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Top Windows tablets in the UK

Windows devices are arguably the best in the market because they offer high-performance computing along with some other great features. They also have great battery life, and often have flexible modes too–so you can transition from laptop to tablet on the go! Read on to find out our top Windows tablets in the UK:



1) Microsoft Surface Pro 4


The bright and visually detailed screen on the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 will leave you impressed. It’s got a slim silhouette, looks stunning on your desk and the powerful Intel Core processor won’t let you down! The Windows 10 version of the device also has an improved keyboard attachment which enhances user comfort. Taking your Surface Pro 4 along on your travels? Not to worry! It can be converted from tablet to laptop so you won’t need to take any other device.


2) Samsung Galaxy TabPro S



The Samsung Galaxy TabPro S is one of the top Windows tablets in the UK, mostly because of Samsung’s trademark AMOLED display –one of the things everyone loves about Samsung phones. The display is even better than the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 (yes, we went there), so you know it’s going to be impressive. The slim build makes it great for travel too, and Samsung tops it off with brilliant speakers for all-round great entertainment.


3) Acer Switch 3

The last (but not least) in our list of the top Windows tablets in the UK, is the Acer Switch 3. It’s half the price of the Microsoft Surface Pro, but it’s still feature-packed so it’s a win-win if you ask us! The stunning build quality and 1,920 x 1,200 WUXGA IPS LCD screen gives it all the best parts of a premium Windows tablet. If you’re not after the top-notch processors of the other Windows tablets in our round-up, the Acer Switch 3 is your best bet.


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Ace of the ACER

Recently, in a press conference held at New York’s City New Trade Center, Acer’s CEO claimed that he will be the last man standing for the PC industry. The company grew its business PC market share by 80 percent, he added. Jason Chen also promised of being the first one on delivering tech geeks with the devices showcasing the best of the newest technology & products.


Acer unveiled dozens of its products including tablets, PCs, gaming products and smartphones. Talking about the finest picks, Aspire Switch 11 V laptop-tablet hybrid catches the limelight. It comes up with unique hinge design enabling it to position in 4 distinct modes. Its key features include 11 inch full HD screen protected by Gorilla Glass 3 providing protection against damage, can be detached from the key board base to become a tablet, excellent battery life up to 8 hours with high quality keyboard. However, its poor touchpad, clunky, unimaginative built are its drawbacks.

Furthermore, Acer announced about its Z series line up. Recently launched, Acer Aspire Z Series is the talk of the town. The two new AiOs — the Aspire Z3-710 and the Aspire ZC-700 — with Windows 8.1, will be getting the windows 10 update when such time rolls around. The Z3 is the larger & superior of the two, sporting a 23.8-inch touchscreen display with 10-point multi-touch, while the ZC model has a more modest 19.5-inch display. However, both the models entail Full HD resolution and LED backlight.

The Z 3 model with its slim body, measuring in at 36 mm, comes up with various processor options to its users. Buyers can choose among the Intel Core, Pentium, or Celeron processor. Talking about the storage, Z3 has 2TB of hard drive storage and up to 8 GB of RAM. Further enhancing, there is also an optional DVD super Multi optical drive for those needing it.

Acer has also introduced 2 new models of Chrome box CXI2, featuring a 4th generation of Intel core i3 processor making chrome box powerful & a better performer. Talking about the design, the Acer Chrome Box has been adorned in such an attractive way that it provides with a refreshing user experience. The exterior of the unit is adorned with a diamond-like engraved texture that’s an energizing change to the usual slab of matte plastic on most Chrome OS devices. The chrome box CXI2 is shipped along with the mouse and keyboard. This is a bonus to its users considering the price of the overall package.

Well, this was a brief drive of the newly introduced Acer products. After all the reviews loaded up, checking out the latest Acer batch is a sure thing. Considering the technology used, features & design, Acer has certainly put in efforts to provide their buyers with best of the user experience. However, Acer comes no more different than its rivals such as AUS, Dell & MSI but Acer has the edge on being the biggest vendor of chrome devices.

