Tech Sales in the UK this Christmas 2017

The Christmas season is not only a time for friends and family. It is also the moment when all the awesome tech sales kick off – the perfect opportunity to grab a bargain deal before the year’s out! Whether it is for a gadget you’ve been waiting for a stunning price on, or a last-minute Christmas present, you’ll for sure find something that looks rights for you in tech sales in the UK this Christmas 2017. Need a helping hand discovering the best bargains? Read on for our top picks:


HP ProOne 440 G3 All-in-One PC

WAS £1499.99

NOW: £799.99 (Save £700)

With a massive £700-off, the HP ProOne 440 G3 All-in-One PC is probably the biggest bargain you can possibly find in tech sales in the UK this Christmas 2017. Featuring a powerful 7th Generation Intel Core i5 processor, up to 16GB DDR43 memory and optional discrete graphics, this sleek all-in-one PC is tailored to get the job done. The large 23.8’’ Full HD display offers sufficient viewing space so that you can complete your vital tasks in a number of settings. The built-in Windows 10 Pro OS is going to help you power through your day!


Lenovo V110-15ISK Laptop

WAS: £549.99

NOW: £442.99 (Save £107)

Ready to take your productivity, creativity and entertainment to a new level? The Lenovo V110-15ISK laptop is going to do the job for you. With Windows 10 and a 6th Generation Intel Core i5 processor built-in, the device offers speed and performance that is more than sufficient to handle different sorts of daily tasks. The anti-glare technology of the HD display is one of the most thoughtful features of the laptop – it minimises eye fatigue while the HD screen delivers the clearest and sharpest images! Last but not least, the Lenovo V110-15ISK is designed to be carried around. Weighing less than 2.1 kg and less than 1’’ thick, it can follow you anywhere to work!


LG K4 Smartphone

WAS: £149.99

NOW: £99.96 (Save £50)



The price tag of less than £100 makes the LG K4 another amazing find among all the tech deals out there, especially when the smartphone still comes with desirable specs despite its price! The Qualcomm Snapdragon 210 quad-core processor and 1 GB of RAM provides the phone incredible speed. With the 2,500mAh removable battery, you’ll always be charged up and ready to go! In spite of the striking 5’’ display, the LG K4 is still compact enough to fit into your pockets as it is only 7.9 mm thick. The slim, lightweight design makes it handy for you to take selfies and capture precious moments on the go with the smartphone’s brilliant 5 MP rear and selfie cameras.

These fabulous deals found in tech sales in the UK this Christmas 2017 means loads of options for the gadget lovers in your life! We hope our pick of the top offers has helped you figured out what to get as a last-minute Christmas gift either for yourself or for that special person.

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3 Best Laptops to buy in the UK under £200 this Christmas

The festive season is upon us, and getting the best deals on gifts for others (or yourself!) can be stressful. We’ve put together a list of the best laptops under £200 so you can get your hands on a huge tech bargain before Christmas. Whether you’re after a portable device, something for the kids or a reliable laptop for daily use, you’ll find something which matches your requirements – and the best part is that they’re all under £200!


Discover the best laptops to buy in the UK under £200 this Christmas here:


1)   HP Stream 11-r000na  £159.99

HP Stream 11-r000na

With the easy-to-use and familiar Windows operating system you can customise your desktop, ensuring quick start ups and navigation. The high quality graphics allow you to enjoy what you’re watching in amazing detail and sharp colours, and it’s also equipped with a capable processor so multitasking is a breeze!


 2)  Dell Inspiron 11 3000

Dell Inspiron 11 3000

The Dell Inspiron 11 3000 is an affordable and reliable laptop that you can take on-the-go without a second thought! The battery lasts all day, its comfortable for typing, and has a reliable screen – great for watching Christmas movies on! The performance isn’t the best if you’re planning to use the laptop for heavy duty tasks; however it’s ideal for daily web browsing and other light tasks. If Windows 10 is your thing, this is a great choice.


