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5 Latest Gadgets You Can’t Wait To Buy

No matter where you are what are you doing, tech devices can always help you with your work. Whether in office, home or on the move, there are some gadgets and devices which saves your time and make your life easier. With every passing year these devices become more advanced and improved and gives you better performance than they ever gave before. Here we are presenting you some latest tech devices which are a must buy.

  1. Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard

bluetooth-multi-device-keyboard-k480-1This multi-device Bluetooth keyboard is simply the best device you can get to amplify your multitasking. It is designed in such a way that it can simultaneously work with up to 3 devices no matter what kind of computing platform they have. Now you can simultaneously work on a document on your computer, comment on a friend’s picture or reply to a text message all from one device just by using the switching dial. 

  1. G-DRIVE ev SSD

G-DRIVEevSSD_StandingHero_LoResIf you are tired of the slow speed and low storage capacity of your computer then G-DRIVE ev SSD is the device you have been looking for. By connecting it to USB 3.0 you get ultra-fast speed of up to 400MB/s. Coming with the storage capacity of 512GB it gives you enough room to store all your media plus it is compatible with Mac OS, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows 8. It comes with three year warranty so you can work with complete peace of mind.

  1. Livescribe Echo Smartpen

livescribe-echo_g1This superb gadget is equally useful for business professionals and students. It lets you record voice while taking notes. If you miss some lines while noting you can listen the recording later and complete your task. The best thing is you can also share these notes with computer, iPad and iPhone through a USB connector which is also used to recharge the pen. It has huge storage capacity and can store up to 400 to 800 hours of audio depending on the version you have. In addition there is an OLED display which lets you interact with the apps easily.

  1. iPad Scanning Dock

84570_1000x1000Photos are the tangible memories of memorable events. Photographs can be ruined with spills or their bright colours often fade off with the passage of time. The best thing to prevent these memories is to convert them to digital files. This work is made easier with iPhone scanning dock. This sheet-fed scanner takes just 12 seconds to convert photo into 300- or 600-dpi color JPEG image which is directly stored in iPad’s camera roll. It features a built in dock that holds the iPad upright and also recharges its battery.

  1. SyrenPro

bocina-bluetooth-iluv-syrenpro-exteriores-inalambrico-negro-23294-MLM20244470049_022015-FIf you are a music lover and often have parties outdoor then SyrenPro Bluetooth speaker can serve you best. It is weather resistant so work efficiently in all conditions plus it has TrueWireless Stereo pairing which lets you create your own stereo system wirelessly. You can either plug it in or use its rechargeable battery which gives you up to four hours in a single charge.