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Simple Steps to Secure Smartphones and Tablets

phone_securitySmartphone these days have all our emails, contacts, saved passwords, credit card numbers and much more. In short all our personal and sensitive information is kept in our smartphones and tablets so it is important to keep them secured. There are plenty of hacking and data stealing apps available which makes your data vulnerable to hacking. You will not want to think of all the damage and crisis you’ll suffer from if someone steals this information. There are simple steps which will help you avoid such situations just act on them and make your devices more secured and protected.

  • Password Protect Your Device

There are almost one third of smartphone users who go with the default swipe to unlock option and do not set a password for unlocking their home screen. If you keep your phone open to all it will attract intruders and hackers. Keep a password for screen and make sure password is difficult to guess. Latest smartphones also give the option of setting a pattern which is also good as patterns are difficult to imitate. And make sure you change your password after every few months because there might be someone who knows your password and use your cellphone when you are not around.

  • Install Trusted Apps

While installing a new app we don’t consider whether it is a trusted app or not. A dangerous app can do us more harm than we can think of, they can spread malware, infect the software and some can also steal your contact list. Google Play, Amazon Appstore, Apple iTunes and Microsoft’s Windows Store offer reliable apps but third party apps can contain malicious content. To avoid accidental installation of such apps android users can block such apps by going to security settings and unchecking the “unknown sources”.

  • Install Security Apps

In Android market and Apple app stores you can find a number of security apps. These apps automatically detect malicious content and codes and let you know when you are in danger. Such apps are perfect for protecting yourself from online fraud and phishing you can become victim of while downloading something. Installing these security apps should be the first thing to do when you get a new phone or tablet.

  • Enable Remote Location

Smartphones and tablets often get stolen or sometimes we lose them by our own mistakes, in both the cases our tablets can get into wrong hands and our personal data can be stolen. To avoid this situation tracking apps are developed which let you track where your device is and also let you remotely delete your sensitive information. If you are using an iPhone then go to iCloud in settings and turn on “Find my iPhone.”

  • Avoid Public WI-FI

While waiting at airport on sitting alone in a coffee shop, we always look for public Wi- Fi to get ourselves busy. Where these public Wi-Fi are great for passing time or doing important work while on the move, these open Wi-Fi can also pose big security threat. Hackers use these public networks to access personal information like passwords, usernames, credit card details and much more.

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Best Tablet PCs of 2015

In the beginning of every New Year top tablet vendors give a hint to tablet lovers what they will be launching for them that following year. As tablets are taking over the tech market with tremendous speed, all the leading brands have shifted their attention form desktop PCs to tablets. Tablet are the device of new generation, providing all those essential features which PCs offers in small size, tablets are preferred by everyone. With the option of multiple operating systems available in the tablets, now it has become easier to get one according to your needs and requirements. If you are also planning to buy a new tablet then this list of some best tablets of 2015 will help you in making up your mind.

Google Nexus 9google_nexus_9_listing_play_store

Google Nexus 9 with its groundbreaking features has succeeded in satisfying all kinds of users. It is the first tablet that came with Android Lollipop 5.0. From its design to processors to other features, it is perfect in all senses. With its ultra-thin design it casts a stylish look.  Featuring Nvidia Tegra K1 Denver chip it takes your gaming experience to the next level and helps you in staying more productive. It can easily handle multiple apps at a time without slowing down.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3en-EMEA-L-Surface-64GB-i3-4YM-00003-mnco

Surface Pro 3 is among best laptops because it is thinner and lighter than its predecessors. Even though it has a large 12-inch display and higher screen resolution but still it is more portable than previous versions. It comes with a kick stand which makes it even more easy to use. Equipped with powerful Intel processor, wide range of connectivity ports and enhanced storage, it gives you an experience you’ve never had before. With the option of wireless keyboard and pen it offers you more comfort and productivity.

Samsung Galaxy Tab SSM-T800NTSABTU-353218-0

Samsung Galaxy Tab S has enjoyed that success which other versions of Galaxy Tab were deprived of. Though its other siblings has also enjoyed tremendous success but Tab S has totally revolutionized the tab market. Having a 6.6mm thick metal body it can make other tablets envious of its super stylish design. Fully equipped with connectivity ports and high resolution camera, it lets you stay more productive. With a perfect combination of a 1.3GHz quad-core processor and 1.9GHz quad-core chip it gives you fast performance in every task.

