Black Friday

Best Laptops to Buy on Black Friday 2017

BLACK FRIDAY IS HERE AGAIN! Laptop Outlet is offering you some of the best laptops to buy at the lowest prices ever for the shopping extravaganza. Take the opportunity now to treat yourself, your friends and family to a brand new laptop for Christmas!

Here’s some of the best laptops to buy on Black Friday 2017:


ASUS ZenBook UX360CA

WAS: £699.99 NOW: £599.99 (Save £100)


Fancy something sophisticated to match with your tasteful lifestyle? The ASUS Zenbook UX360CA is the ideal laptop for you. Finished with a zen-inspired pattern of concentric circles, the laptop is given a chic and timeless look. The ZenBook Flip feature allows effortless switches between laptop and tablet, making the device perfect for both work and play.


Lenovo Ideapad 305

WAS: £449.99 NOW: £369.99 (Save £80)


The bright green colour and sleek design of the Lenovo IdeaPad 305 successfully makes it stand out from the crowd. Perfectly equipped to handle everyday tasks, the laptop enables you to comfortably browse the web, work on documents, watch videos and listen to music. Enjoy a superior cinema experience at home with the Dolby DS1.0 Home Theatre technology that comes along!


ASUS Vivobook X540SA

WAS: £349.99 NOW: £289.99 (Save £60)


Always on the search for a lightweight laptop that doesn’t compromise on the specs? You’ve finally found the one! The ASUS Vivobook X540SA is a stunning device that weighs only 1.9 kg so you can easily pop it into your handbag for the day. There’s no need to worry about poor connectivity, because the USB-C port helps it connect faster than ever. Watching movies on the go? You’ll love the high quality sound & HD display with 1366 x 768 display resolution featured on this laptop.


Acer Aspire ES1-572

WAS: £449.99 NOW: 359.99 (Save £90)


The Acer Aspire ES1-572, your perfect companion for work and play, is one of the best laptops to buy on Black Friday 2017. Featuring an efficient Intel Core i3 processor and with the latest Windows 10 OS, it has everything you need for daily computing.  Working on the laptop all day? Your eyes won’t get strained with Acer BluelightShield, and this feature also makes it perfect for night time use. With 4GB RAM, the laptop is great for multi-tasking whether you are at school or in the office.


HP 250 G6

WAS: £549.99 NOW: £449.99 (Save: £100)


No other laptops can beat the HP 250 G6 when it comes to blending high performance computing with amazing pricing. Its solid Intel Core i3 processor and powerful 8GB RAM enable it to satisfy the most demanding users. You can easily show off your collection of movies and videos with the HDMI port equipped, which can be quickly connected to an external display.

So here are some of the most brilliant laptops with good value for money in this year’s Laptop Outlet Black Friday event! Click here to see more discounted laptops.

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Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Online Shopping

Cyber Monday, An online shopping Frenzy

Black Friday rush and exciting crowd from black Friday is now preparing to be shifted to the trail of wait for cyber Monday. Cyber Monday took its name with the super excited crowd of both shoppers and retailers to get the most out of the week before Christmas. With so much inspiring deals offered by the on store retailers, online retailers or small retailers just don’t get the crowd they wish for. For this sole purpose, the coming Monday followed by black Friday was termed as cyber Monday, which was dedicated day for online-retailers only.

With large retailers marketing about the black Friday deals, online retailers not only focus on black Friday but also on cyber Monday with pre black Friday deal offerings. Because they know, cyber Monday is the day for them. Retailers keeping in view their importance have now been trying to cash it out maximum by offering deals early in November.

Cyber Monday
Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday was also named this way , because after the holidays of thanks giving followed by the weekend holidays, black Friday had an advantage of being already a holiday whereas holidays end at the dawn of Sunday. But shoppers yet have an incomplete list of Christmas shopping and retailers have more to offer. For this, online retailers get their chance, in providing shoppers their shopping frenzy online, while working.

The inception of the great day for online retailers, cyber Monday, which was between 2006 and 2011, it was reported that online sales were doubled up to 1.2 billion. And according to a survey report, Cyber Monday is considered to be the busiest online internet shopping day of the year. While in UK, recently almost in 2009, Cyber Monday pop out with all its busiest charm on online stores in UK.

With the huge exciting and rousing crowd, running to the on store retailers on Friday, get their focus shifted to online retailers on Monday. And website traffics at online retail website increases to almost non manageable limits. Continuous refreshing the websites become the all-day activity on the superb cyber Monday, because of exciting flashing deals every second.

But with all this discounted deals popping around everywhere starting the black Friday and continuing till Christmas, shoppers have a major confusion on how to find the steepest most cunning edge saving deals. So advisors set a statement to have an on go Saturday preparation set for cyber Monday, to find the best deals in town. And shop with category in mind.

This black Friday go ahead and keep the search and shopping high on cyber Monday for the best deal of technological gadgets. Technology buying is the like getting the most of the cyber Monday deals. Sit down, relax, on the sofa, with you PJs on, shop the best tech gadgets that you can have, with all its accessories and charm.

So keep the tech hunt for best tech deals in town with highly reliable online sources such as , etc.