LG G6 Review



The LG G6 is LG’s flagship device that gets everyone talking. Bringing the Korean brand to the forefront of smartphone technology in terms of design and display, the handset effortlessly holds its own against the top smartphones on the market. Ready to find out more? Read on for our full LG G6 review if you’re looking to buy the LG G6 in the UK:


Key Features:

Processor: QUALCOMM Snapdragon 821 / 2.35GHz Quad Core Processor

RAM: 4GB RAM, 32GB Storage

Display: 5.7-inch Multi-Touch QHD+ Display (1440 x 2880 Resolution)

Camera: Dual 13MP Rear + 5MP Front Camera

OS: Android 7.0


Design & Display

The LG G6 is one of the most sophisticated-looking LG phones we’ve ever seen. The narrow bezels instantly make the phone eye-catching. Featuring 2 sheets of Gorilla Glass framed with a rim of aluminium, the G6 does not only look great but also has the rigidity to endure the rigor of everyday life. Right below the camera is the fingerprint sensor, which is perfectly located as it is where our fingers naturally rest when picking up a phone. The sensitivity of the fingerprint sensor is probably the only issue with the design of the G6. When the phone is in your pocket, it may randomly think you’re pressing the sensor when it’s brushing against your leg.

The display is what makes the G6 innovative. The new handset has got an 18:9 aspect ratio instead of the 16:9 ratio found on the majority of smartphones on the market. This creates a taller panel in a smaller body. Although the 5.7-inch screen is significantly larger than the 5.3-inch panel of the G5, the shell of the G6 is scarcely bigger than its predecessor, which means you can enjoy a sizable screen without carrying a bulkier phone! The 1440 x 2880 resolution complements seamlessly with the larger display, delivering vibrant colours and deep blacks.

Always out and about? You don’t have to worry about damaging the G6 as it is water and dust resistant. It’s got IP68 certification, which means it is able to withstand an accidental meeting with the bathtub or toilet. This smartphone will be your perfect companion on the go!

The LG G6 is available in five different colours: Black, Moroccan Blue, Platinum, Raspberry Rose and White. There must be a colour that complements with your style!

Camera & Battery

Compared to its predecessor, the cameras of the G6 has definitely improved. Same as the G5, the new LG phone has two camera sensors sitting adjacent to each other, but this time they’re both 13MP. The first one is your normal camera with optical image stabilisation (OIS) and an aperture of f/1.8, while the second camera allows incredible wide-angle shots. You’ll no longer suffer from headaches thinking about how to fit all your friends into your photos, or capture a breath-taking landscape! However, due to the lack of OIS and a narrow f/2.4 aperture, the wide-angle camera may not be as brilliant at low-light snaps.

The enhanced smoothness when switching sensors is probably the most impressive feature of the cameras. This is the result of incorporating features from the Snapdragon 835 into the 821 inside the phone. The dual camera of the G6 can totally operate like a single camera!

Performance & Softeware

The LG G6 is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor with 4GB RAM, giving the smartphone all the speed required in a reliable Android phone. Buy the LG G6 and you’ll be guaranteed a lag-free user experience. It can even play the most demanding games without a dropped frame!

Featuring the Google Assistant, the G6 is prepared to give you a hand at anytime. Whether you want to queue up a song or video, or look for an answer to a question, the Google Assistant will be there to help you manage your tasks.


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We hope our LG G6 review has helped you figure out whether the handset is what you’re looking for! It will certainly not disappoint if you’re after a gorgeous display, a unique wide-angle camera and an eye-catching design. Check out the LG G6 here.

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LG G6 vs Samsung Galaxy S8

The LG G6 is one of the break-out phones of this year with LG really pulling it out of the bag with its new offering; it is packed with unique and impressive features and along with the Samsung S8, it is one of the most anticipated Android phones of 2017!

With the much awaited G6 finally on sale, we check out how it stacks up against its biggest competitor, the S8 from Samsung. Read on to see the similarities and differences between the LG G6 and Samsung S8.