NVIDIA Shield TabletSHIELD_Tablet_Front_Flat

A tablet having the features to drive gamers crazy. NVIDIA Shield Tablet is especially designed by keeping gaming enthusiasts in mind. With a great graphic punch and a powerful processor it is ever ready to boost up your gaming experience. With the option of SD storage you can easily expand your memory for keeping a huge library of your favourite games. It not just gives you breakthrough performance it also has a stylish body which is only 9mm thick and weighs only 388g. In short it is the best a gamer can get in a tablet.

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Toshiba WT310 Review

After enjoying tremendous success in Laptop market Toshiba is now planning to rule Tablet market. In past few years Toshiba has launched some great tablets which offer us incredible features in affordable price. Toshiba WT310 is also among those amazing tablets launched by Toshiba. Let’s review it so we can decide whether this tablet is a good option or

Toshiba WT310 was designed by keeping business users in mind which makes it a competitor of Windows Surface Pro. It may not succeed in beating the ultra-stylish design of Surface Pro but its features are a good catch.

Design and Features

Toshiba WT31 has a solid built and a robust design which allows users to use it freely without worrying about its damage. Where this solid design has some advantages it also has some disadvantages on the other hand. This design makes it a bit heavier than other tablets of this size and also lacks elegance and modernity. This 825g and 12mm thick tablet features a brace of speakers on board but the volume seems particularly low and the sound quality is also just average.wt310-design-features

Toshiba WT310 can surely satisfy some of the most demanding customers with its connectivity options. It offers us a full-size USB, micro HDMI and headphone jack all on one side. Plus there are options of wireless connectivity as well, including Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. You can also get compact docking station that holds the tablet upright and offers additional connections, including two more USB ports, Ethernet, 3.5mm headphone jack and HDMI just for £50.

Screen and Styluswt310-screen-stylus

Toshiba WT310 is equipped with an 11.6-inch screen with a fingerprint-resistant coating. This coating helps in reducing fingerprints but it gives a matt look while robbing its sharpness. Its HD resolution of 1,920×1, 080 pixels deliver vibrant colours and bright images. It also includes an all plastic stylus which elegantly fits in the slot at the side of the tablet. Its this feature makes it a bit superior to other tablets like Surface Pro which still wants you to awkwardly clip the stylus at the side. It also includes handwriting recognition so you can convert your scribbling into clear text.

Processor and Windowswt310-processor-and-windows

Powered by a 3rd generation Intel Core i5-3439Y processor clocked at 1.5GHz Toshiba WT310 gives optimum performance in your everyday tasks. Backed by 4GB of RAM along with 128GB SSD memory it gives you a satisfying speed and responsiveness. It runs Windows 8 pro so you can get more productivity in less time by utilizing some amazing features of this Windows. Microsoft Office comes as standard and there’s a raft of security measures from Intel on board, including Anti-Theft which allows you to shut your lost or stolen tablet remotely.

Camera and Battery

Toshiba WT310 comes equipped with two cameras. A three megapixel camera on back with autofocus and a simple one megapixel webcam on the front. The battery life is also average. With Toshiba WT310 you can enjoy an uninterrupted entertainment for five hours as its battery lives up for almost 5 hours between the charges.

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“Cortana”, a new world of artificial intelligence

With the emergence of various technological advancements, the tech devices are for long have a voice recognition facility. But to have an interactive voice recognition feature is something more worthy. With the interactive technology idea emergence, iPhone were equipped with an arterially intelligent assistant that do the task on your smartphone for you with just your orders from your mouth. Siri, an artificial intelligent assistant on phone, gave people a huge more lot of excitement while doing their task on their mobiles.


Microsoft, with its target to have the same operating system through the tablets, laptops, PCs and the smartphone, took a step in making their operating system features fully in competition with the others. Microsoft present an artificially intelligent assistant like Siri, “cortana”.

