What does Brexit mean for tech?

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The UK’s tech sector was tremendously in favour of the country staying in the EU. However, despite the results, investors and analysts have stated that the tech sector is well prepared to withstand the exit.

The main concern for technology companies and supporters, is the effect that Brexit will have on Britain’s ability to hire new talent and tap investment. The co-founder of TransferWise –a money transfer company, Taavet Hinrikus stated:

“The two main benefits of being part of the EU are access to talent – because of the free movement of labour – and the fact that you can ‘passport’ regulation so if you’re regulated in the UK, you’re regulated across the EU…We don’t know what’s going to happen with either of those. It’s not good news for the tech sector either in the UK or in Europe.”

The elimination of direct access to new talent and investments has generated an uncertain future for Britain’s tech sector. Despite this, advantages have been pointed out by optimistic investors who highlight the beneficial short term impact on tech in the UK. For example, Saul Klein points out the resultant equal opportunities for start-ups and investors across different cities in Britain:

“Whether you’re based in Manchester, London or Edinburgh, you still have the same opportunities. There are billions of dollars of venture capital in the UK.

We’ve got a government that’s one of the most forward looking in the world when it comes to the adoption of tech. So while I’m disappointed, if you’ve got lemons you make lemonade, that’s what entrepreneurs do.”

It is evident that the future of tech is uncertain with Brexit, however delving into the uncertain can also be advantageous. As it will take a minimum of two years for Britain to leave the EU, any significant changes in the tech sector are expected subsequently.


LG Reveals Two New Treats For Tech Lovers – The Urbane Watch & V10 Smartphone

For all those who had been waiting for LG to give something new to its fans, well the company certainly has not one but two new treats for you. They finally unveiled their latest two developments – a quirky smartphone and a Smartwatch, Android wear. The watch is quite nice looking and appealing. But, how the smartphone can be quirky? Well, surprisingly, the phone has two screens – which is quite unusual – and two selfie cameras.

lg-watch-urbaneLG Watch Urbane is the second edition wearable offered by this South Korean Company. At first glance, the Watch gives the impression that it is quite elegant and far better looking than those Android wearables already present in the market. The company picked up some style cues from its predecessors and worked on making it better in design and also improved it’s functionalities and fundamentals.

When it comes to looks, the watch is quite similar to the company’s original Urbane smart wear. It has been tweaked up a bit. The O-PLED has been upgraded to 1.38 inch circular display, it has a 480 x 480 pixels screen resolution and pixel density goes all the way up to 348ppi.

Some internal improvements and upgradations have also been made. The biggest one is the installation of a 4G LTE chip along with cellular connectivity. No other Android wearable contains this feature; this is the very first you will find in Android wearables. The battery has also been amped up a bit.

lg-v10-smartphoneNow, moving on to the doubled screen smartphone, the V-series has a new device in line. The V10 smartphone is the first launch in the pre-existing V-series. The unusual thing about the phone is the second screen that sits right above the main screen – a 5.7 inch display – and that second screen always remains on.

You will always be updated about the time, weather and date even when the main display is off. But when the main screen is in use, you can use the second screen to select apps to run. While you watch a movie or some show live, the notifications will pop up on the small screen and not the main one. Now you can watch anything you want in peace.

Another appealing thing about the phone is the set of front cameras that have a separate lens each. The LG Company quite unashamedly admitted that the second front camera was added for one sole purpose only – to take selfies. Quite amusing!

They have been positioned in a way to allow you to either take an 80 degree photo or a wider one. So if you’re one of those people, this device is perfect for you.

Other than this, the device has everything a good Android handset should have. The device will be available in a few colors for its fans to choose from.

Has the Quality of Human Interaction Lost Due to Technology?

We are always admiring technology and praising the amazing inventions we have right now. But like everything, it has a bad side too which we ignore most of the times. How different is texting someone from actually speaking on the phone? How dissimilar is meeting someone than just having a Facebook chat? Many times we are comfortable on texting rather than calling someone. Ever thought why is that so? Aren’t humans supposed to interact with one another with the strongest means of communication by meeting people face to face and exchanging thoughts and ideas? The medium of human interaction has changed considerably since the past few years. Let’s see to what level has this affected the human interaction.


