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Best Free iPad Apps

With everything you need at your fingertips with an iPad, be sure to have all the apps you need for work and play! Whether it’s apps to stay connected with your friends and family, watching things on the go or listening to music, we’re going to share our best free iPad apps that you need to download.


Social Media Apps

Facebook & Facebook Messenger

One of the biggest and best social media platforms is available for free! Keep up to date with friends and family, post pictures and share the moment. New features also allow you to find interesting events and stories from around the globe. For those who use Facebook as a means of communication, the extension app of messenger is an easier way to chat.



T.V on the go

BBC iPlayer & Netflix

Catch up on television shows whilst on the go or follow along with your favourite cooking show in the kitchen. BBC iPlayer lets you watch shows and films that you might’ve missed out on during the week; great for catching up on Planet Earth II and The British Bake Off!

If you’re a Netflix user, grab the app; it’s free! As the app is tailored to tablets it’s easier to navigate instead of using the site. Netflix is an immensely popular app, as it also produces loads of exclusive great shows, such as; Orange is the New Black and Breaking Bad. For entertainment on the go, these surely are some of the best iPad apps available.





All the music you need in one place and it’s absolutely free; definitely one of the best free iPad apps on the market. You can access your saved music without Wi-Fi too. It’s also great for discovering small scale and independent artists, as anyone can upload their songs and audio; budding musicians will adore this app.




The Simpsons: Tapped Out

Need a little entertainment on the go? The Simpsons game is a must have. The popular cartoon show becomes interactive at your fingertips, with the reconstruction of Springfield in your hands after Homer’s bad behaviour leads to the towns destruction. Rendezvous with your favourite characters, connecting and playing with friends and plenty of interesting challenges to earn donuts will have hooked to your iPad.

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So there you have it, some of the best free iPad apps; whether it’s music, entertainment or socialising, there’s something for everyone. To get your hands on an iPad we have a great range to choose from here.

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