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Technology That Will Spice Up Your Office

Spending long hours in office watching unattractive tables and beige walls can bore you to death. Most of the time office environment and ambience is so dull and boring that our works seems harder and a burden to us. To improve your productivity and let you perform efficiently technology developers have developed some incredible devise that will reduce the boredom and bring life to your office. Here have a look at some.

Laser Keyboard

laser_virtual_keyboardLaser projection keyboard was just fiction like flying cars a decade back. But luckily this fiction has become reality and had made our work easier and interesting. It connects to your laptop or tablet via Bluetooth and projects a keyboard on a flat surface like desks and tables. This small device also has a motion sensor mouse which recognize your finger movements and performs accordingly when you click or double click.

USB Air Purifier

SKU075277--7With too many people sitting in a small office room the atmosphere often becomes hot and suffocating. USB Air Purifier and fan is the best solution for this. This small and light weight device is ultra-portable so you can easily carry it. It removes the odor and provides a soothing fresh air. Apart from offices it can also be used in rooms and any other closed spaces like cars. Charging is also not an issue as it recharges by connecting to a USB port.

Kanex Multi-Sync Keyboard

kanex_multi-sync_keyboard_wit-key-frontIn the world of multitasking we need devices that can work with more than one thing so we can do more in less time. Kanex Multi-Sync Keyboard is designed to take your multitasking to the next level. It can be used with multiple devices simultaneously, for writing an email on your Mac, taking notes on your iPad or replying a text message from your iPhone.

Flexible LED Desk Lamp

Silver_Flexible_LED_Desk_lamp-red_lamp_folding_each_directionFlexible LED Desk Lamp is here to solve all your lighting issues and brighten up your work space. This sleek and stylish lamp is very flexible so you can easily adjust it according to your requirement. It features a USB port at the back which can be used for charging devices like smartphones, MP3 players, etc. even when the lamp is off. It consumes 80 percent less power than fluorescent lights plus the touch sensitive button makes it easier to adjust the brightness.

USB Desktop Aquarium

4fgdgdfgfdg_zps9997d769The small USB supported aquarium is the best thing you can add to your desk for lightening up the things. Though it is powered by USB but it is still a fully functional aquarium with living fish and running water. It also features an overhead light, under-gravel filtration system and multicoloured interior lights. At the side of the aquarium is a pen holder which boasts a LCD in front which shows time, date and temperature.

Wireless SSD

screen-shot-2013-06-04-at-12-33-46-pmThe new wireless SSD is an easy solution for storing your important data and media files or for sharing content with multiple devices. It is a perfect blend of portability of wireless devices and durability of solid state technology. Just store all your favourite content on smartphones or tablets, space is not an issue as you can immediately transfer it to your SSD.