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Best Economical Android Smartphones to Buy in the UK

Not a fan of iPhones? You’re probably looking at Android – but with so many options to choose from, it can be rather difficult to make up your mind. If you’re on the hunt for the best Android smartphone deals on the market, you’ve come to the right place! Whether you’re after a waterproof device, a blazing-fast processor or an impressive battery life, we’ve got something for you. Read on for a list of top Android smartphones available at Laptop Outlet:



LG K8 2017

WAS: £179.99 NOW: £109.99

(Save £70)



Are you into photography? If yes, the LG K8 2017 will for sure keep you happy. Equipped with a full-featured 13MP camera, the smartphone allows you to perfectly capture the precious moments of your life. Get ready to acquire clear, sharp and sharable images with the help of an impressive 1/3” sensor and an ultra-bright F2.2 lens! Selfie lovers, don’t feel neglected as the LG K8 2017 also looks after your needs. Its 5MP selfie camera will automatically create the perfect shot for you. Simply steady the phone for a second and Auto Shot will do the rest! You don’t even have to tap or press. Gorgeous photos of course have to be complemented by a vibrant display and the LG K8 2017’s 5” HD screen will not fail to reflect every detail of your photos. Lastly, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 425 processor and long-lasting 2,500mAh battery will support you while you create the most stunning pictures. At only £109.99, the LG K8 2017 is undoubtedly an amazing Android smartphone deal!


Wileyfox Swift 2 Plus

WAS: £199.99 NOW: £127.99

(Save £72)



A superb balance between price and specs, the Wileyfox Swift 2 Plus has to be on our list of top Android smartphones! Powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 processor with 3GB RAM and 32GB of on-board storage, this Android smartphone makes media management and multitasking easier than ever. The brilliantly sharp curved HD display delivers the most stunning graphics and smoothest interfaces. The fact that the smartphone has got the latest version of Android Nougat, a Fingerprint reader, full Alexa integration and is Android Pay ready is what makes it phenomenal. At only £127.99, you’ll be enjoying the luxury of all the latest features!


ASUS ZenFone 4

WAS: £549.99 NOW: £424.99

(Save £125)




The ASUS ZenFone 4 is a beautifully designed smartphone that offers an unparalleled mobile photography experience. It comes with a dual-camera system featuring the flagship Sony IMX362 image sensor and a wide F1.8 aperture lens so it can capture bright, clear pictures in a dim environment. With the 120° wide-angle camera, the ASUS ZenFone 4 offers a 200% larger view than regular smartphone cameras. It’ll no longer be difficult to fit your large group of friends into one photo! Your photography experience will be further enhanced by the Qualcomm Spectra 160 image signal processor. Prepare yourself for some light-speed focusing, zooming and incredible colour accuracy! Last but not least, the 600-nit Super IPS+ display will bring your photos and videos to life.

Are you looking to upgrade your aging Android phone, or moving from an iPhone? Either way, we hope our round-up of top Android smartphones in the UK has got you sorted. They are the best Android smartphone deals you can find today!


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Best Android Tablets to Buy In the UK

It’s got all the power of a PC in the palm of your hands- so it’s no surprise that everyone wants to get their hands on a great tablet. With numerous brands releasing a range of models, it can be quite difficult finding a device suited to your tech needs; so that’s where we come in! We’ve done some research to help assist you on the hunt for your perfect tablet so without further ado; onto our best Android tablets to buy in the UK list.


1)  Samsung Galaxy S3


Key features

Screen: 9.7”


Storage: 32GB (+256GB SD)

OS: Android 7.0 Nougat

Processor: Quad-Core Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 CPU

Camera: front- 5MP, rear- 13MP


Featuring an immense screen size, 4k screen quality, 10-bit colour HDR, 2048 x 1563 screen resolution and great graphic quality, so you can watch movies whenever and wherever in mesmerising HD visuals. Whether you’re watching your favourite TV shows or gaming, you can experience true-to-life picturesque quality with this tablet. At only 429g, it’s super lightweight and slim, so this Android tablet is an easy travel companion, and you can work and play on the go without being weighed down. It includes the option of an S Pen, so you can scribble, doodle or work with extra accuracy and refinery. The quad-core processor, in addition to the 4GB RAM ensures smooth sailing when it comes to navigations and multitasking; so this tablet is definitely deserving a spot in our pick of the best Android tablets to buy in the UK.


2)  Google Pixel C



Key features

Screen: 10.2”


Storage: 64GB

OS: Android 7.0 Nougat

Processor: NVidia Tegra X1 processor, 64-bit quad-core chip

Camera: rear- 8MP, front- 2MP


The Google Pixel C has definitely fought for its spot in our pick of the best Android tablets to buy in the UK, as it’s one of the iPad’s biggest rivals; and almost parallel to its premium features. Weighing a mere 517g, this is the perfect companion for work and play on the go! The immensely sensitive multi-touch and wide 10.2” screen, high graphic quality and 2560 x 1800 screen resolution ensure gaming to a high standard and of a vivid and true-to-life nature. It also ensures you can watch films with bold and sharp visuals that will leave you impressed every time. The NVidia Tegra quad-core processor ensures seamless navigation and multitasking, so you’ll never face the hassle of slow loading apps or crashes again!


