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Best Laptops for Programming

If you are a programmer, planning to buy a new laptop and need some advice, then you are at the right place. With so many options of laptops available in the market it becomes extremely difficult for a person to buy a laptop which is best for him. Where some brands offer better processors, some offer more features. Some offer long battery timings and some offer laptops in cheap price but lack in features. With so many complexities, finding a perfect laptop for yourself is a tough job.

There are few specifications which you should keep in mind while buying a laptop for programming. If you are into graphic based programming, then you need to be more careful because in addition to other important features, you must make sure that your laptop has a dedicated graphic card for better rendering of your program. Without a well-built laptop, you’ll encounter many problems like laptop making loud noise, laptop overheating and many times you will end up re-starting the computer because it just stops functioning. We are providing you a list of laptops which are best for programming and coding. This list will narrow down your options and help you in finding a perfect laptop at perfect price.

Lenovo Y50

lenovo-laptop-y50Lenovo Y50 was designed to attract the gamers but it is great in programming also. This laptop has been equipped with some of the amazing features which makes it an ideal laptop for coding and programming. 8GB SSD, 8GB RAM, 1TB of hard drive space, GTX 860M graphic card from NVIDIA, and quad core fourth generation Intel i7 processor with 6MB cache combines together to give you a smooth coding and programming experience. With its 5 lbs and back lit keyboard you can carry it everywhere and work in every sort of lighting conditions.

HP Envy

hp-envy-laptopHP Envy is a best option for all those who are looking for a cheaper laptop for programming. This budget friendly laptop will do a fine job with its fully loaded features. Featuring 15.6 widescreen, 8GB RAM, AMD-A10 quad core processor and 750GB of hard drive, it gives you all what you want. Having AMD Radeon HD 8650G and optimized to work with windows 8 operating system, it gives you more responsiveness and better performance.

Lenovo Z710

lenovo-laptop-z710If you are looking for a laptop with wide screen for coding purpose then you cannot get anything better than Lenovo Z710. Lenovo Z710 offers you all the features you need as a programmer. It comes with 16 GB of RAM, 8GB solid state drive, fourth generation Intel i-7 quad core processor (2.5GHz), GT745M graphics card from NVIDIA and 1TB of hard drive space. This new introduction from Lenovo is a good choice for coding and programming.

Acer Aspire V3

v3-acer-laptopWhen you want to buy a programming laptop within a budget then Acer Aspire V3 is your best option. It is one of the cheapest programming laptop. It is equipped with a backlit keyboard, Intel HD 4400 graphic card, 1TB of hard drive, windows 8.1 operating system, and has 15.6 inch screen. This solid laptop from Acer gives you a long battery life of almost 7 hours which lets you work uninterruptedly.

Apple MacBooks

macbook-appleMAC os X is preferred by a number of programmers over Windows and other operating systems. There is certain coding which can be done only on Mac OS, you can select a MacBook of your choice from this impressive range of MacBooks, depending on your budget. More money you spend on MAC, better will be your coding experience. We will not suggest any specific MacBook as all are great in programming so choose one which best suits your budget and requirements.