Top 3 Tablets to buy for under £200 in the UK

In need of a new tablet or hoping to find a present for a loved one? Tablets are a great gift and with a range of affordable ones, you’ll be bound to find something that ticks all of your boxes. To help you with your hunt for the perfect tablet with a bearable price tag, read on to see our top 3 tablets to buy for under £200!


Linx 1020

Linx 1020

Price: £169.99 (Amazon)

Screen Size: 10”

Processor: Intel Atom


Storage: 32GB

Operating System: Windows 10

Immensely diverse with a great price, switch between a laptop and a tablet with ease with the option of a detachable keyboard. For comfortable gaming on the go, use tablet mode, and for essays, snap in the keyboard and type away! Equipped with the Windows 10 operating system. Whether you’re a student or an industrious businessman, you can customise your homepage for easy navigation. For only £169.99, this is definitely one of the top 3 tablets under £200 available in the UK.


Amazon Fire Tablet

Amazon Fire Tablet

Price: £49.99 (Amazon)

Screen Size: 7”

Processor: Quad Core

Storage: 8GB

Whether you need an office companion or a fresh pop of colour, the choice of four versatile colours will satisfy you. At the unbelievably low price of £49.99, this tablet is an absolute bargain. As an Amazon product, you’ll be provided with plenty of benefits, such as; online storage, options to download films, books and music from Amazon Prime and listen/watch/read when offline. Prime members will adore this little device with it’s even smaller price!


ASUS ZenPad Z300M

ASUS ZenPad Z300MPrice: £135.00 (Amazon)

Screen Size: 10”

Processor: Quad Core


Storage: 16GB

Operating System: Android 6.0


Small, slick and powerful, this tablet is great for work and play on the go. With great features like multi-touch display, an anti-fingerprint screen, a great operating system and full Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity for only £135; this is definitely deserving of being in our top 3 tablets to buy for under £200!

So there you have it, our top 3 tablets under £200 in the UK. We know Christmas shopping may have left your pockets a little sparse with change, but you can still grab a high quality tablet at a cheap price!


Still a little unsure on what tablet to buy? Check out our range of tablets here.

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3 Best Laptops to buy in the UK under £200 this Christmas

The festive season is upon us, and getting the best deals on gifts for others (or yourself!) can be stressful. We’ve put together a list of the best laptops under £200 so you can get your hands on a huge tech bargain before Christmas. Whether you’re after a portable device, something for the kids or a reliable laptop for daily use, you’ll find something which matches your requirements – and the best part is that they’re all under £200!


Discover the best laptops to buy in the UK under £200 this Christmas here:


1)   HP Stream 11-r000na  £159.99

HP Stream 11-r000na

With the easy-to-use and familiar Windows operating system you can customise your desktop, ensuring quick start ups and navigation. The high quality graphics allow you to enjoy what you’re watching in amazing detail and sharp colours, and it’s also equipped with a capable processor so multitasking is a breeze!


 2)  Dell Inspiron 11 3000

Dell Inspiron 11 3000

The Dell Inspiron 11 3000 is an affordable and reliable laptop that you can take on-the-go without a second thought! The battery lasts all day, its comfortable for typing, and has a reliable screen – great for watching Christmas movies on! The performance isn’t the best if you’re planning to use the laptop for heavy duty tasks; however it’s ideal for daily web browsing and other light tasks. If Windows 10 is your thing, this is a great choice.


3)   ASUS Chromebook C300MA £179.99

3) ASUS Chromebook C300MA

The ASUS Chromebook C300MA has a slim and lightweight build so it’s great for anyone always on-the-go. The (1366 x 786) screen resolution delivers crisp and detailed visuals, and it’s ideal for small-time entertainment, perfect for treating the kids this Christmas! Speaking of entertainment, the ASUS C300MA features premium style stereo speakers, a modern design and a large screen and touchpad. The 11 hours battery life and affordable price means this laptop will be at the top of everyone’s wish list this Christmas!


We hope you found something to treat yourself or someone special in our round-up of the 3 best laptops to buy in UK under £200 on Christmas! For more tech Christmas gift ideas check out our Christmas Shop at Order by 21st December for Christmas delivery.

