How to save money on Chromebooks

Chromebooks are the most reliable, efficient and affordable laptop choice for anyone. They are known to boot up quickly, are very reliable and never get viruses. They are also excellent devices for portable use, and can be used by anyone –even those with limited or no computer experience. Chromebooks are affordable devices, however buying a refurbished Chromebook can save you even more money! Refurbished laptops range from devices which are good as new however the box has been opened, devices which are ‘like new’ along with the manufacturers warranty, however have a few visible markings, or devices which have been tested by our engineers but may show signs of use. Find out more here. At Laptop Outlet, we have an extensive range of refurbished laptops from leading manufacturers such as Toshiba, HP, Lenovo, Apple and Acer. Here are just a few of the best refurbished Chromebooks we currently have in stock;


Asus Chromebook C300MA 13.3″ Intel Celeron N2830 2GB, 32GB £119.99


The ASUS Chromebook C300MA is ultra-portable at only 0.8 inches, along with a substantial 32GB hard drive which allows users to easily transport offline programmes and files. It features a 13.3” screen with a detailed 1366 x 786 high-definition display, making it the ideal device for entertainment. The ASUS Chromebook C300MA also has a built-in HD camera, which delivers precise visuals in low lighting and different angles.

HP Chromebook 14-X054NA 14″ Quad-Core NVIDIA Tegra K1 2GB RAM 16GB eMMC £149.99


The HP Chromebook features the latest-generation NVIDIA fan less processor along with a 2.3GHz Quad Core Processor, delivering great speed, power and performance. Up to 100GB of files and content can be stored in the Google Cloud Storage, making this Chromebook ideal for portable usage. It also features a premium design along with the HP Image Pad which allows precise pin-point navigation.

Toshiba Chromebook CB30-B-103 13.3″ Intel N2840 2GB RAM, 16GB SSD £109.99


The Toshiba Chromebook CB30-B-103 is a high-performance device, which is lightweight (1.5 kg) and has an impressive 9-hour battery life. It also has 100GB of free storage via the built-in Google Drive, allowing users to access data anywhere. The Toshiba Chromebook also has an integrated HDMI port, SD card slot, and 2 USB ports for effortless data transfer between devices.

Lenovo N21 Chromebook 11.6″ Laptop Intel N2840, 2GB RAM, 16GB SSD £149.99


The Lenovo N21 Chromebook is a highly efficient and durable device, primarily designed for education. It is built with a drop-resistant design (from up to 2.3 feet), along with a fan-less design which keeps the laptop safe from accidental damage. This Lenovo Chromebook also features a 720p HD webcam with integrated speakers, and a rotatable camera for easily recording images and videos.

Chromebooks are the ideal choice of device when considering reliability and performance. They are also the perfect portable companion, with ample storage available to access data on-the-go. Buying refurbished Chromebooks are an excellent way to save even more money! Check out our full range of refurbished laptops at http://www.laptopoutlet.co.uk/laptops-and-notebooks/refurbished-laptops.html.

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The PC Gamer Weekender 2016

A new PC gaming event was announced by Future in 2015, which will be taking place for the first time this weekend (5-6 March 2016). This new event follows the debut of the PC Gamer’s PC Gaming Show, which took place at E3 in June 2015. ‘The PC Gamer Weekender’ will be an action-packed two-day event, ideal for gamers, which will take place on Brick Lane at the Old Truman Brewery.

PC gamer

The event will host a range of the latest triple-A and indie game releases which can be played, and all event goers will be admitted entry into one of the tournaments taking place that weekend.

The huge line-up of games for the PC Gamer Weekender is constantly growing and currently includes Dark Souls III Pre-Release, Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade Pre-Release, Total WAR: WARHAMMER (a month before release), Street Fighter V and Umbrella Corps, among many others. The full list of games, which is still growing, is available to view here: http://weekender.pcgamer.com/whats-on/games-on-show-at-the-weekender.

The event will feature a Hardware Zone which will offer attendees the opportunity to sample or buy various PC tech devices. Also, a range of workshops are planned for the event, which include interview sessions for developers. For gamers and tech fanatics who enjoy enhancing the internal software of their PC’s, upgrading components and perfecting gaming performance, the PC workshops will be an ideal experience. ASUS and other hardware experts will lead the workshops, which will include detailed information on how to improve your PC, from beginner to advanced level. The workshops will be free for anyone who purchases a valid floor pass for the event.

Future’s head of events, Jonny Sullens told MCV (The Market for Computer & Video Games): The event we put on at E3 was a huge success and has proved to be a launch pad into the PC Gamer Weekender. PC Gaming is a very vibrant market with many different attributes to make a multifaceted event.”

The exciting event will feature a Hardware Zone with a “4K Stage powered by NVIDIA”; it will include gameplay, walkthroughs, developer interviews and the latest in 4K gaming technology.

The latest and most advanced virtual reality headset – the HTC Vive Consumer Edition, will be available for attendees to experience at the PC Gamer Weekender. The HTC Vive Consumer Edition features two 1080 x 1200 screens, 90Hz refresh rates to create 3D experience, sensor wand-shaped controllers for superior positional tracking, and laser-emitting based stations for accuracy. It is powered by Nvidia’s GeForce GTX, and you will be able to fully experience the virtual world with this new device, whilst gaming. The HTC Vive Consumer Edition is an improvement from the Vive and the Vive Pre, with even more innovative features. It is a partnership between HTC and the game developer, Valve, and will be available to buyers from April.

Tickets for the PC Gamer Weekender are currently available to buy at http://weekender.pcgamer.com/ along with a 20% off discount code. Tickets range from a Weekender PLUS Pass (£24.00), Saturday Standard Pass (£14.99), and the Sunday Standard Pass (£14.99). The event is only open to over 18’s due to the possibility of age-restricted content.