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Make your Home a Smarthome

With technology rapidly overtaking our lifestyle, we have now gadget and devices for everything. In this scientific era we are leading a life, we could only dream of just few decades ago. By using latest and modern tech, we have totally transformed our life. We now have laptop and tablets instead of old bulky desktop PCs, our big mobile phones have squeezed into slim and sleek smartphones, TVs have become smart TVs and performing computer like functions, and the list goes on. In this era where everything is modernizing itself, why should our homes stay behind? With appropriate gadgets and latest technology now we can turn our homes into smarthomes.

Today we have got all those innovations which enables us to transform our home into a smarthome that can clean itself, match your mood, talk to you, and controlled completely from the palm of your hand.

A Smartphone Can Make a Big Difference

Connected devices are becoming more and more common these days. These devices are the ultimate way of turning your old fashioned home into a high tech home. You have always wished for a device that could automatically play your favourite music when you start your dinner or make your hot tub ready when you enter your home, all these things are possible now because of devices that connect to internet. Almost all the latest devices can be fitted with a wi fi plug and can be connected to smartphones and you can turn them on or off using internet. Now you can fire up your coffee machines just by sitting in your bed or you can buy slow cookers that relay the status of your meal to your smartphone. You also get a complete peace of mind as you know which devices are on. If you leave your house in hurry and forgot to turn your iron off, don’t worry, just tap your mobile and turn off your iron.

The Enviable Smartlocks

Taking care of your house keys when you are on the go or out on a trip, can be a daunting task. So say goodbye to these old methods of home security and say hello to smart locks. These locks are installed in your front door and are controlled by your mobile. You can customize their settings to automatically unlock when you are near the door and you can give this access to anyone you want. No matter wherever you are in the world, you can now easily control your front door. Some of the smartlocks can also take pictures so you can know who is at the front door. 

Robot Chores

Vacuuming is one of those household chores which you always wanted to get rid of. In this present modern world, prevailed by technology, we have robots who can do all those chores which we don’t like to do. These little robotic vacuum cleaners can be programmed to do the cleaning and they can return to their changing station all by their selves. So go out and enjoy with your friends while this robot is cleaning up your house. And if you think it will not complete the task properly then you are wrong as they can sense dirt particles on the floor and clean it. If you are worrying that they will get jammed behind a chair or table or they’ll fall off the stairs, so top worrying because they have sensors which prevent these things to happen. Apart from cleaning you also get robotic solutions for lawn mowing or you could buy refrigerators which will tell you how many bears are left in the fridge and washing machines which can inform you how much time is left until the job is done.