Hands on Acer Chromebook 15 C910


School vacations are just about to end or some students have already started attending their classes.  If you are finding a device which perfectly serves the purpose of doing your school or college based tasks then here is a good news for all the students and teachers: Acer has come up with yet another hit, the Acer Chromebook 15 C910. This is an incredible Chromebook that meet your demands perfectly by offering a wide range of essential latest features. We have seen that most of the Chromebooks come in small sizes and in affordable budget but this is a special one as it is bigger on size, bigger on price and above all bigger on features. With the Core i5 processor and 15.6 inch screen size, it has got rivals such as Pavilion Chromebook by HP and the king of Chromebooks, the Google’s Chromebook Pixel 2. Targeted to the student class, let’s see if this Chromebook offers with the power and performance one looks for when buying a notebook for carrying out assignments and other important tasks.

Design and Display


We always like to start off our review by analyzing the display and design of the device as it is always interesting. Anyways, C910 is undoubtedly a big notebook with a decent stylish look. It weighs around 4.85 pounds which is heavier than its competitors we outlined in the beginning. However, it is ideal for people having meetings and work on the go.

Furthermore as it is aimed at students and teachers, it is perfectly designed for such people who would have to spend long hours on working by resting the notebook on desk. Coming with fabric-textured chassis, it flaunts in its gorgeous black color. Well, the bad side about its design is, it is highly magnetic to finger-prints, dirt and smudges but can be cleaned easily by just one wipe. Parents who are spending money on this device for their children need not to worry as it is highly robust and won’t break down easily even if it fall.

Coming onto its display, this 15.6 inch laptop is full HD with a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080. With this, you will be able to enjoy all your favorite movies, games and other stuff. The display also features wide-viewing angles, enabling you and your friends to watch things comfortably. But if we talk about its rival, Pixel 2, it surely would have to improve as it comes with a better resolution of 2,560 x 1,700 IPS and is touch enabled.

Concluding this section, the Acer Chromebook has ideal display and a decent design that surely catches the eye.

 Performance and Features


We can’t review any device without talking about its performance and features. Powered by Intel Celeron 3205U / 1.5 GHz and dual-core, it can be considered as one powerful notebook. However, we cannot compare it with its competitor Pixel as it comes with a different processor i-e, the Intel Core i5 which is entirely different story. Overall, the performance was found decent, perfectly syncing with the needs of students and teachers.

Battery Life

A device cannot be called an all-rounder until it has a good battery life. Acer Chromebook is not only better outside but also inside as it manages to work for around 8 hours and 48 minutes which is more than enough for working. However, when compared with the Pixel 2, it slightly under performs in terms of battery.

Key-board and Track-pad


People who have to write endlessly and are quite sensitive about the key-board and trackpad, they will feel happy to find out about these input devices. The trackpad has been ideally designed with a really smooth touch. Key-board is spacious and keys are ergonomically placed. This well-sized and spaced out keyboard lets the user to type without any problem and with lesser typos.

Connectivity is made easier as it features USB 3.0 and USB 2.0 ports, as well as HDMI and an SD card slots accompanied by bluetooth 4.0 and 802.11ac Wi-Fi.

Final Verdict

Acer Chromebook 15 C910 is definitely not something for everyone. It is specially designed for students and teachers which are likely to work by sitting in one place. It doesn’t run in the race for being the lightest, it has its own market and own people to target.

It is amazingly designed with long-lasting battery and delivers outstanding performance, perfect for carrying out daily computing tasks.


Acer Aspire E3 Vs. ThinkPad Edge E145

Newage is all about war of technology. Every day a new technology story comes up, a more advance gadget replaces the older one. Well, this is the same what is happening in the laptop industry. If you are planning to buy cheap laptop or notebook within the budget of £260 and unsure of which laptop, we are going to make things easier for you. Here is the battle of 2 machines, Acer Aspire E3 and Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E145. Both of these 11.6-inch notebooks comes under the budget of £260, these two are inexpensive netbooks which you can opt for working at home or for professional use. Let’s see which is a more suitable buy for your needs.