3)  Huwei MediaPad M3



Key features

Screen: 8.4”


Storage: 32GB

OS: Android 6.

Processor: Quad-core MediaTek MT8135 CPU

Camera: rear- 2MP, VGA selfie cam


At only 9.2mm thick and weighing a mere 322g, this mini Huwei tablet is the perfect travel companion. The 2560 x 1600 screen resolution provides sharp visuals so watching films and reading is easy and clear. Whilst most tablets only have one speaker, the Huwei MediaPad M3 has two, one on the top and the other on the bottom thus providing better and more immersive sound quality; the brilliant features give this tablet a well-deserved spot in our best Android tablets to buy in the UK list!


4)  Asus ZenPad S3 10



Key features

Screen: 9.7”


Storage: 32GB (+ Micro SD card slot)

OS: Android 6.0

Processor: MediaTek Hexa-Core

Camera: rear- 8MP, front- 5MP


Rivalling the infamous iPad, the Asus ZenPad S3 10 has earned its place in our pick of the best Android tablets to buy in the UK! The 5900mAh battery provides up to 10 hours of use, so grab your tablet and head out the door, without the hassle of carrying a charger along! Thinner than the iPad at 5.8mm thick and super lightweight at 430grams, this little guy will fit into your bag with ease and won’t weight you down. The 4GB RAM ensures smooth sailing use, so you can multitask, work and play with ease.

So there you have it, our pick of the best Android tablets to buy in the UK! We hope we’ve helped you make your choice or given you a better idea of what you want. Still searching? Check out our huge range of Android tablets and you’ll be sure to find something for you!

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Quick and Easy Steps to Share Files between Windows, OS X and Android

Do you find transferring files between PC, Mac and Android hard? We will let you know several easier ways to transfer your files.  After reading this up, you’ll definitely be able to transfer your files effortlessly.


File sharing involves few simple steps, start by plugging in the USB Hub into a spare USB Hub on a windows PC. It can run on both windows 7 and 8.  A pop up of auto play will be seen inquiring what you want to do with the device. All you have to do is click on Run SKLoader. Exe.  You will be required to select ‘Always do this for software and games’. Now you have 3 port USB Hub attached to the Windows PC.

The next step involves connecting Windows PC to Mac. You will be requiring a USB-USB cable included in the box. Then attach one end to a spare USB port on your Mac and the other Magic port at the end of Inateck. You’ll again experience a pop up on Mac desktop, an untitled drive and a CD icon called ‘’MacKMLink’, click on the icon and choose MacKMLink. You are all ready now for the file transfer. You can easily copy paste now between the PCs with the same method. Simply drag and drop them between the PCs. This will enable you to copy the file and you are good to go.

When you are on android, PC or Mac should be the host device. You have to plug the USB into a spare USB Hub on a Windows PC or Mac. This was done on Windows 7 however it works on Windows 8 as well. After this step, you’ll get a notification of AutoPlay. Click on the Run SKLoader.exe. After acting out this step, you will have a total of 3 USB ports attached to your Windows PC. You will be able to use any other USB ports on the laptop.

To carry out the file transferring tasks, you will have to download the free WinDroid Linker app on your Android device. You can do it in two ways. Let’s Discover the easiest one first. Simply search and download it form Google Play. Otherwise, you can click the MacKMLink icon present in task bar, you will get the direct link to the app download. Tap the web page link on your tablet or phone, whatsoever you are using. Just tap the OK option and download the .apk file. Now drag down the notification bar and tap on the file download and click ‘install’.

In order to connect the Windows PC to Android device that supports OTG, you will have to connect the OTG adaptor included in the box to one end of the supplied USB cable. Plug one end on your Android phone or the tablet, and the other into Magic Port present at the end of the Inateck Hub.

After going through all this process, a window will pop up on your PC screen. This will show your android files. Now you are all set to transfer files between PC and Android.


Enjoy the Best of Instagram With These 5 Apps for Android

Instagram is one the most used social networks in the world. It is no doubt the most popular photo sharing platform available to everyone. 70% of the Instagram users check their feed at least once a day, 35 % several times a day and number of likes per day is 1.2 billion; that’s 8500 likes per second. Wow, this is just oh so great number. Well, there are few annoyances we face on every social media platform, few are there on instagram too which we really wish we had some alternatives for. Check out these 5 best apps to fulfil your wishes. 

  1. VSCO Cam

vsco-camA regular Instagram user and tired of frequently using filters on Instagram? Why not choose an alternative, ‘The VSCO Cam’. This will help you edit your photos with a professional touch. You can make your photos more attractive by adjusting your photo’s exposure, brightness, contrast and temperature. It also offers plenty of other options to make your photos even more gorgeous.

  1. InstaMessage

unnamedIntaMessage is the new craze. While instragram Direct lets you share photos and other stuff upto 15 people in the group, InstaMessage is a smart alternative. With this app running, you will automatically be able to make friends with people who have the same app installed. You can start chit chatting with your new friends instantly. If you want your own pals to be present on it, send them the invites and enjoy better communication options.