If you happen to visit any college or university, you will find most of the people with their eyes stuck on screen literally even having their friends around. Checking mails and text messages was practiced alone in free time but now we are always inquisitive about these electronic messages, more alert towards our laptop or phone screens than aware of the people we have there at our place. Even if it’s a face to face meet-up after a long time, we still can’t rid of this habit. Doesn’t this make us slave of technology? We may have freedom of speech but more appropriately it should be called freedom of writing in text than delivering a speech.

The statistics of means of communicating with each other has drastically shifted from phone calls to texts. More accurately, we can say that telephone call is now a dying institution. The findings from UK relating to this topic is surprising. The research revealed that youngsters aging between 16-24s use text based applications a lot more than any calling apps. Face-to-face interactions are also a rare event as Facebook has invaded these meetings.

Developmental psychologists are emphasizing on this problem more as they are well-informed of the adverse effects of using these devices to communicate. They are more concerned about the kids using smartphones and laptops to communicate rather than having one-to-one chit-chat. This is not because children use tech gadgets frequently but because they start using such devices at a very early age when they are supposed to learn inter-personal skills not by face booking or texting but having a neat facet-to-face communication.

Moreover, this more and more text based interaction is ruining our surroundings.  Human society is run on the basis of power. This is human nature to gain power and have more control on things. If we talk about our daily lives, we face such power struggles every day during texting conversation. We usually feel that the person who texts first is more attached and weak for the other person compared to the one who texts back in reply. The person starting the conversation has in a way lost a little power as the person to whom the text has been sent. But this doesn’t exist in the live face-to-face communication.

Texting and socializing on social networking sites is not wrong but using to this much extent is surely something harmful for our upcoming generations and society build up. No doubt the quality of human interaction has lost its essence due to lesser heart to heart conversations. If you feel that way, stop getting ruled by technology and do what empowers you rather than what weakens you.

4 Amazing Fitness Wearables for 2015

According to the latest technology trends, it is being predicted that 2015 is going to be the year of heavy loaded wearable devices. The facts reveal that the global market for wearables will be expanding at a compound annual rate of 35 percent over the next 5 years. If you desire to buy wearable devices, then you can make a choice out of these 4 superb gadgets which will surely benefit you.  

  1. NeuroOn

packshotEver heard of polyphasic sleep? It’s a term which refers to sleep you aim to have in breaks throughout the day enabling you to sleep less but with better efficiency. This device is specifically designed for people who practice this and follow different kinds of polyphasic schedules.

Here comes the interesting part, the NeuroOn provides the user with a sleep mask. This mask is especially designed to measure brain waves, muscle tension, and eye movements, and it efficiently identifies the exact phases you are going through during sleep. After detecting the phases, it comes up with a pre-defined plan to keep your sleep on right track. There are lights inside the mask that lit up when it’s time to wake up. NeuroOn is definitely a unique device helping you to set your sleep schedule. 

  1. The Basis B1 Band

51AjkIb4PmL._SL1000_When it comes to wearable devices especially made for keeping track of your health and fitness, we long for Apple Smart watch or Fitbit surge but Basis B1 band is also another great wearable which keeps a good track of your activities. It features a heart rate tracker and also records your varying body temperatures. If there are any problems arising out of these records, it provides you with suggestions to help improve health. Moreover, it classifies your activities like sleep, running, walking and biking. After recording this information, it sets a number of goals for you by which you can achieve fitness level you always wished for.

  1. Vigo

vigoVigo is another fitness wearable device that records your activities. It informs you about different phases your body goes through, alerts you when you are exhausted and asks you to take breaks. It looks similar to a Bluetooth headset, and you have to wear it at a side of your eye. It is well equipped with infrared sensor, accelerometer that helps determining the level of your alertness. Keeping the track of over 20 parameters of the blinks, it actually detects about your body functioning, when you are fatigued, when should you take rest etc. Hence, Vigo is total fitness device helping you to get fit.