Acer Aspire E3 Vs. Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E145:

Design and Display

E3-111_silver_nontouch_nonglare_zoom_bigAcer Aspire E3-111, is one of the larger affordable netbooks you will find around. Coming with basic specifications, it isn’t has something really pretty to shout about but it does manage to grab our attention by its robust design with attractive price and performance. It is well-equipped to cater students, home users and can be taken as a secondary PC to work with.

You wouldn’t find Acer Aspire the slimmest netbook but weighing just weighing just 1.3kg it does win the tag of being slim and well-updated. It has been designed intelligently that even though not being full sized, it has all the useful ports. The plastic chassis are designed elegantly with smooth curves, the lid showcases a thin layer of aluminum giving it a classy look. 1366×768

lenovo-laptop-thinkpad-e145-blue-back-view-8Coming onto its rival, Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E145 is ideal for students, home and office user. With the same size as Acer Aspire E3, this 11.6 –inch machine gives a tough time to both subnotebooks and netbooks providing excellent battery time. Coming with a matte surface and same display resolution as of Acer Aspire E3 (1366×768) pixels, you can easily work on it even in outdoors. However, it weighs 1.5kg which makes it slightly heavier than the Acer Aspire.

Operating Systems

The Acer Aspire E3 supports only Windows 8.1 whereas Lenovo ThinkPad Edge comes with 2 versions of operating systems, it either runs on Windows 7 or uses the FreeDos operating system. However, it can be updated to windows 8 as well.

Battle of specifications

Until now, we discovered that both of the devices comes with same size and display resolution. This makes our decision harder. When comparing both, judging both the machines on grounds of specifications. The Acer Aspire is powered with Intel Celeron N2830 Dual-Core Processor 2.16GHz with Intel Burst Technology up to 2.41GHz making it to work at much higher clock speed enabling it to perform better than what AMD processor of ThinkPad Edge offer you. Talking about the power of Graphics, Acer is integrated with Intel HD Graphics while Lenovo ThinkPad Edge comes with AMD Radeon graphics.

Acer Aspire coming with 64MB of dedicated system memory, 2048MB DDR3L Memory, 320GB SATA Hard Drive (5400RPM) while Lenovo ThinkPad Edge comes with RAM size of 4GB.

Both the netbooks come with wide range of connectivity options. Acer Aspire packs the latest 802.11b/g/n Wireless LAN, has two 2.0 USB ports and a 3.0 port. It also lets you connect to bigger screens as it comes with a HDMI port as well. However, The Lenovo ThinkPad Edge comes with connectivity options that are better suitable for business activities as it packs a VGA port, HDMI port, two USB 3.0 ports.

If we analyze the specifications of both overall, the main differences are found in their processors, graphics and memory making Acer Aspire more Adaptable for the home and student use and Lenovo ThinkPad Edge better suitable for professional life.

Battery Life 

Well, when it comes to battery life, we do get really concerned. Let’s see which of these has a better stamina to keep on going. The ThinkPad Edge was made to undergo few battery tests which revealed some superb results in comparison to its rivals around. In the idle mode, battery kept the device alive for 19 whole hours leaving behind its predecessors which only made 6 hours. The Easter Reader’s test exposed that ThinkPad Edge works for total 4 hours when display was set to the lowest brightness with wireless modules turned off. The overall battery tests revealed that ThinkPad edge is ideal for those who demand for longer battery life. Whereas, Aspire couldn’t catch up to this level in terms battery life. It remained alive for 7 hours and 16 minutes in the idle mode. In Easter Reader’s test, again it couldn’t beat the superb battery life of ThinkPad edge. It was found shut down after 1 hours and 48 minutes.

Which One Should I Go For?

