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Best Augmented Reality Apps for Learning

augmented-realityAugmented reality has totally revolutionized technology world. With all the wonders it is doing in various fields of our life it is hugely influencing the educational sector as well. AR or Augmented Reality will be used in future class rooms to escalate student’s learning process. Well not just in class rooms but it can also help children in studies at home as well. There are various augmented reality apps available in app stores and markets which are totally transforming the way students learn. Here are some best app you can get.

  1. Geometry101

Geometry, the most dreaded branch of mathematics is simplified now, thanks to Geometry101. With this app you can have an interactive experience with geometrical shapes as you can examine them from multiple angles plus studying the properties is also made easier. It gives you 3D representation of the shapes and let you modify their properties like height, radius and lengths.

  1. Star Walker

Like reading about starts and space? This app will make you fall in love with all the stars and planets in the solar system. This augmented reality app lets you enter a world you’ve never been before. Star Walker labels all the stars and satellites you point your tab at. It tells you which constellation you were looking at while starring out at the night sky plus also gives lots of exciting facts about stars, constellations and satellites. Featuring a time machine it enables you know how sky looks at a specific time in past or even future. You can also connect it to a second display unit for viewing sky on big screen.

  1. 4D Anatomy

Augmented reality is the perfect tool of learning for 21 century. 4D Anatomy app is only available on App store so people having iPads or iPhones can benefit from it. This amazing app makes it easier for you to understand complex information. In a 3-dimensional learning environment it gives you a tour inside of human body.

  1. Phonic Tricksters

Phonic Trickster is a fun app for children. It lets you test your knowledge of phonics. It is a useful app for those parents who find it hard to teach phonics to their little ones. You have to chase tricksters in your classrooms or around the homes and have to stop them from escaping by giving the correct answer. This app is loaded with flash cards and audio quiz so kids can learn in a better way.

  1. Word Lens

Ever wondered what are the different names of a single thing in various languages? Well, Word Lens is an app which translates printed words from one language to another. There is no network required for running this app means you can carry on with the translation of words even on the go. It is a very beneficial app for those who are trying to learn a new language.

  1. AR Dinopark

Bring dinosaurs back to life with this incredible AR app. This app makes you feel as if the dinosaurs are alive as they appear in various scenes which are taken by the built-in camera of your device. It allows you to share these scenes with dinosaurs in them on various social media websites.