  1. Reign

12-752x490Reign is an amazing activity tracker that is going to hit the market soon. It serves all what you want from a fitness tracker. This sleek looking tracker works with the support of its companion app which keeps the data. It comes for both iOS and Android. Making good use of sensors, it automatically records the activities you carry out such as bike ride, walking, swimming etc. Featuring ‘Go Zone’, strictly tells you the right things to do. The stylish and reliable Reign falls right in line with your needs for achieving a fitness level you desire.

The World’s Fastest Phone Recognized

iphone-5s-68Having so many latest smartphones around we do get confused about which one would be the best buy according to our needs. Some phones are great at taking good photos while others deliver good gaming performance. Some select the phones because of impressive design and functionality etc. but there is another class of users who like to opt. for a fastest phone. The phone which is at doing things quickly and efficiently. But how would we know that which smartphone is the fastest?

Well, looks like the most streamlined phones would try to be stunningly fast. We took four top most brands to get to the bottom line namely Apple, Samsung, HTC and LG. Firstly, the researchers tested these phones on the basis of processing speed. This was a wise decision as processor speed determines that how fast is the phone at opening apps, play games and videos, multi-task etc.

So which phone managed to stay ahead in this race? Any guesses? It’s the amazing iPhone 5S which passed all the benchmark tests scoring better than other phones in the competition. Yes, fellows this phone has completely left other streamlined phones far behind. The runners-up were LG’s G2 which stood 2nd and surprisingly Galaxy S4 came third.

This fact becomes even more interesting when we realized that Apple’s phone 5S has a dual-core processor while its rival Samsung Galaxy S4 features quad-core processor. Normally the phones featuring quad-core processors are believed to work faster than dual-cores. But iPhone 5S has proved our observations wrong. These results firmly indicated that number of cores is not the necessary indication of better performance.

The phones had to undergo the strict benchmarking tests using Greenbench software. This is the most reliable indicator of deciding the phone’s speed. Each phone was tagged with a score after passing through a particular test. The higher the phone’s score, the better and faster it is. Well no doubt that most of the top phones would work fantastic in every respect but iPhone S6 takes the edge over all these phones. A noticeable difference was seen in iPhone than other rival phones as it worked with visibly extra speed when videos were edited or worked on any power hungry app.

Brief Introduction of iPhone’s 5S Features and Specs:

The iPhone 5S comes with 4 inch display with the diamond cut aluminum body. This makes it so premium and solid. The camera is just outstanding with the 8 Mega-pixels. It also has a finger print reader that reads extremely fast. The apps launch and web pages load real quick. The 64-bit A7 chip delivers fast CPU and graphics performance. And the M7 motion coprocessor handles specific tasks to make iPhone 5s power proficient. iPhone 5s supports fast LTE bands you will find around the globe.  Moreover, the battery life is quite good that lasts for 10 hours. You will find it expensive but you won’t regret investing on it. Well, iPhone 5S is certainly not the latest phone nowadays but surely the fastest!

5 Cunning Gadgets for College & University Students

‘Student life is awesome!’ – The statement will hit every student in a dissimilar way. The individuals who are going to their take exams soon and have to prepare some ultimate scary stuff will take this as a serious life threat while those who are about to end their student life and entering into professional spheres might agree with it. Nonetheless, student needs remain the same. Taking notes, carrying heavy bags, deadlines, tests, grades, money constraints, and lastly efforts to look great are the major highlights of a student life.

Well, let’s make your life bit fun and easier by introducing 6 clever gadgets that will change your college or university life for better. And of course, you’ll be able to look good after having these gadgets around.

  1. Evernote Moleskine Smart Notebook

95afee71d0749cc47424178f124ec7fa2To which category you belong, note takers of note stealers? Well the good news is Evernote Moleskine Smart Notebook doesn’t discriminate. Write down your class lectures via pen and paper, and simply translate them with all the organizational and accessibility perks of Evernote app. Moreover, you can even translate from paper to pixels by simple use of of Evernote’s page camera on your smartphone and capture a photo of your notes.

Store up these notes in the app with a whole bunch of organizational options available. You can make use of customizable, searchable ‘’smart sticker’’ for the purpose of tagging. It might even solve your money problems. How? Share your notes with others trough this gadget and charge for every lesson.