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Best Free iPad Apps

With everything you need at your fingertips with an iPad, be sure to have all the apps you need for work and play! Whether it’s apps to stay connected with your friends and family, watching things on the go or listening to music, we’re going to share our best free iPad apps that you need to download.


Social Media Apps

Facebook & Facebook Messenger

One of the biggest and best social media platforms is available for free! Keep up to date with friends and family, post pictures and share the moment. New features also allow you to find interesting events and stories from around the globe. For those who use Facebook as a means of communication, the extension app of messenger is an easier way to chat.



T.V on the go

BBC iPlayer & Netflix

Catch up on television shows whilst on the go or follow along with your favourite cooking show in the kitchen. BBC iPlayer lets you watch shows and films that you might’ve missed out on during the week; great for catching up on Planet Earth II and The British Bake Off!

If you’re a Netflix user, grab the app; it’s free! As the app is tailored to tablets it’s easier to navigate instead of using the site. Netflix is an immensely popular app, as it also produces loads of exclusive great shows, such as; Orange is the New Black and Breaking Bad. For entertainment on the go, these surely are some of the best iPad apps available.





All the music you need in one place and it’s absolutely free; definitely one of the best free iPad apps on the market. You can access your saved music without Wi-Fi too. It’s also great for discovering small scale and independent artists, as anyone can upload their songs and audio; budding musicians will adore this app.




The Simpsons: Tapped Out

Need a little entertainment on the go? The Simpsons game is a must have. The popular cartoon show becomes interactive at your fingertips, with the reconstruction of Springfield in your hands after Homer’s bad behaviour leads to the towns destruction. Rendezvous with your favourite characters, connecting and playing with friends and plenty of interesting challenges to earn donuts will have hooked to your iPad.

For more free gaming apps, check out our blog post on The Top 5 Free iPad Games.


So there you have it, some of the best free iPad apps; whether it’s music, entertainment or socialising, there’s something for everyone. To get your hands on an iPad we have a great range to choose from here.

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How to choose the best laptops for students in UK

With a large range of laptops to choose from, numerous brands, online sellers and stores, it can be difficult finding a laptop suited to you. We aim to see all our customers walk away happy with their purchase and students are no exception. You’re probably looking for something that’s an all-round winner; good for entertainment and work purposes. Well we’re going to make the selection process easier for you with some great tips on how to choose the best laptops for students in the UK.


What do you need?

First and foremost, what do you need? A pretty simple starting point, that’ll make your selection process a lot easier. What will you mainly use your laptop for? Is it for gaming, school work, entertainment etc.? Once you’ve figured that out, the search for the perfect device will be a lot easier!



So now that you have an idea of the primary use of your laptop, you can start the research. A quick and simple Google search will give you a range of laptops suited to your needs. Whether you like a certain brand and want to look into their specific range. Check out reviews! Tech blogs often have top picks for certain types of laptops (e.g. best laptops for multimedia). Perhaps search up laptops that fit your preferred price range. It’s also worth a shot asking your teachers if you want to use your new laptop for specific schoolwork. Want something a little quicker than online research? Pop into your local tech store and ask a member of staff, they’ll be sure to know how to choose the best student laptop for you.






Tech specifications:

Now that you’ve got a rough idea of what you want/need, check out the specifications of the laptops that catch your eye to double check if it’s right for you. Look at features such as what processor it has, RAM, storage space, operating system, what softwares it comes with that you might need for school, the battery life, ports, resolution etc. Depending on what you want to use your laptop for, each component of the features previously mentioned will vary; so pay attention to these.





A design suited to you ensures optimum comfort, thus enhancing your productivity. For example, a bulky gaming laptop that weighs a ton isn’t going to be the ideal school companion. Pay attention to the screen size and weight, as this determines whether or not the device is easy to travel with.

Do you need a keyboard at all times? If not, look into hybrids that may be tailored to your specific needs. Work purposes aside, hybrid laptops are great if you want to enjoy a film in bed using tent mode, after a long day at school.





