Top Windows Tablets in the UK

Windows tablets have been getting more popular over the past few years. We’ve put together your buying guide for the top windows tablets in the UK, whether you’re looking for a work or play device. Windows tablets only make up less than a quarter of the whole tablet market, but they stand out from all the others for good reasons! Most windows tablets come with keyboards so as well as being brilliant entertainment devices, they’re great for working on the go too!

Read on to discover our top windows tablets in the UK:


Microsoft Surface Pro


Processor: Dual-Core Intel Core i7-7660U, 2.5GHz to 4.0GHz with Turbo Boost

Camera: 5MP front camera, 8MP autofocus rear camera, with 1080p HD video

Audio: Dolby Audio Premium


Hard drive: 256GB SSD

Battery life:  Up to 13.5 hours


Looking for a great all-rounder? The Microsoft Surface Pro is your answer! It has a stunning 12.3-inch PixelSense touchscreen with a 2736 x 1824-pixel resolution. It’s super slim too so you’ll have no issues travelling with it, and the additional touches like the stylus holder and built-in kickstand come in really handy. The 5 megapixel front camera and 8-megapixel rear camera with autofocus make this one a winner for capturing amazing shots.


HP Spectre x2


Processor: 1.2GHz Intel Core m7-6Y75

Camera: 5MP HP TrueVision HD front, 8MP rear camera, Intel RealSense 3D R200

Audio: Bang & Olufsen Audio utility


Hard drive: 256GB SSD

Battery life:  approx. 5 hours


Who doesn’t want all the extra techie features on a budget price? The HP Spectre x2 is just that! The stand-out features on this top windows tablet are the ultra-sleek design and it’s fanless Intel Core M processor that make it ideal for multitasking. It’s a premium device (with the keyboard included!) available at a budget price!


ASUS Transformer Mini

Processor: Intel Atom x5-Z8350

Camera: 2MP front camera

Audio: 1x speaker


Hard drive: 64GB

Battery life: Up to 11 hours


The ASUS Transformer Mini is extremely thin and as light as a feather so you can carry it around the whole day without any issues. You won’t even need to take a charger along because the battery lasts an impressive 11 hours! The Smart Hinge design means there’s no difference in performance whether you’re on the train, at home or your desk at work.


So that’s our pick of the top windows tablets available in the UK! Looking for something different? Check out our range of Windows tablets here at Laptop Outlet, UK.


Top 3 Tablets to buy for under £200 in the UK

In need of a new tablet or hoping to find a present for a loved one? Tablets are a great gift and with a range of affordable ones, you’ll be bound to find something that ticks all of your boxes. To help you with your hunt for the perfect tablet with a bearable price tag, read on to see our top 3 tablets to buy for under £200!


Linx 1020

Linx 1020

Price: £169.99 (Amazon)

Screen Size: 10”

Processor: Intel Atom


Storage: 32GB

Operating System: Windows 10

Immensely diverse with a great price, switch between a laptop and a tablet with ease with the option of a detachable keyboard. For comfortable gaming on the go, use tablet mode, and for essays, snap in the keyboard and type away! Equipped with the Windows 10 operating system. Whether you’re a student or an industrious businessman, you can customise your homepage for easy navigation. For only £169.99, this is definitely one of the top 3 tablets under £200 available in the UK.


Amazon Fire Tablet

Amazon Fire Tablet

Price: £49.99 (Amazon)

Screen Size: 7”

Processor: Quad Core

Storage: 8GB

Whether you need an office companion or a fresh pop of colour, the choice of four versatile colours will satisfy you. At the unbelievably low price of £49.99, this tablet is an absolute bargain. As an Amazon product, you’ll be provided with plenty of benefits, such as; online storage, options to download films, books and music from Amazon Prime and listen/watch/read when offline. Prime members will adore this little device with it’s even smaller price!


ASUS ZenPad Z300M

ASUS ZenPad Z300MPrice: £135.00 (Amazon)

Screen Size: 10”

Processor: Quad Core


Storage: 16GB

Operating System: Android 6.0


Small, slick and powerful, this tablet is great for work and play on the go. With great features like multi-touch display, an anti-fingerprint screen, a great operating system and full Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity for only £135; this is definitely deserving of being in our top 3 tablets to buy for under £200!

So there you have it, our top 3 tablets under £200 in the UK. We know Christmas shopping may have left your pockets a little sparse with change, but you can still grab a high quality tablet at a cheap price!


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5 best tablets for kids

Tablets are the perfect device for children; laptops can often be too bulky and PCs cannot be taken on-the-go. You need to ensure the tablet is child-friendly so you can keep your child safe from inappropriate online content, and so you don’t end up with a huge iTunes bill! We have compiled a list of the 5 best tablets for kids, which all offer strong parental control, child-friendly apps and games and a secure frame which will keep it safe in their hands. The best thing is that they are all portable-friendly and will keep your child busy and entertained! Whether you want your child to use the tablet for learning, playing games or a bit of both, here are the best ones for you to choose from:



1) iPad mini 2


If you want a ‘family’ device which your child can also use, the iPad mini 2 is a great option from our 5 best tablets for kids. The screen quality is great as well as the performance quality, whether the kids are using it for playing games or watching YouTube videos, or you’re using it to Skype friends and family. Tablets which are specially formulated for children can be quite pricy, so it’s a good idea to purchase an all-round winner like the iPad mini 2 if you know your child will be supervised while using it, or if you purchase screen protection and a robust cover for it. 


2) Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids



The kid’s version of the hugely popular Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 has slightly reduced specs in comparison to the adult one, along with a range of exclusive children’s apps so it made the cut for our 5 best tablets for kids. It is a sturdy device with a quick-to-respond screen and a robust outer case which makes it comfortable for kid’s to use –whether that’s during car journeys, on holidays or at home.


3)  Amazon Fire HD6 Kids Edition


This tablet is ideal for kids and it has the ideal screen for reading – when the children are not playing games on it so its definitely one of the 5 best tablets for kids available. Along with a free year of Amazon Fire for Kids and unlimited access to games, apps, books and films, this will be a great educational and entertainment device for your child. Available for only £109, it’s sure to be a purchase you won’t regret! The device has a toughened screen, durable rubber case and a lengthy 2 year guarantee – everything you need to make it accident-proof so the kids can use it without supervision. You can also disable web access on the device, as well as set time limits on games.


4) LeapFrog Epic


The LeapFrog Epic is great as a first device for kids; it’s the perfect miniature size for small hands and is specifically designed for young users. It is a 7-inch Android-powered device and has a specially developed LeapSearch browser which offers expertly filtered pages. It’s also great for sharing between siblings as it offers multiple user profiles. The screen quality may not be as premium as the iPad Mini 2, however if it’s just the kids using it, that may not be your first priority.


5) LeapPad Platinum

pic-5The LeapPad Platinum is great for kids as it has a specifically designed sturdy casing which makes it accident-proof. It also has an extensive range of pre-loaded content for children – you can also buy apps from the LeapFrog app store, although it’s not as wide-ranging as the app choice on Apple or Android. It is an affordable choice at £99 and it has essential features such as a built-in stylus, front and rear cameras, headphones, a speaker and a child-friendly web browser. Are your kids sharing the device? The LeapPad Platinum is particularly great for sharing as you can create multiple user profiles.


We hope this round-up of the 5 best tablets for kids has helped you find the perfect device to keep your kid entertained!


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