Design and Display

The G5 received an underwhelming reception last year and despite its unique and exciting modular design, it did not prove to be as popular as expected. However, LG are back with a better and bigger phone, literally, as the G6 has a much larger 5.7” screen with a 2,880 x 1,440 resolution and 18:9 aspect ratio. The Quad HD+ Full Vision Display looks even more striking and impressive due to the thin bezel around the screen, and it is the first phone to have Dolby Vision technology built in.

Source: Samsung


The lack of bezel design is a trend we see following through with all major phone manufacturers, including Samsung’s S8, as well as the iPhone 8 also being rumoured to have a bezel free design when it launches later this year. Similarly, the S8 has a 5.8’’ Quad HD+ ‘infinity display’ and 2,960 x 1440 pixel screen with a 18.5:9 aspect ratio, so although the Samsung’s screen is slightly larger, both phones deliver a vivid and vibrant display.


The camera on the LG G6 is what makes it stand out from its competitors, it has two rear cameras, one which is a wide angle lens and one which is a standard lens camera, and both are an impressive 13MP each. With the option of two cameras; users are able to choose whether they want to take a panoramic style image or not.

The wide angle lens variant will allow you to capture beautiful images of breath-taking sunsets and views or even just group selfies. The front facing camera on the G6 is 5MP and also has a wide angle option, which will let you take selfies to the next level and is perfect for fitting in a crowd of people without having to leave anyone out! It even has a square camera app for Instagram friendly photos!



Source: LG

The Samsung S8, on the other hand, does not feature a wide angle lens camera on the front or back, and there is also no change in terms of the camera specs from last year’s Samsung S7, as Samsung have chosen to stick with the 12MP camera this year too. This will disappoint some of us who expected a big jump from the 12MP camera, and with the Sony Xperia X7’s 23MP camera it’s clear to see how this is underwhelming in comparison to its competitors.

The iPhone 7 Plus also includes a wide angle lens and telephoto camera on the rear of the phone, with higher quality zoom and ‘portrait mode’ for blurred backgrounds. This follows suit from other phone manufacturers and the popularity of adding options for us, the end user which gives the LG G6 a slight advantage in the LG G6 vs Samsung Galaxy S8 battle.

Performance and Features

The G6 comes in a choice of three colours, which include ‘Black’, ‘Platinum Silver’ and ‘White’ and the S8 currently comes in two colour options in the UK, ‘Orchid Grey’ and ‘Midnight Black’, with some people finding the colour options of the Samsung variant too limiting, however both phones may release more colours in the future.

The S8’s Snapdragon Qualcomm 835 processor is newer than the G6’s Snapdragon Qualcomm 821 processor, making the S8 slightly faster than the LG G6, as they have chosen to include the older processor on the LG. Both phones have Android 7.0 Nougat operating systems; both phones are also water and dust proof, just like most other high end competing phones like the iPhone 7, Sony Xperia XZ and even the Samsung S7, understandably so, as an increasing number of us are willing to pay more for durable phones.


Source: LG

The LG G6 comes with Google Assistant built in on the phone whereas the Samsung S8 comes with an all new assistant, Bixby, which has been a clear highlight for Samsung. Where they differ greatly is with the battery and the G6’s larger battery size of 3,300mAh, the Samsung S8’S 3,000mAh wireless charging battery is smaller, however this does not necessarily translate to longer battery life.

The Verdict

Overall, the LG G6 has an array of features which sets it apart from other smartphones; for example the rear dual wide angle lens cameras, as well as the powerful battery, and the display with completely new technologies for a smartphone incorporated within it, make it differ from its competitors and puts it slightly ahead.

As the Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG G6 are the amongst the hottest smartphone releases of this year and with all the world’s largest phone manufactures having major releases this year, we are yet to see just how successful the LG G6 will prove, especially considering we are still in the first half of the year.

However, it is clear to see that the Korean manufacturer has packed the phone with enough features and specs for it to be a real contender. And it clearly stands out as a must have for 2017, even against the mighty S8.

We hope you enjoyed reading our LG G6 vs Samsung Galaxy S8 comparison. Let us know if you’re planning on getting your hands on the smartphone soon, or if you already have one let us know what you think of it, by dropping us a comment below!