Probably the most important part of our how to choose the best laptops for students in the UK guide is the price! Now that you’ve probably found a few laptops that seem right for you or have an idea of the type of laptop you want, check the price. If you do manage to find the ideal laptop that’s also in your budget that’s great! If not, try searching for laptops similar to your desired one; you’ll be sure to find some really similar ones for a fraction of the price. However, if you have your heart set on an expensive laptop, it’s worth checking out second hand or refurbished ones as they’re significantly cheaper than new ones and mostly perform just as well!

When buying online or in-stores be sure to check if the device is applicable for student discount, as most places do give such offer. Also it’s worth subscribing to student sites/apps like Student Beans and UniDays. They often have discounts and offers on laptops and other tech devices.

Check with your uni/school to see if you’re eligible for a grant, bursary or some type of funding which can help you purchase your ideal device. Your school may cover the costs, or at least part of the costs of your new laptop.


So there you have it, our guide on how to choose the best laptops for students in the UK! Hopefully these tips will make the hunt for your new laptop easier and quicker. For a great selection of student laptops check out our range here.

It’s also worth checking out our blog on How to buy a cheap laptop online for extra tips!

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5 best tablets for kids

Tablets are the perfect device for children; laptops can often be too bulky and PCs cannot be taken on-the-go. You need to ensure the tablet is child-friendly so you can keep your child safe from inappropriate online content, and so you don’t end up with a huge iTunes bill! We have compiled a list of the 5 best tablets for kids, which all offer strong parental control, child-friendly apps and games and a secure frame which will keep it safe in their hands. The best thing is that they are all portable-friendly and will keep your child busy and entertained! Whether you want your child to use the tablet for learning, playing games or a bit of both, here are the best ones for you to choose from:



1) iPad mini 2


If you want a ‘family’ device which your child can also use, the iPad mini 2 is a great option from our 5 best tablets for kids. The screen quality is great as well as the performance quality, whether the kids are using it for playing games or watching YouTube videos, or you’re using it to Skype friends and family. Tablets which are specially formulated for children can be quite pricy, so it’s a good idea to purchase an all-round winner like the iPad mini 2 if you know your child will be supervised while using it, or if you purchase screen protection and a robust cover for it. 


2) Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids



The kid’s version of the hugely popular Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 has slightly reduced specs in comparison to the adult one, along with a range of exclusive children’s apps so it made the cut for our 5 best tablets for kids. It is a sturdy device with a quick-to-respond screen and a robust outer case which makes it comfortable for kid’s to use –whether that’s during car journeys, on holidays or at home.


3)  Amazon Fire HD6 Kids Edition


This tablet is ideal for kids and it has the ideal screen for reading – when the children are not playing games on it so its definitely one of the 5 best tablets for kids available. Along with a free year of Amazon Fire for Kids and unlimited access to games, apps, books and films, this will be a great educational and entertainment device for your child. Available for only £109, it’s sure to be a purchase you won’t regret! The device has a toughened screen, durable rubber case and a lengthy 2 year guarantee – everything you need to make it accident-proof so the kids can use it without supervision. You can also disable web access on the device, as well as set time limits on games.


4) LeapFrog Epic


The LeapFrog Epic is great as a first device for kids; it’s the perfect miniature size for small hands and is specifically designed for young users. It is a 7-inch Android-powered device and has a specially developed LeapSearch browser which offers expertly filtered pages. It’s also great for sharing between siblings as it offers multiple user profiles. The screen quality may not be as premium as the iPad Mini 2, however if it’s just the kids using it, that may not be your first priority.


5) LeapPad Platinum

pic-5The LeapPad Platinum is great for kids as it has a specifically designed sturdy casing which makes it accident-proof. It also has an extensive range of pre-loaded content for children – you can also buy apps from the LeapFrog app store, although it’s not as wide-ranging as the app choice on Apple or Android. It is an affordable choice at £99 and it has essential features such as a built-in stylus, front and rear cameras, headphones, a speaker and a child-friendly web browser. Are your kids sharing the device? The LeapPad Platinum is particularly great for sharing as you can create multiple user profiles.


