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How Can Microblogging Helps You in Increasing Office Productivity

With so much competition in the market every company, either small or big, is trying to increase their productivity through latest and innovative tools. Most of the companies these days have their official accounts on Facebook, Twitter and other such social media platforms. With the advent of all these social media web sites, micro blogging has become a very authentic tool for increasing productivity.

Microblogging is constant participation on blogs or other platforms where you can write small messages which can be read by a number of people. If you have been using twitter for giving latest updates of your business then you are also doing microblogging. Microblogging allows you to connect with masses and broadcast messages to more people rather than a specific person. Micro blogging surely does play a vital role in boosting up the productivity of your company.

Make Connections With More people

friends-bloggingMicro blogging helps in making connections with more and more people around the world. When you write that small message on your page, then it is accessible to everyone rather than a small group of people. More and more people can come to know about your company and your services. With the passage of time you will make your company noticeable for more people and you’ll be able to create a network of things you find interesting.

Best Way For Getting Feedbackfeedback-blogging

You cannot improve your company’s current situation until you get feedback from people. How would you bring improvements in your products until its users tell what is missing and what do they want next. For this kind of feedback micro blogging is the best option. More than 80 percent of internet users use social media websites. And people follow their favourite brands and companies on these websites. In this way giving suggestions and writing feedback on a brand’s page is much easier than sending an email or making a call.

Stay More Informedinformed-blogging

We have all seen that company’s employees start a cold war when they feel like essential information about a new product or a long awaited event is shared by everyone in the office except them. Employee’s cold war eventually lead to decrease in productivity. Anyhow micro blogging helps you in staying more informed. All the employees can share information with each other easily. Whenever the recent updates of a certain thing come, they can be easily broadcasted to all employees through micro blogging.

Cost Effective


Many companies wonder if enterprise micro blogging is worth of expense or not. The truth is yes, it is worth of that little expense it costs. Micro blogging does not costs you a fortune but it can help you in saving thousands of pounds. Think of all those extra pounds you will save from travelling to other locations and other offices of your own company. With micro blogging at your help you will not have to go to other places just to give important information to your employees in other locations. Plus it will also reduce your meeting expenses as less meetings will be needed as most of the essential information can be shared and important issues can be discussed through this tool.

Micro blogging is that incredible tool that helps in unifying your work force. A unified workforce means more productivity and better office atmosphere. Plus it will also increase your business as more and more people will come to know about your company. So if you still haven’t adopted this thing try to adopt it as soon as possible.