Cortana is the new addition in the upcoming windows 10 operating system. The feature list leaked of windows 10 shows the super improvement in this artificial assistant technology. Windows 10 claims to have solved and improves the reported damages that were caused by windows 8. So in windows 10 the artificial assistant feature is added with more enhancement.

With cortana as your artificial assistant you can have all your work done with a word of mouth. You can speak to the cortana to have you set your reminders, take your notes, show the directions to specific place, call someone, make a Skype call, sort out and give you your desired contact, show you all the updates regarding weather and other news.

It not only gives you the task done that you want but also truly gets to know you. It makes the efforts in recording your activity tasks noting your interests and your friend’s selection and helps you with the latest updates regarding this information.

With the reminders and to do list it keeps your back like a real person does. It always make you remind your important tasks your assignments or places you need to be. Not only has this but it also given you an early reminder for early leave due to traffic delays.

With the release of the cortana, siri is somehow not the preference anymore. Once siri was the only talking phone, and soon the title was taken away with the introduction of Google now and Cortana. But there are lots of features which siri is unable to process where cortana takes the lead.

With cortana as your smart phone artificial intelligent assistant, you feel to have more personalized smartphone. There are some of the features that cortana is capable of and is now available in the competitors like Google now and siri. These include traffic situation indication so that you may know that you need to go early for your flight. A contact based notification that allows you to automatically greet your loved ones whenever they call even if you are not on the phone. Cortanna is also credited to have the answers of some tricky and sassy questions such as what is your name. Who created you? Etc.

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Which E Reader Should You Buy? Kindle, Nook or iPad?

Looking for an ideal e-book reader? With more than ever choices of e-readers, selecting a most suitable one is a daunting task. When we talk of “e-book readers,” we are referring to four classes of products; black and white e-ink readers, full size color tablets like the iPads, 7-inch color LCD media tablets and midsize color LCD tablets ranging from 7.9 to 9 inches. While buying an e reader you should keep key variables like, weight, size, screen type and access of application in mind. Among some of the most famous e readers, Kindle, Nook and iPad are on top of the list. By focusing on their key features, we would help you decide which e reader is most appropriate for you.


Weight and Size

If you are the bookworm of your family and never leave home without a book or an e reader in your hand then size of your device is an aspect which matters a lot. Touchscreen models of e readers weigh a bit more than other models, however they are easier to use. If you are not much fan of touchscreen then entry-level 2012 Kindle is the best option for you. But if you are looking for a device which have ease of touchscreen then 7.5 ounces heavy Nook Simple Touch and the Kindle Paperwhite can be considered as a decent option.

Having color screens and long battery life, 7 inch tablets are heavier than their e-ink counterparts but most surprisingly, the iPad Mini even with a larger 7.9-inch screen, tips the scales at just 11 ounces. Don’t forget that almost every e book reader allows you to adjust font size according to your requirement, so a device with a small screen can also serve you the best.

Scree Preference: E-ink or color LCD

Some of the most dedicated e book readers have e ink screen, they give you an experience which is as close as reading a printed paper, and also allow you to read under direct sunlight. Along with all these benefits these screens have some drawbacks of their own. E ink screens are not self-illuminating, but Kindle Paperwhite uses side-lighting technology to illuminate the e-ink screen, enabling reader to read in dark environments.

If you want to have an amazing experience of reading text on a backlit screen, iPad 2 With its 2,048×1,536-pixel Retina Display is a great option for you. But if you are only interested in reading, without taking notes, tweeting, or other text input, the ultra-cheap, superlight Kindle may be all you need.

Apps and Hardware

If you want to access your reading collection on multiple devices then storing it in the Cloud is the best thing to do, however some e-book vendors offer a better cross-platform support than others. This is the point where Apple lags behind, Apple book store can only be accessed from Apple devices, whereas, if you own a Kindle device then you can access your Kindle Books on many other devices as well. You can access it from iPads, iPhones, Android devices, Windows devices and Black Berry phones. Moving towards Nook we notice that it also offers its readers easy accessibility. Its books can also be accessed from almost every Apple, Android and Windows device, along with Black Berry smartphones.