We hope this round-up of the 5 best tablets for kids has helped you find the perfect device to keep your kid entertained!


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Top 3 Student Laptops By HP In 2016


This is an article for students looking to buy a laptop, whether you’re in school, college or university. Laptops have become an essential item to take with you to school, college and university, and it’s important to purchase a reliable device which is also budget-friendly at the same time. Whether you’re studying something which involves 3D graphics or photography, or just need a simple device for typing notes and replying to emails, you will be able to find an affordable laptop. HP laptops are known to be some of the best looking in the industry, and the laptops we have chosen from their huge range also have great performance quality to match.

HP has been one of the leading manufacturers of laptops for a while, and is known to consistently feature sleek designs and impressive features in their devices.

The company states:

“HP Inc. creates technology that makes life better for everyone, everywhere. Through our portfolio of printers, PCs, mobile devices, solutions, and services, we engineer experiences that amaze”.

There is a huge variation of HP laptops on the market, and it can be confusing to choose between them, so we’ve rounded up a number of devices ranging in price and features –so there’s something for everyone whether you prioritise power or portability.

• The HP Stream 13 is one of the best student laptops by HP, with all the right features to increase productivity, as well as being an affordable device. It features a colourful and durable design, as well as having a comfortable keyboard so typing long essays is easier than ever. The vibrant blue colour of the device makes it a great choice for students and it’s a welcome change from the usual black or grey laptops that are on offer in the market. The Stream 13 weighs 3.42 pounds so it’s perfect to take to school or university every day, as it can easily fit into a normal-sized school bag.

The performance of the device is great, so it’s ideal for multitasking. As if this isn’t already a great student laptop by HP, it also comes with pre-installed Windows 10!

Windows 10 is the newest version of the Windows operating system; it features improved compatibility, enhanced security and faster performance, so you have an improved overall experience with your device. Windows 10 has a faster speed than any previous OS; it is the most optimised version yet and instantly opens apps. The Windows 10 OS makes this device great for web browsing – which is something that students have to do regularly when researching for essays or doing homework.

• Another laptop which has made it into our top 3 student laptops by HP is the HP Pavilion x2 10t, which is especially great for students who are on a tight budget, or even parents who want an affordable device to take on holiday and which the kids can use for homework too. The Pavilion x2 10t features a decent web-surfing machine which makes it great for web browsing, online shopping, making notes and more. It has a durable plastic body which is great for the low price, and is available in a trio of colours. The device has a great battery life of over 9 hours so you can use it for a full school day, or in the university library, without worrying about taking a charger along.

The device does have a smaller-sized keyboard but if you’ll be using the device for doing readings or watching educational videos –and prefer to write your lecture notes, it is a great affordable option! The Windows 10 OS on this device does make the smaller-sized keyboard easier to use –with the help of the wide touchpad. It has a 10.1” display with a 1280 x 800 touchscreen display, with wide viewing angles, so it’s also great for watching a movie after a long day of school or university. The device is very budget friendly, HP have also included Bang & Olufsen tuned speakers which provide a high-quality audio experience with rich bass quality.

• Another top pick is the HP 10-ac110na. This cheap laptop is a great student laptop by HP as it combines style, productivity, design and high quality features while ensuring it is still an affordable price. Equipped with Windows 10, you are enabled to switch between numerous apps at ease and quickly; ideal for anyone at school, college or university and if you’re also a social media fanatic. The extended battery life lets you take this laptop out and about without the need for a charger, which is great whether you’re working on-the-go or attending a full day of lectures.

The device has a number of helpful ports, so you’ll be able to stay connected to various other devices; as well as easily connecting to printers or using USBs. You can even connect to a larger screen, which will make watching movies a great experience after a long day of writing assignments or attending lectures. DTS Studio Sound Audio Dynamic audio nuances provide rich sounds for a concert-like experience with DTS Sound, so the device is also great for watching educational videos or listening to music.

We hope this round-up of the best student laptops by HP has helped end your search. HP laptops always feature high-quality designs, powerful processors and reliable performance. Whether you’re a school, college or university student, one of these HP laptops will be great for you.