3)   ASUS Chromebook C300MA £179.99

3) ASUS Chromebook C300MA

The ASUS Chromebook C300MA has a slim and lightweight build so it’s great for anyone always on-the-go. The (1366 x 786) screen resolution delivers crisp and detailed visuals, and it’s ideal for small-time entertainment, perfect for treating the kids this Christmas! Speaking of entertainment, the ASUS C300MA features premium style stereo speakers, a modern design and a large screen and touchpad. The 11 hours battery life and affordable price means this laptop will be at the top of everyone’s wish list this Christmas!


We hope you found something to treat yourself or someone special in our round-up of the 3 best laptops to buy in UK under £200 on Christmas! For more tech Christmas gift ideas check out our Christmas Shop at Order by 21st December for Christmas delivery.

*Please note: all prices are subject to change without notice and all offers are subject to availability

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Exclusive Christmas Deals

Santa has delivered his gifts to the cute little kids and people are finally done with their Christmas preparations. The long awaited event of the year is finally here!  Get up, dress up and get ready for all the fun and excitement that’s waiting for you. Along with all other special Christmas treats who doesn’t love Christmas bargains? But Laptopoutlet is offering you much more than just bargains on this special occasion. We are going one step further in making your day more joyous and zealous.

Santa Delivery

LaptopOutlet is offering you some great offers and deals at affordable prices. With cheap tablets to exclusive cash back offers, we have something for everyone’s interest. If you still haven’t got the Christmas gift you wanted, so come up to Laptopoutlet and get your desired product on cheap price.

Linx 7 Tablet

linx 7

If you still haven’t bought a gift for your friend then we are giving you a superb chance to buy an amazing device on cheap price. You can buy Linx 7 tablet only at £64.95 in our exclusive Christmas offer. Stay connected and entertained with this stylish Quad core tablet from Windows. Having all the power of Windows 8 it delivers you uncompromised performance at affordable price. Its features like front and rear facing 2 megapixel cameras, micro SD card and high quality audio video attracts multimedia enthusiasts. Choose your colours and move stuff around until it is just the way you want it. With Windows 8 and preinstalled Office it gives you a PC like experience and comfort.

Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N8010

samsung galaxy note GTN8010

Laptopoutlet is making its customers happy by offering cheap Christmas deals. What can be a better Christmas surprise than your favourite Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N8010 at cheap price. Get Samsung’s trusted and reliable technology just at £244.99 in Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N8010. A multipurpose tablet which gives you a comfortable experience in every application and every task. With its 10.1-inch touchscreen you get all the space you always wished for. Its embedded S pen, S Note, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and multiple connectivity options combine together to give you an experience you have never had before.

HP 250 G3

Buy HP 250 G3

Laptopoutlet is giving you a special Christmas present in the shape of HP 250 G3. With our special Christmas offer you can save £69 at HP 250 G3. Now you can buy this amazing laptop just at £279.99. Get your business tasks done more efficiently with this professional laptop. Featuring powerful Intel processor, 15.6 -inch diagonal HD display and complete range of connectivity options, it enhances your user experience and offers you more productivity. So buy this incredible laptop in best price ever and take your computing to the next level.

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Top Google Searches for Christmas

google-christmasIt’s that time of the year again, Father Christmas is busy in North Pole preparing his gift list for the kids, whereas people are busy in making their plans for this year’s Christmas. Every year people try to find a new way to make their Christmas special. Whenever we are trying to find or search something, Google is the first name that comes to our mind. Google, the father of search engines, is the most-used search engine on the World Wide Web. It handles more than three billion searches each day. People all across the world use Google to get an idea what is new in Christmas this year, including best Christmas trees of the year, what are best toys as Christmas presents, what kind of dresses are in trend for Christmas parties, and many more. Following is a list of top Google searches related to Christmas. This will help you in getting an idea what are people’s concerns for Christmas this year.

  • Christmas Tree

Christmas tree tops the list of most searched words on Google this year. Well, it is not a surprise to most of us as we know Christmas tree is one of the most important things of Christmas, or we can rather say that Christmas is incomplete without a Christmas tree. Maximum number of people who searched for Christmas tree are in USA and UK seconds this list.