  1. Xposed Instagram Downloader

instagram111111You get tagged by your friends on Instagram and you find it impossible to download your favorite pictures since there is no such option present around. Try the Xposed Instagram Downloader to combat this disappointment. It introduces modules that allow you to integrate this very feature in the official instagram app. Once you download the module, reboot your device. You will be able to discover a download option if you click on the additional options button. Now you have got the access to all of your desired photos and videos. Cheers!

  1. TrackGram

unnamed (1)Well we do get quite inquisitive about the following numbers on Instagram. If you are facing problems of finding out who followed you or if you have followed them back? This is where TrackGram comes in to answer your questions popping up. Though TrackGram you will be able to discover about the new followers, the people who unfollowed all present on one page.

  1. InstaPlace

azazdsWhere is my delicious cupcake pictures I uploaded on Instagram? We do upload a lot of food pictures but we forget to save them with a proper date and location. And after few days we are unable to search them. Well to cope up with this problem, you can certainly use the InstaPlace. It enables you to tag the photographs with few categories of skins you can choose from. Together with a date and automatic location finder.

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LG G3 Review

medium01-2LG G2 was one of those smartphones which literally shook the smartphone market. It kept the market captured for quite some time but as soon as LG felt the phone is losing its popularity, it launched the new version LG G3. With all the competitors focusing on the screen. LG was also bound to bring some dramatic changes in the screen of LG G3. Well not just screen but G3 also has some other groundbreaking features as well.


LG G3’s metallic body was much talked about before its release, as the plastic body of G2 was one of the reason it didn’t succeeded in getting five stars. LG’s fans very anxiously waiting to hold the metallic phone in their hands but unfortunately when G3 was launched we found that it had a plastic body which was painted to give it a brushed metal look. Despite having a plastic body LG G3 looked better than most of the other phones placed on the shelf. The back plate is removable so you can replace the battery and add a micros SD card. G3 comes with 16 GB and 32 GB and all those who will be buying the 16GB model will definitely need a memory card to make use of all the great heavy apps.


Display is the factor that enables G3 to outshine all other smartphones of its kind. Coming loaded with the amazing 2K display it takes your user experience to the next level. The display is much brighter and even bigger than its competitor but still it somehow manages to fit in the same slim and stylish body. With 2560 x 1440 pixels adorning its IPS+ panel it lets you enjoy media at its peak. Talking of display how can we forget the pixel density of 534ppi which is higher than all other phones.


Driven by the powerful quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor running at 2.5GHz, it gives you all the speed and power you need to perform exceptionally well. In addition the perfect combination of 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage further improves the performance. With LG G3 web browsing is more fun with the 4G connectivity. The pages load with a speed you’ve never experienced before plus it is capable of handling HD content like an expert.


Unfortunately G3 is not good in battery as its predecessor was. Actually the real reason for unsatisfactory battery performance is that it packs in 3000mAh battery which is not suitable for a phone having 2K screen. While using it daily for Facebook, web surfing and YouTube viewing it gave us a round 15 hours on a single charge.


After G2 we were expecting a simply amazing phone from LG and luckily G3 has lived up to our expectations. By closely reviewing it all the features we have come to a decision that it is definitely much better than its predecessor in most of the things. The only thing in which G3 lacks behind is the battery, otherwise G3 is a phone we always wished to have.

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Amazing Smartphone Apps You Don’t Want To Live Without

We could never deny to the fact that smartphone apps have totally changed the way we live our life. With these innovative apps we get whole world right at the palm of our hand. And with the passage of time the influence of these apps on our day to day life has continued to increase. From cooking to travelling to office work, these apps are helping us in everything we can think of. Here is a list of those smartphone applications we certainly don’t want to live without.


SoundHound_Mobile_IconWho doesn’t like music? The genres people prefer may differ but almost everyone like to listen music. There are some times when we enjoy a song in friend’s car or in the mall but don’t know its name. Finding such songs is just a breeze with Sound Hound. Hold your phone up to the speaker and simply hum the tune or sing the song as much as you remember and it will identify it. Once the song is identified you can download it, read its lyrics or share it.

any-do-logoMany of us don’t agree with it but planners have become a necessity as along as we want to complete the long list of tasks in a small day. is an amazing app which offers interactive visuals. Its innovative calendar and daily planner is ideal for keeping your professional as well as personal life organized.


whatsapp-logoWhatsApp is among some of the most liked messaging platform. It lets you send free messages across the world, and not just text messages you can send pictures, songs and videos all for free. Now you can even make calls with this superb app. The option of group messaging is ideal for talking to whole group of friends at once. The best thing about WhatsApp is it is easy to use with interactive interface.


unnamed (2)Waze is the best app you can get for avoiding traffic jams and hassles. It pulls information from other Waze users so you can avoid crashes, obstacles and traffic jams. But still if you unfortunately get stuck in a traffic jam its amazing feature, traffic bar, gives you the countdown of how long it will take to clear up the road.