Buying a Laptop with Student Finance

With rent, food, nights out and tuition fees to pay, money can be a little tight for university students. With the next academic year right around the corner, it’s time to start packing and make sure you’ve got everything you need and a laptop is an absolute necessity! It’s critical for work, such as checking your timetable, writing up assignments and doing research. Here at Laptop Outlet, we’ve picked out the five best laptops that’ll get your work done and provide you with great entertainment, without hurting your wallet.


Toshiba CLICK MINI   £114.99 (save £35)

pic 1


  • Processor: Intel Atom Z3735F 1.33GHz / 1.83 Turbo GHz Processor
  • RAM: 2GB RAM
  • Storage: 32GB SSD
  • Screen: 9 inch Display (1920 x 1200) Resolution
  • Camera: 5 MP Full HD Rear camera with Auto focus & 2 MP Full HD front camera
  • Graphics: Intel HD Graphics
  • Operating System: Windows 8.1
  • Special Offer includes BullGuard Internet Security.

This cheap Toshiba hybrid is great for students who want to work and play on the go. At only 978 grams and super thin, and with the functionality of a laptop in the palm of your hands, working on-the-go has never been easier. The detachable keyboard allows you to switch between a tablet and laptop with ease, to suit the task at hand. The battery life of 13 hours further ensures an entire day of work without the hassle of recharging, so you can take notes in lectures, write up a report during your break and catch a quick episode of ‘Orange is the New Black’ on your journey home.

The Intel Atom processor, alongside the 2GB RAM ensures that performance speed is fast no matter how demanding your work is, so you can complete power draining tasks with ease and run multiple programmes simultaneously.  Stay connected to your other devices with ease with the numerous ports such as the micro-SD card slot, micro-HDMI port and micro-USB port. Share notes with course mates quickly, stick them on a USB and simply pass it on, or connect to a bigger screen with the HDMI port for movie night in the flat. Windows 8.1 ensures all your favourite or necessary apps are easy to locate and quick to start up, and you can customise your homepage so you’ll know exactly where everything is. With 32GB RAM and numerous ports to allow connectivity to external storage devices, you can save files and documents with ease and still have plenty of space for pictures and music.

Despite the cheap price of only £114.99, you’ll be surprised by the versatility of this hybrid, delivering a great performance in both work and entertainment. With a bright 16:10 screen with 1920 x 1200 screen resolution and Intel HD graphics, you can enjoy your favourite film or catch up on your favourite shows in stunning and immersive visuals. The 5MP HD rear camera with autofocus and the 2MP front camera provide you with flawless picture quality, so you can relive your favourite uni moments with vivid picture quality and always take Instagram worthy selfies.

This device has immense portability and flexibility, all the necessary programmes and tools you need to get your dissertation done and lots of great entertainment features, all at the remarkably low price of £114.99, that’s a great saving of £35! Buy now and you’ll also receive BullGuard anti-virus free of charge!


HP 14-ac100na    £122.99



  • Processor: Intel Celeron N3050 / 1.6 GHz Max Turbo Speed 2.16 GHz Processor
  • RAM: 2GB RAM
  • Storage: 32GB eMMC
  • Screen: 14″ Display (1366 x 768) Resolution
  • Graphics: Integrated Intel HD Graphics
  • Operating System: Windows 10 Home 64-bit
  • Special Offer includes BullGuard internet security

With an Intel Celeron processor and 2GB RAM you’ll never face lagging or slow performance speed, you can tackle any assignment and run multiple apps simultaneously with ease. You can have your word document open, as well as numerous browser tabs, lecture notes and power point slides without slowing performance speed; ensuring your assignment is absolutely perfect!


Equipped with the familiar and much loved Windows 10 Home 64-bit, apps have never been quicker and easier to locate and start up! Customise your homepage to suit your needs, so as soon as you switch the laptop on you can quickly jump straight into work. Everything is set in an easy-to-view tiled layout so even if you’re a first time user you won’t face any difficulty.


With a USB 3.0 port, two USB 2.0 ports, an SD card reader, superfast Wi-Fi Bluetooth 4.0 and a HDMI port, you can stay connected to all your other devices with ease and make quick transfers. Save work onto your USB and transfer pictures from your camera seamlessly.

