra 4 chipset and showcases smooth frame rates.


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