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How to Choose a Laptop for Father

fathers-day-laptopsFather’s day is coming up and it’s a call to get your old man a new PC. Though your father might have his pension 3x your salary but it’s the thought that matters. He must have bought you couple of PCs over the years so it is time to get him something special a pay back to the technology he always bought you. Before buying you need to make a plan of everything as we suggest before letting you spend your valuable earnings on something and a list of steps that you might need to take.

His Usage Habits

Find out what is your father’s usage habits? If he is a businessman then get him a multitasking laptop with spacious RAM and more storage options. If he have retired and spends his most of the time sitting at home and enjoying the discussions with his friends then get him the laptop with lesser complex functions and make sure that it provides the necessary media supportive apps.

Your Budget

Yes budget matters because you do not want to end up asking your dad for second pocket money. No matter what your budget is you can get the best laptop easily with all the facilities of any expensive laptop.


Size matters a lot keeping your father’s comfort in consideration you need to be very careful about the side. But their capabilities vary with their sizes. A 10 to 12 inches will be thinnest and lightest but you might have to sacrifice keyboard size for portability. A 13 to 14 inches usually weight 3 to 4.5 pounds with best balance of portability and usability. 15 inches is the most popular size and also inexpensive but some of them are on the bulky side. If laptop will be kept on desk all then you can get 17 to 18 inches.

Battery Life

Figure out how much you father will be using it. If used rarely than 3 hours or less battery life will be enough. If he will be using for half of the day then 5 hours of endurance or more will be perfect to buy. But if he is a busy bee and do like all of his work on his laptop then look out for 7 hours of juice to assist him in his uninterrupted work.

Operating System

Choose which operating system you want to have. Either you can get what you have already experienced (if had a good experience) or just go with the expert’s advice. Starting with Windows that are preferred almost by everyone and comes in widest variety can put a little dent on your pocket. Compared to Windows Mac OS can be affordable, available on Macs only provides an attractive, powerful UI perfect for strong multitasking. They can be more expensive when it comes to Macbooks. Chromebook are much affordable and ideal for surfing Web, social networking and emails.


In the last, which brand you want to go for. If there is any specific likeness of your father then get him that same brand or go with your choice.