How to choose the best laptops for students in UK

With a large range of laptops to choose from, numerous brands, online sellers and stores, it can be difficult finding a laptop suited to you. We aim to see all our customers walk away happy with their purchase and students are no exception. You’re probably looking for something that’s an all-round winner; good for entertainment and work purposes. Well we’re going to make the selection process easier for you with some great tips on how to choose the best laptops for students in the UK.


What do you need?

First and foremost, what do you need? A pretty simple starting point, that’ll make your selection process a lot easier. What will you mainly use your laptop for? Is it for gaming, school work, entertainment etc.? Once you’ve figured that out, the search for the perfect device will be a lot easier!



So now that you have an idea of the primary use of your laptop, you can start the research. A quick and simple Google search will give you a range of laptops suited to your needs. Whether you like a certain brand and want to look into their specific range. Check out reviews! Tech blogs often have top picks for certain types of laptops (e.g. best laptops for multimedia). Perhaps search up laptops that fit your preferred price range. It’s also worth a shot asking your teachers if you want to use your new laptop for specific schoolwork. Want something a little quicker than online research? Pop into your local tech store and ask a member of staff, they’ll be sure to know how to choose the best student laptop for you.






Tech specifications:

Now that you’ve got a rough idea of what you want/need, check out the specifications of the laptops that catch your eye to double check if it’s right for you. Look at features such as what processor it has, RAM, storage space, operating system, what softwares it comes with that you might need for school, the battery life, ports, resolution etc. Depending on what you want to use your laptop for, each component of the features previously mentioned will vary; so pay attention to these.





A design suited to you ensures optimum comfort, thus enhancing your productivity. For example, a bulky gaming laptop that weighs a ton isn’t going to be the ideal school companion. Pay attention to the screen size and weight, as this determines whether or not the device is easy to travel with.

Do you need a keyboard at all times? If not, look into hybrids that may be tailored to your specific needs. Work purposes aside, hybrid laptops are great if you want to enjoy a film in bed using tent mode, after a long day at school.





Probably the most important part of our how to choose the best laptops for students in the UK guide is the price! Now that you’ve probably found a few laptops that seem right for you or have an idea of the type of laptop you want, check the price. If you do manage to find the ideal laptop that’s also in your budget that’s great! If not, try searching for laptops similar to your desired one; you’ll be sure to find some really similar ones for a fraction of the price. However, if you have your heart set on an expensive laptop, it’s worth checking out second hand or refurbished ones as they’re significantly cheaper than new ones and mostly perform just as well!

When buying online or in-stores be sure to check if the device is applicable for student discount, as most places do give such offer. Also it’s worth subscribing to student sites/apps like Student Beans and UniDays. They often have discounts and offers on laptops and other tech devices.

Check with your uni/school to see if you’re eligible for a grant, bursary or some type of funding which can help you purchase your ideal device. Your school may cover the costs, or at least part of the costs of your new laptop.


So there you have it, our guide on how to choose the best laptops for students in the UK! Hopefully these tips will make the hunt for your new laptop easier and quicker. For a great selection of student laptops check out our range here.

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