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2015’s Top iPhone Camera, Photo and Video Editing Apps

When it comes to capturing good photography and making decent videos, iPhone is the smartphone I count on. Its camera is fantastic, better than the streamlined phones you will find in the market equipped with a number of mega-pixels. In order to make your photography experience even better on iOS 8.1, here is the updated list of some terrific apps you will cherish this year.

ProCamera 8

618_348_procamera-8-best-apple-watch-appsCapturing great pictures isn’t an easy job when you are quite sensitive about the photography you do even with a smartphone. In order to have the best out of iPhone camera, here is an incredible app ProCamera 8 that will energize your iPhone camera to greater levels. Fully packed with manual controls, this app is extremely user friendly. You can set up ISO, shutter speed, white balance, exposure compensation, focus etc. with this app. Through these options, you will be able to capture much vibrant and closer to life pictures. It also lets you make videos unlike other apps you will find around. ProCamera comes for $4.99, you won’t regret spending on this useful app.

Layout from Instagram

Layout-instagram-1If you love making collages but unable to find a good app for it, ‘Layout’ is what will please you the most. I wouldn’t say that it has some special ground-breaking features but it comes with a wide range of options to set up the perfect collage. Many times, we are unable create collages of our choice because of the limited variety but this app serves it all. It doesn’t trouble you with the annoying ads and its layout something that makes it stand out among other similar apps. And not to forget, this app is available fee.

Photo Editor by Aviary

aviary-photo-editor-12-535x535This is one of my favorite apps which I personally use too. It’s not only available on Apple store but also on Google store. The best part of using it is, it provides simple tools which are extremely easy to use and lets you edit within seconds. It offers you with options that makes your shot picture perfect. Packed with a number of cool photo effects, it is perfect for light editing you want for the pictures.

Cute Cut

unnamed (1)Cute Cut, an amazing video editing app both iPhone and iPad. Like movies User Interface, Cute Cut provides the user with a bookshelf that aids you to manage and classify the movies easily and you can arrange them with date. Designed for multi-touch, this app lets you use the drag and drop tools for assembling the media segments easily. It also has 6 types of media in the movie such as self-draw, voice, music etc. Moreover, make your movie more exciting and happening with it highly customizable features. You can also share your movie on social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube. This app costs $5.99, not very costly as the app is fully loaded with awesome features.