  1. OtterBox phone charging case

apl33-iphone-5s-20-2Academic life can get really chaotic especially if you keep things messy and lack organizing skills.  Running to get in class for time, internships, extra curriculars, tests and what not. In this kind of hectic routine, you might just not be able to charge your phone fully or your phone might die during long working hours. But, we have got a solution here, The OtterBox Phone Charging Case.

It extends the battery life twice over, and will auto-stop charging to conserve power. Isn’t it cool? Grab this one, stay connected and live!

  1. Kindle Voyage

kindle_voyageHate carrying books with you? Then you don’t need to do it anymore.  Technology hasn’t forgotten your daily life problems. Now easily get access of you books in digital form. Through Kindle- select from a collection of over 600,000 books lists every semester. Moreover, the Kindle Voyage has a night light function enabling you to read even in dim light.

  1. Fitbit Flex

simple.b-cssdisabled-png.he2e3da70d98b34b28ddbee568cbd794cAs discussed before, studenthood is all about being active and meeting deadlines. But individuals often fail to balance their routine life with studies. Welcome Firbit Flex in your life. This is an incredibly useful gadget helping you to manage stuff easily. Now you can stay fit and manage to set up your routine thorough this gadget. This will act as your basic tracking device, complete with a silent alarm option. You are surely going to appreciate this device.

  1. Portable ice maker

T_WithoutZoomOh, we talked about a lot of gadgets except something that could make your body happy. Let’s break the ice, Portable Ice Maker is the cool gadget both literally and figuratively. If summer semesters are annoying you with its heat, then enjoy frosty beverages by making up to 26 pounds of ice per day. Chilly drinks are going to leave your mind and body refreshed and relaxed.

F1Technology Soon to Be Used in Operating Rooms

Who doesn’t know Mclaren? One of the biggest names in F1. Excelling in automotive industry, it kept on surprising the world with a chain of new products belonging to different industries such as electronic, food industry, TV animation, health care, sports equipment, clothing & accessories & the list goes on. Being the best on providing F1 technology, Mclaren has kept on entertaining the people in car racing championships putting a lot of interesting drama on the race tracks.


After all these wonderful creations, Mclaren is all set to take its F1 technology in the operating rooms. Yes, you heard it right F1 in the operating rooms.

F1 technology is no longer limited on roads, it is now determined to make surgeons more skilful on their job.  McLaren Applied Technologies, a subsidiary of the McLaren Technology Group ensured that it will soon be applying their expertise on surgeries, which is also a game of seconds. MAT has made an agreement with Oxford University to enhance key medical skills especially using the F1 technology.

This news is definitely going to leave you inquisitive that how this technology works in surgeries. Here is the information to keep you calm. Hargrove, Technical Director of MAT explains the procedure. A sensor is placed on the elbow of the surgeon while the operation is being carried out. The data is sent via Bluetooth technology to the computers. The sensor produces a stream of data that provides immediate feedback to the surgeons in real time. She says, “We know there are certain traits that distinguish a great surgeon, such as speed and dexterity – how jerky or smooth is their movement when they cut. There’s always a subjective element in teaching any surgeon. This adds objectivity to it …in addition to another surgeon’s feedback.” By comparing the results with previous surgeries carried out, this would actually be helpful in spotting whether the surgeon has improved as compared to the last time or not.

Expert surgeons are also appreciating the advancement brought in by Mclaren. Now, let’s discuss if this technology is helping the patients or not. Sensors are placed on the patients’ body parts in pre-op & post op which helps in identifying patient’s conditions even from home. As a result, doctors can easily observe if the patient’s health is good enough to undergo a surgery. It has been realized that most of the patients don’t like the idea of any device being inserted in their body for any checkup or operational purposes.  Hargrove points out that no sensor goes on the patient during surgery “As that aspect is already superbly done”.

The F1 technology is also facilitating in keeping weight check as well. Geoff McGrath says, ‘With data, we can spot a trend – why has this person’s weight gone up when their diet hasn’t changed. Or, we can monitor a person’s gait (how they walk). When a person’s gait changes, it’s usually due to a medical condition. But you don’t notice this visually’

Well, after learning all of this fantastic information, technology is making us proud and so is Mclaren.