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“Cortana”, a new world of artificial intelligence

With the emergence of various technological advancements, the tech devices are for long have a voice recognition facility. But to have an interactive voice recognition feature is something more worthy. With the interactive technology idea emergence, iPhone were equipped with an arterially intelligent assistant that do the task on your smartphone for you with just your orders from your mouth. Siri, an artificial intelligent assistant on phone, gave people a huge more lot of excitement while doing their task on their mobiles.


Microsoft, with its target to have the same operating system through the tablets, laptops, PCs and the smartphone, took a step in making their operating system features fully in competition with the others. Microsoft present an artificially intelligent assistant like Siri, “cortana”.

Cortana is the new addition in the upcoming windows 10 operating system. The feature list leaked of windows 10 shows the super improvement in this artificial assistant technology. Windows 10 claims to have solved and improves the reported damages that were caused by windows 8. So in windows 10 the artificial assistant feature is added with more enhancement.

With cortana as your artificial assistant you can have all your work done with a word of mouth. You can speak to the cortana to have you set your reminders, take your notes, show the directions to specific place, call someone, make a Skype call, sort out and give you your desired contact, show you all the updates regarding weather and other news.

It not only gives you the task done that you want but also truly gets to know you. It makes the efforts in recording your activity tasks noting your interests and your friend’s selection and helps you with the latest updates regarding this information.

With the reminders and to do list it keeps your back like a real person does. It always make you remind your important tasks your assignments or places you need to be. Not only has this but it also given you an early reminder for early leave due to traffic delays.

With the release of the cortana, siri is somehow not the preference anymore. Once siri was the only talking phone, and soon the title was taken away with the introduction of Google now and Cortana. But there are lots of features which siri is unable to process where cortana takes the lead.

With cortana as your smart phone artificial intelligent assistant, you feel to have more personalized smartphone. There are some of the features that cortana is capable of and is now available in the competitors like Google now and siri. These include traffic situation indication so that you may know that you need to go early for your flight. A contact based notification that allows you to automatically greet your loved ones whenever they call even if you are not on the phone. Cortanna is also credited to have the answers of some tricky and sassy questions such as what is your name. Who created you? Etc.