Well if you ask us to choose one out of both, our vote is for Lenovo ThinkPad Edge. But this is not the end. Acer’s Aspire locks a really decent keyboard and matte screen with a powerful Intel Celeron processor. But despite being so slim and light weight, we cannot really call it portable because of the battery issues. So, if you plan to have it for the use at university and or professional life where you are most likely to carry you netbook everywhere, it would be a bad choice. It is relatively suitable for working at home where you can easily get an access to charge the device. Undoubtedly, Lenovo’s ThinkPad is a better option if you want to have a netbook which possesses a better keyboard and lasts longer to carry out your professional business tasks efficiently or making university assignments. As both the netbooks come in the same size and with a little price difference but with varying battery lives, you can definitely make a choice easily. However, if you ask about the computing power, then Acer Aspire plays a stronger role performing better but dies soon.

With the Kabibi update success which offers a substantially higher GPU and a decent application performance, ThinkPad Edge manages to earn more points over Aspire especially in battery terms.

4 Amazing Fitness Wearables for 2015

According to the latest technology trends, it is being predicted that 2015 is going to be the year of heavy loaded wearable devices. The facts reveal that the global market for wearables will be expanding at a compound annual rate of 35 percent over the next 5 years. If you desire to buy wearable devices, then you can make a choice out of these 4 superb gadgets which will surely benefit you.  

  1. NeuroOn

packshotEver heard of polyphasic sleep? It’s a term which refers to sleep you aim to have in breaks throughout the day enabling you to sleep less but with better efficiency. This device is specifically designed for people who practice this and follow different kinds of polyphasic schedules.

Here comes the interesting part, the NeuroOn provides the user with a sleep mask. This mask is especially designed to measure brain waves, muscle tension, and eye movements, and it efficiently identifies the exact phases you are going through during sleep. After detecting the phases, it comes up with a pre-defined plan to keep your sleep on right track. There are lights inside the mask that lit up when it’s time to wake up. NeuroOn is definitely a unique device helping you to set your sleep schedule. 

  1. The Basis B1 Band

51AjkIb4PmL._SL1000_When it comes to wearable devices especially made for keeping track of your health and fitness, we long for Apple Smart watch or Fitbit surge but Basis B1 band is also another great wearable which keeps a good track of your activities. It features a heart rate tracker and also records your varying body temperatures. If there are any problems arising out of these records, it provides you with suggestions to help improve health. Moreover, it classifies your activities like sleep, running, walking and biking. After recording this information, it sets a number of goals for you by which you can achieve fitness level you always wished for.

  1. Vigo

vigoVigo is another fitness wearable device that records your activities. It informs you about different phases your body goes through, alerts you when you are exhausted and asks you to take breaks. It looks similar to a Bluetooth headset, and you have to wear it at a side of your eye. It is well equipped with infrared sensor, accelerometer that helps determining the level of your alertness. Keeping the track of over 20 parameters of the blinks, it actually detects about your body functioning, when you are fatigued, when should you take rest etc. Hence, Vigo is total fitness device helping you to get fit.

  1. Reign

12-752x490Reign is an amazing activity tracker that is going to hit the market soon. It serves all what you want from a fitness tracker. This sleek looking tracker works with the support of its companion app which keeps the data. It comes for both iOS and Android. Making good use of sensors, it automatically records the activities you carry out such as bike ride, walking, swimming etc. Featuring ‘Go Zone’, strictly tells you the right things to do. The stylish and reliable Reign falls right in line with your needs for achieving a fitness level you desire.

The World’s Fastest Phone Recognized

iphone-5s-68Having so many latest smartphones around we do get confused about which one would be the best buy according to our needs. Some phones are great at taking good photos while others deliver good gaming performance. Some select the phones because of impressive design and functionality etc. but there is another class of users who like to opt. for a fastest phone. The phone which is at doing things quickly and efficiently. But how would we know that which smartphone is the fastest?

Well, looks like the most streamlined phones would try to be stunningly fast. We took four top most brands to get to the bottom line namely Apple, Samsung, HTC and LG. Firstly, the researchers tested these phones on the basis of processing speed. This was a wise decision as processor speed determines that how fast is the phone at opening apps, play games and videos, multi-task etc.

