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Top 3 Student Laptops By HP In 2016


This is an article for students looking to buy a laptop, whether you’re in school, college or university. Laptops have become an essential item to take with you to school, college and university, and it’s important to purchase a reliable device which is also budget-friendly at the same time. Whether you’re studying something which involves 3D graphics or photography, or just need a simple device for typing notes and replying to emails, you will be able to find an affordable laptop. HP laptops are known to be some of the best looking in the industry, and the laptops we have chosen from their huge range also have great performance quality to match.

HP has been one of the leading manufacturers of laptops for a while, and is known to consistently feature sleek designs and impressive features in their devices.

The company states:

“HP Inc. creates technology that makes life better for everyone, everywhere. Through our portfolio of printers, PCs, mobile devices, solutions, and services, we engineer experiences that amaze”.

There is a huge variation of HP laptops on the market, and it can be confusing to choose between them, so we’ve rounded up a number of devices ranging in price and features –so there’s something for everyone whether you prioritise power or portability.

• The HP Stream 13 is one of the best student laptops by HP, with all the right features to increase productivity, as well as being an affordable device. It features a colourful and durable design, as well as having a comfortable keyboard so typing long essays is easier than ever. The vibrant blue colour of the device makes it a great choice for students and it’s a welcome change from the usual black or grey laptops that are on offer in the market. The Stream 13 weighs 3.42 pounds so it’s perfect to take to school or university every day, as it can easily fit into a normal-sized school bag.

The performance of the device is great, so it’s ideal for multitasking. As if this isn’t already a great student laptop by HP, it also comes with pre-installed Windows 10!

Windows 10 is the newest version of the Windows operating system; it features improved compatibility, enhanced security and faster performance, so you have an improved overall experience with your device. Windows 10 has a faster speed than any previous OS; it is the most optimised version yet and instantly opens apps. The Windows 10 OS makes this device great for web browsing – which is something that students have to do regularly when researching for essays or doing homework.

• Another laptop which has made it into our top 3 student laptops by HP is the HP Pavilion x2 10t, which is especially great for students who are on a tight budget, or even parents who want an affordable device to take on holiday and which the kids can use for homework too. The Pavilion x2 10t features a decent web-surfing machine which makes it great for web browsing, online shopping, making notes and more. It has a durable plastic body which is great for the low price, and is available in a trio of colours. The device has a great battery life of over 9 hours so you can use it for a full school day, or in the university library, without worrying about taking a charger along.

The device does have a smaller-sized keyboard but if you’ll be using the device for doing readings or watching educational videos –and prefer to write your lecture notes, it is a great affordable option! The Windows 10 OS on this device does make the smaller-sized keyboard easier to use –with the help of the wide touchpad. It has a 10.1” display with a 1280 x 800 touchscreen display, with wide viewing angles, so it’s also great for watching a movie after a long day of school or university. The device is very budget friendly, HP have also included Bang & Olufsen tuned speakers which provide a high-quality audio experience with rich bass quality.

• Another top pick is the HP 10-ac110na. This cheap laptop is a great student laptop by HP as it combines style, productivity, design and high quality features while ensuring it is still an affordable price. Equipped with Windows 10, you are enabled to switch between numerous apps at ease and quickly; ideal for anyone at school, college or university and if you’re also a social media fanatic. The extended battery life lets you take this laptop out and about without the need for a charger, which is great whether you’re working on-the-go or attending a full day of lectures.

The device has a number of helpful ports, so you’ll be able to stay connected to various other devices; as well as easily connecting to printers or using USBs. You can even connect to a larger screen, which will make watching movies a great experience after a long day of writing assignments or attending lectures. DTS Studio Sound Audio Dynamic audio nuances provide rich sounds for a concert-like experience with DTS Sound, so the device is also great for watching educational videos or listening to music.

We hope this round-up of the best student laptops by HP has helped end your search. HP laptops always feature high-quality designs, powerful processors and reliable performance. Whether you’re a school, college or university student, one of these HP laptops will be great for you.