  • Christmas 2014

Christmas 2014 is also among Google trends related to Christmas. This search tells you what are some new decoration style of 2014, some new Christmas songs of 2014, best gift for this year’s Christmas, how to plan Christmas this year and much more.  It is a general search which will help you in having an overview of what is new and special in Christmas of 2014. People in USA and Ireland have most searched for this trend.

  • Christmas Lights

Christmas can never be as colourful and as bright without these special Christmas lights. It would not be wrong to say that these shinning and glittering Christmas lights boost our holiday spirit and make us realize that it is that long awaited part of the year again. People in Australia and US has searched most for Christmas lights on Google, however people lost interest in this search after 13 December but it has again become one of the most searched Christmas related trends now.

  • Christmas Ideas

What can be a better search for Christmas than “Christmas Ideas”. This general term also gives you a wide overview of Christmas ideas in general. It can be ideas related to Christmas presents, Christmas decorations, Christmas shopping, etc. No wonder it is among most searched term in Christmas holidays. By having a look at its statistics, we seem to find that people in Australia and US are most curious about new Christmas ideas for this year.

  • Christmas Gifts

Like all other years, Christmas Gifts is again in most searched terms on Google this year. Buying a perfect gift for your friends and family can be a very daunting task, no wonder you need Google’s help in it. Google helps you in deciding an ideal Christmas presents for your loved ones by telling you the names of shops where you can find best gifts plus it also tells you which shops are offering sale for Christmas presents. Google also gives you an idea what are the most liked gifts among people of various age groups so you can select one easily.


Christmas Traditions in the UK


Christmas is the most favourite among all winter celebrations. It is a time when these beloved traditions are honored year after year. A time of hope for the future and reminiscing of past events. As we rejoice the birth of Christ, we are reminded of just how special the day truly is. Christmas is celebrated with full enthusiasm and zealous spirit in every part of the world where Christians live. Although traditions are different in different countries but every Christian celebrate it in its full bling.

The cold, wet and foggy weather of Christmas day is melted away by the warmth of traditions practiced in UK. Like all other Christian families around the world, people in UK also excitedly decorate their homes, cook special meals and buy Christmas presents for their loved ones. However, there are some peculiar Christmas traditions of UK which add in the Christmas’ beauty.

  • Letters

It is very common of school children to write letters to Santa Claus, they write all their wishes and tell Santa what they want as their Christmas present. But in England this tradition is taken a step further and these letters are burned in fireplace and ashes go up to the chimney, they have a concept that Santa can read the smoke.

  • Stockings

The tradition of hanging stockings for Santa is also slightly different in UK. Rather than hanging stockings above fireplace, the kids in UK hang their stockings on their bed, hopping they will be filled with Christmas gifts in the morning. How nice a surprise it would be to wake up and find your Christmas present right on your bed. 

  • Crown

If you dream of becoming a king, go to UK on Christmas. On Christmas day everyone is a king in UK! From adults to children, everyone wears a crown. The multicoloured crowns made up of paper and tissue are given the shape of original crown. Smiling people, wearing colourful crowns gives a very pleasing sight.

  • Crackers

Crackers are paper tubes, covered in foil, twisted at both ends. Concealing treasures and surprises these crackers are given the shape of large sweets. Each person crosses its arms and hold its own cracker in right hand and neighbour’s cracker in left hand. Next, you pop the cracker and all its content spill out. It usually holds a joke which is meant to be read at dinner time.

  • Mid-Day Dinner

Like Americans, UK residents also have a mid-day dinner on Christmas Day. The table is set with roast turkey, goose or chicken and trimmings. Brits love their Yorkshire pudding but it is not like a common pudding. It is a flaky biscuit with the center just waiting to hold the gravy. Traditional trifle is also one of the common dishes of Christmas dinner.

  • Royal Christmas Message

Every year on Christmas Day, Queen gives its speech on sharp 3 pm. People sit in front of their TVs with their families and listen to Queen’s Christmas speech. This tradition of giving a Christmas message from a member of royal family began in 1932 with George V.