So which phone managed to stay ahead in this race? Any guesses? It’s the amazing iPhone 5S which passed all the benchmark tests scoring better than other phones in the competition. Yes, fellows this phone has completely left other streamlined phones far behind. The runners-up were LG’s G2 which stood 2nd and surprisingly Galaxy S4 came third.

This fact becomes even more interesting when we realized that Apple’s phone 5S has a dual-core processor while its rival Samsung Galaxy S4 features quad-core processor. Normally the phones featuring quad-core processors are believed to work faster than dual-cores. But iPhone 5S has proved our observations wrong. These results firmly indicated that number of cores is not the necessary indication of better performance.

The phones had to undergo the strict benchmarking tests using Greenbench software. This is the most reliable indicator of deciding the phone’s speed. Each phone was tagged with a score after passing through a particular test. The higher the phone’s score, the better and faster it is. Well no doubt that most of the top phones would work fantastic in every respect but iPhone S6 takes the edge over all these phones. A noticeable difference was seen in iPhone than other rival phones as it worked with visibly extra speed when videos were edited or worked on any power hungry app.

Brief Introduction of iPhone’s 5S Features and Specs:

The iPhone 5S comes with 4 inch display with the diamond cut aluminum body. This makes it so premium and solid. The camera is just outstanding with the 8 Mega-pixels. It also has a finger print reader that reads extremely fast. The apps launch and web pages load real quick. The 64-bit A7 chip delivers fast CPU and graphics performance. And the M7 motion coprocessor handles specific tasks to make iPhone 5s power proficient. iPhone 5s supports fast LTE bands you will find around the globe.  Moreover, the battery life is quite good that lasts for 10 hours. You will find it expensive but you won’t regret investing on it. Well, iPhone 5S is certainly not the latest phone nowadays but surely the fastest!

2015’s Top iPhone Camera, Photo and Video Editing Apps

When it comes to capturing good photography and making decent videos, iPhone is the smartphone I count on. Its camera is fantastic, better than the streamlined phones you will find in the market equipped with a number of mega-pixels. In order to make your photography experience even better on iOS 8.1, here is the updated list of some terrific apps you will cherish this year.

ProCamera 8

618_348_procamera-8-best-apple-watch-appsCapturing great pictures isn’t an easy job when you are quite sensitive about the photography you do even with a smartphone. In order to have the best out of iPhone camera, here is an incredible app ProCamera 8 that will energize your iPhone camera to greater levels. Fully packed with manual controls, this app is extremely user friendly. You can set up ISO, shutter speed, white balance, exposure compensation, focus etc. with this app. Through these options, you will be able to capture much vibrant and closer to life pictures. It also lets you make videos unlike other apps you will find around. ProCamera comes for $4.99, you won’t regret spending on this useful app.

Layout from Instagram

Layout-instagram-1If you love making collages but unable to find a good app for it, ‘Layout’ is what will please you the most. I wouldn’t say that it has some special ground-breaking features but it comes with a wide range of options to set up the perfect collage. Many times, we are unable create collages of our choice because of the limited variety but this app serves it all. It doesn’t trouble you with the annoying ads and its layout something that makes it stand out among other similar apps. And not to forget, this app is available fee.

Photo Editor by Aviary

aviary-photo-editor-12-535x535This is one of my favorite apps which I personally use too. It’s not only available on Apple store but also on Google store. The best part of using it is, it provides simple tools which are extremely easy to use and lets you edit within seconds. It offers you with options that makes your shot picture perfect. Packed with a number of cool photo effects, it is perfect for light editing you want for the pictures.

Cute Cut

unnamed (1)Cute Cut, an amazing video editing app both iPhone and iPad. Like movies User Interface, Cute Cut provides the user with a bookshelf that aids you to manage and classify the movies easily and you can arrange them with date. Designed for multi-touch, this app lets you use the drag and drop tools for assembling the media segments easily. It also has 6 types of media in the movie such as self-draw, voice, music etc. Moreover, make your movie more exciting and happening with it highly customizable features. You can also share your movie on social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube. This app costs $5.99, not very costly as the app is fully loaded with awesome features.