LG G5 News, Release Date & Rumours


There have been many rumours in the tech world about LG’s latest smartphone –the LG G5. Following on from previous offerings in the G-range, it will evidently have a premium handset. However, LG is lacking in the design department, especially alongside competitors such as Apple and Samsung, hence the design of the upcoming LG G5 is highly anticipated.


The LG G5 is rumoured to be released in March 2016, and announced on the 21st February; it will presumably be priced as competitively as the previous additions in the LG G-range. Here are a few of the other features the G5 is rumoured to include:

  • Android 6.0 Marshmallow
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor:
    This is a welcome improvement from the previous Snapdragon 808 in the LG G4.
  • 4GB RAM:
    The combination of the Snapdragon 820 with 4GB RAM as rumoured features in the LG G5 will evidently make it a direct competitor to the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S7 (according to its rumoured specifications).
  • Design/Screen size:
    Rumoured to feature a premium all-metal design, similar to the Samsung Galaxy S7, along with a fingerprint scanner and micro-SD card. The screen of the LG G5 is rumoured to be 5.5-inch, identical to previous versions, however it could also possibly be 5.6 inches.
  • Camera:
    The previous LG G4 has an impressive camera, so there are high expectations for the LG G5 camera. It is rumoured to have the same rear camera as the G4, as well as an additional 8 megapixel rear camera with added feature options such as low-light and laser auto-focus. The front camera is rumoured to be 8 megapixel with a speculated second display above the screen –as seen in the LG V10.
  • 3000 mAh removable/replaceable battery
  • Rumoured Additional features:
    Iris Scanner, removable bottom, 3D-type photographs.

LG says:

The smartphone marketplace is expected to be increasingly competitive in 2016 due to anticipated premium models from competitors and further price competition within the mass tier space. The introduction of two new flagship models and a more cost-competitive value chain is expected to improve profitability in 2016.


The premium design and brilliant camera anticipated to be featured in the LG G5 suggest that it will be a prevailing addition in the smartphone market. LG is also rumoured to be releasing another flagship smartphone in 2016, alongside the LG G5, evidently placing the company in direct competition of leading smartphone companies Samsung and Apple.

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LG Reveals Two New Treats For Tech Lovers – The Urbane Watch & V10 Smartphone

For all those who had been waiting for LG to give something new to its fans, well the company certainly has not one but two new treats for you. They finally unveiled their latest two developments – a quirky smartphone and a Smartwatch, Android wear. The watch is quite nice looking and appealing. But, how the smartphone can be quirky? Well, surprisingly, the phone has two screens – which is quite unusual – and two selfie cameras.

lg-watch-urbaneLG Watch Urbane is the second edition wearable offered by this South Korean Company. At first glance, the Watch gives the impression that it is quite elegant and far better looking than those Android wearables already present in the market. The company picked up some style cues from its predecessors and worked on making it better in design and also improved it’s functionalities and fundamentals.

When it comes to looks, the watch is quite similar to the company’s original Urbane smart wear. It has been tweaked up a bit. The O-PLED has been upgraded to 1.38 inch circular display, it has a 480 x 480 pixels screen resolution and pixel density goes all the way up to 348ppi.

Some internal improvements and upgradations have also been made. The biggest one is the installation of a 4G LTE chip along with cellular connectivity. No other Android wearable contains this feature; this is the very first you will find in Android wearables. The battery has also been amped up a bit.

lg-v10-smartphoneNow, moving on to the doubled screen smartphone, the V-series has a new device in line. The V10 smartphone is the first launch in the pre-existing V-series. The unusual thing about the phone is the second screen that sits right above the main screen – a 5.7 inch display – and that second screen always remains on.

You will always be updated about the time, weather and date even when the main display is off. But when the main screen is in use, you can use the second screen to select apps to run. While you watch a movie or some show live, the notifications will pop up on the small screen and not the main one. Now you can watch anything you want in peace.

Another appealing thing about the phone is the set of front cameras that have a separate lens each. The LG Company quite unashamedly admitted that the second front camera was added for one sole purpose only – to take selfies. Quite amusing!

They have been positioned in a way to allow you to either take an 80 degree photo or a wider one. So if you’re one of those people, this device is perfect for you.

Other than this, the device has everything a good Android handset should have. The device will be available in a few colors for its fans to choose from.