  • Boxing Day

Boxing Day follows Christmas day and is a nationally recognized holiday in the UK, it is also called bank holiday. Originally it was the day when people gave presents to their servants but now this day has become one of the biggest shopping day. We can compare it with America’s Black Friday.


Inside London, Christmas Lights

With the initials of festive season, London is all set to have its famous streets to be decorated with all the bling’s of the lights. The light decoration is the most exciting and ancient way to have your celebration with all the joy and smiles. Lights decoration add an extra charm to the festivity of the occasion. With the onset of the Christmas season, London is all prepared to have all streets a perfect bling makeover.

London has some famous and renown streets, that are famous for long times in the past, to be all decorated. These include Bond streets, Covent Garden, Oxford Street and Regent Street.

A complete schedule is made publically available for people .The schedule of the date and time availability allows the public to know where and when they can spent their luxurious hours.

With this year’s Christmas and New Year celebration, all of the four famous and many other streets are all set to have a full festive celebrative shows. Following are the introduction and this year’s light decoration theme of the various streets.

Bond Street

Bond Street, sing 18 century, is known to have all the famous fashion providing stores. The famous fashion shopping is what people do there. This street is the only street between the famous oxford street and Piccadilly. Europe’s most expensive retail tread is enlighten with beautiful themes arranged with the combination of lights. This year Bond Street is all set to the peacock lights arrangement themes. A perfect luxurious celebrations which will last from 8 December welcoming Christmas and go with the celebration and will last up to 6 January welcoming new year with all its festivity.

Covent Garden

Covent Garden, which was once a vegetable and fruit garden shop is now the famous shopping arena of the London. It is not only a famous shopping spot but also a famous tourists spot and a famous royal opera house as well. With 2014 celebration to be started the street is decorated with the statues of the different characters related to the Christmas. This year the huge silver studded statue of reindeer stands between the streets on the gift packs posing. Along with other light decorations there is a live reindeer roaming with a girl that is free for public to feed or have a picture with.

Oxford Street

The most famous and major street of the London, especially famous for Europe’s one of the most famous and expensive shopping streets. The street is fully lighted with the shining white light made orbs. This year’s decoration seems to be somehow the same from previous year, but the public review is so demanding on this decoration that it is still an eye catching décor piece.

Regent Street

Yet another famous shopping street of the London for both the natives and famous tourists spot. Everyone waits for the super exciting decoration of this street as it is known to be the most illuminated street among all. This year regent street is all set with the decoration of theme “night at the museum; secret of tome. With reindeer horns like arrangement with this specified theme depicting the décor.

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Make your Christmas and New Year Shopping Easier with Technology

With Christmas and New Year just round the corner, everyone is busy in showing their shopping spree. With all the crowd, rush and panic in claustrophobic shopping centers Shopping has become more fatiguing and time consuming task. In holiday season people hardly get a chance to shop with a relaxed mind. Luckily technology like all other aspects of our life has also transformed our shopping. Technology lets us shop with a peace of mind by helping us in escaping the chaos of shopping malls in Christmas and New Year season. Some tech gadgets and apps proves a great companion for our shopping. Here I would be discussing all these gadgets and apps in details which make our shopping much easier.

Online Shopping
Online Shopping

Starting with iBeacons I would like to focus on every single technology related thing which has made our shopping easier. These are small Bluetooth devices which send unique signals to people who have downloaded a shop’s mobile app.  iBeacons can be used to guide you in finding the exact outlet and points out the exact shelf where you can find the product you are looking for. It is ideal for navigating the crush. In busy shopping days like Christmas and New Year holidays, this device saves our time and takes us to the exact point where we can find our desired product, minimizing the need to peep into every single shop filled with hyper buyers, to find our item.

More and more retailers are trying to cut down cues with payment apps. Day by day more retailers are introducing apps which let customers make their orders, pay for their purchase and then just come to the desk for a couple of minutes, just to pick up their products. These tailored retailer payment apps helps us in escaping the long queue at the cash counter.

