Samsung Gear RV

Samsung takes on Virtual Reality: Gear VR

Virtual Reality is evidently becoming the biggest technological breakthrough of 2016, initially just an idea of the start-up company Oculus VR. Since then, Samsung has teamed up with Oculus to create “the next big thing” –the Gear VR. The launch of the first consumer-version of the Samsung mobile-based Gear VR took place in November 2015, however it was first announced in 2014, following the initial trial run of the Oculus Rift at CES 2013:

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Priced at only £80 in the UK, the Samsung Gear VR is an affordable and initrguing device, allowing an extraordinarily enhanced user experience. It is essentially a plastic headset device in which Samsung phones can be inserted, for an efortless entry into the Virtual Reality world. The accelerometer and gyroscope included within the Gear VR ensure that the VR view adapts as you tilt your head, along with an enhanced experience when playing whilst standing up or sitting on a swivel chair. Samsung has prioritised comfort within the design of the Gear VR, incorporating foam cushioning, a wider interface and a 19% lighter consumer version of the device, in order to generate the best user experience.

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The consumer version of the Samsung Gear VR features a lightweight and spacious design, along with Super AMOLED display allowing a wide field of view, for perfectly crisp visuals in all lighting and angles. The Gear VR produces the beautifully vibrant and saturated images that Samsung is already known for. Without the insertion of a Samsung Galaxy smartphone, the Gear VR weighs a total of 318g –the lightweight design will evidently aid the sensation of Virtual Reality for users.

Content also features profoundly in the specification of the Samsung Gear VR, containing a wide range of content to choose from, with the added elements of Oculus Video, 360 Photos and 360 Videos. Samsung says: “Anything is possible when you’re inside Gear VR. Whether it’s battling the undead or riding a flying carpet, you won’t run out of adventures with an ever-expanding vault of games.

Gear RV

The Samsung Gear VR is compatible with all Galaxy smartphones –the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, the flagship Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge and Galaxy S6 edge+ all function seamlessly with the Gear VR. Operated by Oculus on these devices, the Gear VR features two app stores, through which users can experience 3D, CG animations and 180 and 360-degree live scenes.

It is unclear whether Virtual Reality will also feature in Samsung’s 2016 launches, however an Advanced Gear Virtual Reality headset is also rumoured to feature in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S7; for more information regarding Samsung’s upcoming release see: Samsung Galaxy S7: News and Rumours.


According to many users, virtual Reality is the solution for everything from video game improvements to post-traumatic stress treatment. The Samsung Gear VR is evidently an intriguing tech device, particularly with the concept of entering another world of Virtual Reality. Apple will be following in Samsung’s footsteps within the sphere of Virtual Reality, with the rumoured release of the Apple Virtual Reality headset in the near future.