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Tips For Safe Online Shopping

tips-for-safe-online-shoppingWith the increasing trend of online shopping cybercriminal activities have also increased. More and more people are attracted towards online shopping and why shouldn’t they be, you get everything from bargains to offers to easy returns. But the point where problem arises is that most of the online shoppers are unwary and fall for cyber criminal’s traps.

It is not hard to shop safely and securely online, all you have to do is be attentive and take some precautions. We don’t want you to become a victim of cyber-criminal activities that’s why we are giving you some useful tips which will help you in doing safe online shopping.

  • Use Known Websites

The popularity of online shopping websites is increasing and now there are hundreds and thousands of websites awaiting to serve you. But here you have to be careful, make sure you always buy from those websites which are well known and familiar. Some websites are misspelled or have a different top-level domain but at a glance they look like a famous online shopping website. While searching from search engines check the spellings and complete website address before clicking on the link. It is even better to write the URL yourself, this way you will be prevented from visiting a malicious and fake website.

  • Never Give Personal Information

While filling the credit card form or any other form on website never ever give your personal information you feel hesitant and suspicious to give. No online shopping store and websites need your birthday, security number and other such information but if you provide them this information they can do more damage than you can think of.

  • Check The Lock

If you shop online from your credit card then make sure never to buy anything from a website that does not have SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption installed. The sites having SSL start from HTTPS:// rather than HTTP:// and there is a small padlock sign appearing in the status bar or in the URL bar.

  • Manage Online Passwords

The first thing you need to do is protect the password on websites. By using a password manager you can easily manage multiple accounts and passwords. It encrypt passwords which otherwise would have been in plain text and can be accessed by others. Most of the internet security software and antivirus come with password management.

  • Beware Of Using Public Wi-Fi

As much as you love open public Wi-Fi, they are equally dangerous as well. It is better never to shop online using a public Wi-Fi because criminals can easily intercept and steal your passwords and other personal information.

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Make your Christmas and New Year Shopping Easier with Technology

With Christmas and New Year just round the corner, everyone is busy in showing their shopping spree. With all the crowd, rush and panic in claustrophobic shopping centers Shopping has become more fatiguing and time consuming task. In holiday season people hardly get a chance to shop with a relaxed mind. Luckily technology like all other aspects of our life has also transformed our shopping. Technology lets us shop with a peace of mind by helping us in escaping the chaos of shopping malls in Christmas and New Year season. Some tech gadgets and apps proves a great companion for our shopping. Here I would be discussing all these gadgets and apps in details which make our shopping much easier.

Online Shopping
Online Shopping

Starting with iBeacons I would like to focus on every single technology related thing which has made our shopping easier. These are small Bluetooth devices which send unique signals to people who have downloaded a shop’s mobile app.  iBeacons can be used to guide you in finding the exact outlet and points out the exact shelf where you can find the product you are looking for. It is ideal for navigating the crush. In busy shopping days like Christmas and New Year holidays, this device saves our time and takes us to the exact point where we can find our desired product, minimizing the need to peep into every single shop filled with hyper buyers, to find our item.

More and more retailers are trying to cut down cues with payment apps. Day by day more retailers are introducing apps which let customers make their orders, pay for their purchase and then just come to the desk for a couple of minutes, just to pick up their products. These tailored retailer payment apps helps us in escaping the long queue at the cash counter.

Can’t face fighting through the throng to pick out an ideal outfit for the New Year party? With smart windows you just have to stand outside the window and a virtual stylist will help you in deciding the perfect outfit. You just have to add some information related to your choice and the virtual stylist will recommend you outfits from the store which will be according to your choice of colour combination and style. So stand calmly outside the shop and let the virtual designer work for you.

Online Shopping
Online Shopping

Touchscreen kiosks are also playing a chief role in saving your time while shopping. If you don’t want to spend hours trawling the shop for that Christmas gift you decided to buy for your friend, only to find out that it is not in the shop anymore, Touchscreen kiosks are perfect for you. It lets you quickly check which items are available in the shop and also allows you to find right product by entering information on your preferred features and choice.

Apart from all these apps, many websites like Amazon, Ebay, SnapDeal, Myntra, etc. allows you to do online shopping, letting you shop just by sitting at your couch and avoiding the hap hazardous situation of shopping malls. Plus some apps like Google Shopper gives you the freedom to compare prices so you can buy you desired product on best price. So enjoy a stress free shopping season by embracing technology this year. Happy Shopping!