Can’t face fighting through the throng to pick out an ideal outfit for the New Year party? With smart windows you just have to stand outside the window and a virtual stylist will help you in deciding the perfect outfit. You just have to add some information related to your choice and the virtual stylist will recommend you outfits from the store which will be according to your choice of colour combination and style. So stand calmly outside the shop and let the virtual designer work for you.

Online Shopping
Online Shopping

Touchscreen kiosks are also playing a chief role in saving your time while shopping. If you don’t want to spend hours trawling the shop for that Christmas gift you decided to buy for your friend, only to find out that it is not in the shop anymore, Touchscreen kiosks are perfect for you. It lets you quickly check which items are available in the shop and also allows you to find right product by entering information on your preferred features and choice.

Apart from all these apps, many websites like Amazon, Ebay, SnapDeal, Myntra, etc. allows you to do online shopping, letting you shop just by sitting at your couch and avoiding the hap hazardous situation of shopping malls. Plus some apps like Google Shopper gives you the freedom to compare prices so you can buy you desired product on best price. So enjoy a stress free shopping season by embracing technology this year. Happy Shopping!


Getting Ready For Christmas

What do we really want for Christmas? More time, more fun, more joy and less stress?  Well, you can get a chance to enjoy a stress less Christmas with your loved ones if you prepare well before Christmas. Christmas day comes once a year but preparation for this event takes months. Entering the month of December we have entered the Christmas season. There is so much to do before Christmas, shopping for Christmas presents, decorating your house, grocery shopping for holidays, preparing Christmas foods, and much more. Between all these things we hardly get any spare time to sit back and enjoy the festivity of this spiritual occasion with our family. You can have a calmer and more centered holiday celebration if you have a proper plan for Christmas preparations.

  • Cleaning

Every year you spend hours or even days in Christmas cleaning. Cleaning takes a lot of time so it is better to get done with it before time. Get everyone in the family to help you in cleaning, this would save your time and will also make cleaning a less fatiguing task. Don’t forget to clean every ignored nook and corner of your house including fans, walls, freezer, etc. as you wouldn’t want your house to look dirty and messy when your friends and relatives visit you on Christmas.

  • Gift Wrapping

Go through your gift wrap stash and take note of what you have on hand. Make a list of what you need to purchase at least a couple of weeks before Christmas. Throw away all the torn wrapping papers and crumpled bows and buy new wrapping supplies. The survey of 2,000 UK parents, commissioned by Wilkinsons, found that almost 3 hours and 23 minutes are spent in wrapping your Christmas presents. So pack your gifts before time as you would hardly get any spare minute on Christmas Eve or a day before that. Purchase a gift wrap organizer to keep bags, wrap, bows, etc. neat and ready for use. Keeping everything all in one place and ready to go will help you breeze through this task.

  • Food and Recipes

Plan your Christmas food and holiday meals before time. Take out the recipes you will be needing and if you have to find one, then find it before time. Check your pantry and freezer for the items you have in hand and make a list of what you need to buy. Take out all the baking and cooking utensils you will be needing. Clean them and keep them at a place which is easily reachable.

  • Lights and Decorations

The most time consuming task of Christmas season is decorating your house. Make sure you begin decorating as soon as possible. Go to your store and open all those cartons which have Christmas decorations of last year. Get rid of all those broken ornaments and non-functioning light bulbs and strings. No need to keep all this broken stuff at home anymore. Buy new decorations and a new Christmas tree if needed. Decorate your house with lights days before Christmas and even try to decorate your Christmas tree before time. So you don’t have to spend your last day in store all covered with dust and taking out decorating items, instead of enjoying with your family.

You are done with your Christmas preparation, plan some celebratory activities you can do in all that time you saved by planning your tasks. We wish you an enjoyable Christmas season. Merry Christmas!

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Gift Options for 5th Graders

Your little hero is all set up for the guesses in his Christmas gift you have bought for him. Little Mr. handsome is now grown to 5th standard kid, and soon will be crossing the primary level of his education. The level of enthusiasm and excitement is automatically increased with being in the happiness of power, of all growing up.

