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Has the Quality of Human Interaction Lost Due to Technology?

We are always admiring technology and praising the amazing inventions we have right now. But like everything, it has a bad side too which we ignore most of the times. How different is texting someone from actually speaking on the phone? How dissimilar is meeting someone than just having a Facebook chat? Many times we are comfortable on texting rather than calling someone. Ever thought why is that so? Aren’t humans supposed to interact with one another with the strongest means of communication by meeting people face to face and exchanging thoughts and ideas? The medium of human interaction has changed considerably since the past few years. Let’s see to what level has this affected the human interaction.


If you happen to visit any college or university, you will find most of the people with their eyes stuck on screen literally even having their friends around. Checking mails and text messages was practiced alone in free time but now we are always inquisitive about these electronic messages, more alert towards our laptop or phone screens than aware of the people we have there at our place. Even if it’s a face to face meet-up after a long time, we still can’t rid of this habit. Doesn’t this make us slave of technology? We may have freedom of speech but more appropriately it should be called freedom of writing in text than delivering a speech.

The statistics of means of communicating with each other has drastically shifted from phone calls to texts. More accurately, we can say that telephone call is now a dying institution. The findings from UK relating to this topic is surprising. The research revealed that youngsters aging between 16-24s use text based applications a lot more than any calling apps. Face-to-face interactions are also a rare event as Facebook has invaded these meetings.

Developmental psychologists are emphasizing on this problem more as they are well-informed of the adverse effects of using these devices to communicate. They are more concerned about the kids using smartphones and laptops to communicate rather than having one-to-one chit-chat. This is not because children use tech gadgets frequently but because they start using such devices at a very early age when they are supposed to learn inter-personal skills not by face booking or texting but having a neat facet-to-face communication.

Moreover, this more and more text based interaction is ruining our surroundings.  Human society is run on the basis of power. This is human nature to gain power and have more control on things. If we talk about our daily lives, we face such power struggles every day during texting conversation. We usually feel that the person who texts first is more attached and weak for the other person compared to the one who texts back in reply. The person starting the conversation has in a way lost a little power as the person to whom the text has been sent. But this doesn’t exist in the live face-to-face communication.

Texting and socializing on social networking sites is not wrong but using to this much extent is surely something harmful for our upcoming generations and society build up. No doubt the quality of human interaction has lost its essence due to lesser heart to heart conversations. If you feel that way, stop getting ruled by technology and do what empowers you rather than what weakens you.