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Cyber Monday, An online shopping Frenzy

Black Friday rush and exciting crowd from black Friday is now preparing to be shifted to the trail of wait for cyber Monday. Cyber Monday took its name with the super excited crowd of both shoppers and retailers to get the most out of the week before Christmas. With so much inspiring deals offered by the on store retailers, online retailers or small retailers just don’t get the crowd they wish for. For this sole purpose, the coming Monday followed by black Friday was termed as cyber Monday, which was dedicated day for online-retailers only.

With large retailers marketing about the black Friday deals, online retailers not only focus on black Friday but also on cyber Monday with pre black Friday deal offerings. Because they know, cyber Monday is the day for them. Retailers keeping in view their importance have now been trying to cash it out maximum by offering deals early in November.

Cyber Monday
Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday was also named this way , because after the holidays of thanks giving followed by the weekend holidays, black Friday had an advantage of being already a holiday whereas holidays end at the dawn of Sunday. But shoppers yet have an incomplete list of Christmas shopping and retailers have more to offer. For this, online retailers get their chance, in providing shoppers their shopping frenzy online, while working.

The inception of the great day for online retailers, cyber Monday, which was between 2006 and 2011, it was reported that online sales were doubled up to 1.2 billion. And according to a survey report, Cyber Monday is considered to be the busiest online internet shopping day of the year. While in UK, recently almost in 2009, Cyber Monday pop out with all its busiest charm on online stores in UK.

With the huge exciting and rousing crowd, running to the on store retailers on Friday, get their focus shifted to online retailers on Monday. And website traffics at online retail website increases to almost non manageable limits. Continuous refreshing the websites become the all-day activity on the superb cyber Monday, because of exciting flashing deals every second.

But with all this discounted deals popping around everywhere starting the black Friday and continuing till Christmas, shoppers have a major confusion on how to find the steepest most cunning edge saving deals. So advisors set a statement to have an on go Saturday preparation set for cyber Monday, to find the best deals in town. And shop with category in mind.

This black Friday go ahead and keep the search and shopping high on cyber Monday for the best deal of technological gadgets. Technology buying is the like getting the most of the cyber Monday deals. Sit down, relax, on the sofa, with you PJs on, shop the best tech gadgets that you can have, with all its accessories and charm.

So keep the tech hunt for best tech deals in town with highly reliable online sources such as , etc.

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Technology revolution and Christmas

In past days with the changing happening in the world, the communication was made easy and things more convenient. But still with advancement there were some stuff that were always use to create hassle. Do we have enough invites? Are invites sent to everyone? Long distance calls, can we afford it? Can people from longer distance living apart can come for a visit? How can you get so much decor done in so short time? Where are proper decor available? Do I have time to get to the store with such busy routine work? And many more other oops, and OH’s for you, when you suddenly realize you have missed someone, someone might not make up to meet you on Christmas, or that you forgot to get someone their desired present because you couldn’t find time to go to the store.

Christmas Technology

Then there was a wave of change that provided a solution to every question of yours and make you feel the comfort of not forgetting or missing anything or anyone. This technological wave was the advancement and intervention of technological solutions in our everyday life. Providing us with lots more better and variety of solutions.

When you forget to mail someone, or have an expensive long distance call to make an invitation to the Christmas family reunion your Christmas wouldn’t be so good without your family. Now you can set a reminders, compose an electronic message with a lovely e-card and send to all your family members in just one click. With numerous devices that have built in reminders apps, and websites like, and many others to no more missing a single person on your love list.

Someone can’t come? They might can’t travel so long distance because of their age or because high fares, or might becase (God forbid) they are sick or ill and cannot travel. You don’t have to worry a bit. Now with the video conferencing with many superb devices such as Samsung galaxy tab3, apple iPad mini, Linx tablet, Lenovo tablets, Toshiba encore etc. everyone, near or far, healthy or sick, can enjoy every moment of the Christmas Eve with their loved ones, feeling and enjoying their presence, sing Christmas carols together.

Suddenly you realize with all this commotion of invitation and talking free now on long distance calls and conferencing you forgot to buy you loved ones their desired gifts, the decoration. No more mini heart attacks about this. List of online stores such as,,, etc. now can help you choose the desired product at the comfort of your home, and delivered it safely to your desired address.

Not only enjoy the moment of Christmas but make it safely into your memories. No longer vague images in mind for your enjoyed moment. With latest gizmos like camcorders and hand cams of high quality you can have your precious moments safer and memorable for long enough for you to have a glimpse whenever you want.