So why not give your beloved growing boy a tech surprise this Christmas. A technology that can boost the enthusiasm and help him in learning the new world of educational arena.

Surely with the changing world directions, now children are more of having a tech gizmo on their wish list, than having a traditional conventional gift for their priority.

Some of the most common and exciting gift picks that can help you child grow his inner capabilities are:

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

Samsung galaxy tab 3 is a perfect tablet for your growing child. With his advancement to secondary level of educational system, he needs to get a tech gift that can help him in entering into the new world of technology that can help him not only enjoy the fullest of his movies and games but let him learn through various educational tools available at Google play store. With office installed, your child can have a next level educational experience with great confidence.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

Xbox One

Xbox is known to have a great boost in the gaming world. Every boy needs one and every parent can have one to give their boys a full thrilling gaming surprise. Xbox not only gives your child a full entertaining gaming session but also lets your boy connect to their beloved family members at long distance, to share their gaming experience. It has a lot of series of educational games as well for better development of your child.

Xbox One

Play Station 4

With emerging trend of advance gaming, all boys are up to clearing the gaming levels of thrills. So why not you’re your boy a gaming experience to show his skills with play station 4.

Play Station 4
Play Station 4


Your little one will not be so little from now on, soon he will be clearing his primary level and will be entering into the secondary level educational system. Where he wants an upgrade with his treatment and gadgets. So give him a superb gift that can help him with his educational projects as well. Camcorder is an excellent gift in this case that can help him with both the aspects of his entertainment and for educational purpose.



To accessories the tech gizmos of your boy, headphones is a very good gift that can be a splendid addition to his accessories. Headphones is an every kid need at every level. To enjoy the games and music and sounds peacefully without disturbing others. Headphones also allow your child to concentrate better without the outside noise, while learning for educational purposes.

Beats Headphone
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Technology revolution and Christmas

In past days with the changing happening in the world, the communication was made easy and things more convenient. But still with advancement there were some stuff that were always use to create hassle. Do we have enough invites? Are invites sent to everyone? Long distance calls, can we afford it? Can people from longer distance living apart can come for a visit? How can you get so much decor done in so short time? Where are proper decor available? Do I have time to get to the store with such busy routine work? And many more other oops, and OH’s for you, when you suddenly realize you have missed someone, someone might not make up to meet you on Christmas, or that you forgot to get someone their desired present because you couldn’t find time to go to the store.

Christmas Technology

Then there was a wave of change that provided a solution to every question of yours and make you feel the comfort of not forgetting or missing anything or anyone. This technological wave was the advancement and intervention of technological solutions in our everyday life. Providing us with lots more better and variety of solutions.

When you forget to mail someone, or have an expensive long distance call to make an invitation to the Christmas family reunion your Christmas wouldn’t be so good without your family. Now you can set a reminders, compose an electronic message with a lovely e-card and send to all your family members in just one click. With numerous devices that have built in reminders apps, and websites like, and many others to no more missing a single person on your love list.

Someone can’t come? They might can’t travel so long distance because of their age or because high fares, or might becase (God forbid) they are sick or ill and cannot travel. You don’t have to worry a bit. Now with the video conferencing with many superb devices such as Samsung galaxy tab3, apple iPad mini, Linx tablet, Lenovo tablets, Toshiba encore etc. everyone, near or far, healthy or sick, can enjoy every moment of the Christmas Eve with their loved ones, feeling and enjoying their presence, sing Christmas carols together.

Suddenly you realize with all this commotion of invitation and talking free now on long distance calls and conferencing you forgot to buy you loved ones their desired gifts, the decoration. No more mini heart attacks about this. List of online stores such as,,, etc. now can help you choose the desired product at the comfort of your home, and delivered it safely to your desired address.

Not only enjoy the moment of Christmas but make it safely into your memories. No longer vague images in mind for your enjoyed moment. With latest gizmos like camcorders and hand cams of high quality you can have your precious moments safer and memorable for long enough for you to have a glimpse whenever you want.