7” Lenovo Tab 3 Review


There’s no doubt that kids love tablets. These amazing gadgets are not only great for keeping your children entertained, but they’re also powerful educational tools. A great tablet for kids is safe to use, with a gorgeous large display but still small enough for grubby little hands. Lenovo has taken aim at the kids’ marketing by introducing the 7” Lenovo Tab 3. Will the Lenovo Tab 3 for kids make a perfect tablet for the little ones? Read on to find out:

Design & Display

The Tab 3 may not be the fanciest looking tablet around, but given it’s rather affordable, it does offer a pretty decent design with narrow bezels. The 7” display is vibrant but at the same time not too massive for children to hold the tablet comfortably in their hands. Featuring Adaptive Display technology, the brilliant screen optimises lighting and contrast so that the sensitive eyes of children are well-protected. It even includes a safe mode that filters out all harmful blue light! Weighing just 260g with a thickness of 8.8mm, the 7” Lenovo Tab 3 won’t be too bulky for the little ones.

Camera & Battery

The Lenovo Tab 3 for kids features a reasonable 5MP rear camera and a 2MP front-facing camera. The rear camera is good enough to satisfy that photographer inside your kid, while the camera on the front takes great selfies. It’s very thoughtful of Lenovo not to neglect the fact that kids love snapping photos with handheld consoles!

One of the most impressive features of the Tab 3 is its long-lasting battery life. The mega 3,450mAh battery offers up to 9 hours of use on a single charge, which is outstanding for a budget tablet. You can hand the tablet over to your kid without worrying about charging it during the day!

Specs & Software

Inside the Tab 3 lies a 1.0GHz MediaTek quad-core processor with 1GB RAM, which is standard for a low-cost Android tablet. It is going to keep the device responsive and provide sufficient power to support different sorts of daily tasks.

Powered by a modified version of Android 6.0 Marshmallow, the Lenovo Tab 3 is extremely family-friendly. The multi-user mode means you and your family members can keep your preferences separate. Simply swipe down from the top of the screen and you can select the account you want to switch to! The kid’s mode is what makes the gadget a perfect tablet for children. With safe web browsing and access restriction tools, parents can limit access to the tablet at chosen times and control which apps and websites the child can access!


The price range of the Lenovo Tab 3 is around £90-100, which is not bad at for all the incredible features you’re getting. At Laptop Outlet, UK, you can now get it at the discounted price of £57.99. Do not miss out on this amazing bargain deal!


Looking for an excellent gadget for your kid? The 7” Lenovo Tab 3 can for sure keep the little one happy. This Lenovo Tab 3 for kids is great for entertaining your child whilst helping them to learn in an interesting way.

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*Please note: All prices are subject to change without notice and all offers are subject to availability.

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