Take a break from work and become immersed in gaming or films. Integrated Intel HD graphics, the 14” HD widescreen display, 1366 x 768 screen resolution and DTS sound deliver a cinematic experience without the cost of speakers or a big screen. This high quality HP laptop is available at the great price of £122.99 and if you purchase now you’ll receive BullGuard internet security for free! Not only are you getting a laptop at a great price, but you’re protecting it from viruses too and it’s absolutely free.


ASUS X453MA    £144.49



  • Processor: Intel Celeron N2840 / 2.16 GHz ( 2.58 GHz Turbo)
  • RAM: 2GB RAM
  • Storage: 500GB HDD
  • Screen: 14″ Display (1366 x 768) Resolution
  • Graphics: Integrated Intel HD Graphics
  • Operating System: Windows 8.1 64-Bit
  • Special Offer includes ACME SP103 Efficient Mini Portable Speaker

The Intel Core processor and 2GB RAM is great in providing smooth multitasking and can withstand the pressure of demanding tasks and power-draining programmes. Windows 8.1 64-bit further enables seamless work and play. Access everything you need from your customised homepage, so you can find apps with ease and start them up quickly; there’s no time wasting with this operating system.

At a great price, this laptop not only gets your work done but delivers expressive visual and sound quality. ASUS Splendid technology, the 14” HD widescreen display, integrated Intel HD graphics, 1366 x 768 screen resolution, amazing audio quality and the inclusion of a free portable speaker gives you an amazing home entertainment experience. Softwares such as SonicMaster Audio technology, AudioWizzard and the 2011 Technical GRAMMY award winner- MaxxAudio, enable you to create your own sound (great for musicians and those doing television and film studies) in amazing quality and it’s super easy to use!

Packed with numerous ports, Bluetooth 4.0, online web storage and 500GB HDD storage space, all your work can be saved without a fuss and transfers are quickly done. This cheap ASUS laptop is ideal for students because of its countless helpful features, such as the prolonged battery life and work being saved automatically when battery life gets to 5%. The multi-point touchpad with Smart Gesture technology lets you navigate, scroll and zoom with greater precision and ease. The carefully designed keyboard provides users with high responsiveness and prevents fatigue, so you can work for hours on your assignment comfortably.

This powerful ASUS laptop is available at the cheap price of 154.99, so it’s an absolute bargain! If you decide to buy now we’ll also throw in a portable speaker completely free of charge.


Toshiba L50-C-1FU   £189.99



  • Processor: Intel Pentium N3700 / 1.6 GHz Max Turbo Speed 2.4 GHz Quad Core
  • RAM: 8GB
  • Storage: 1TB HDD
  • Screen:6″ Display (1366 x 768) Resolution
  • Graphics: Integrated Intel HD Graphics
  • Operating System: Windows 8.1

Especially optimised for Windows with specifically chosen hardware, all the programmes you want and need will run smoothly. The 8GB RAM and Intel Pentium processor makes this cheap Toshiba laptop an absolute powerhouse, giving it the capacity to multitask speedily without trouble. Windows 8.1 will provide you with an easy-to-view and use homepage, customise it for easy start-ups –so a quick click is all you need to resume writing an essay. Equipped with all you need to stay connected such as Bluetooth 4.9, a USB 2.0 port, two USB 3.0 ports, HDMI port, card reader and super speedy Wi-Fi, you can access the web wherever you are, and charge and connect to devices to transfer with ease. However, with an immense storage space of 1TB, external storage devices are unlikely to be needed!


Get work done on this cheap Toshiba laptop and enjoy films when taking a break. The 15.6” HD widescreen display, integrated Intel HD graphics and a screen resolution of 1366 x 7680 deliver a great home movie experience with true to life visuals and immense detail. Built-in Onkyo DTS Sound speakers (certified by SkullCandy) enhance film quality and let you jam out to your favourite songs without the need of giant speakers; saving you space and money!


HP Pavilion   £214.99



  • Processor: Intel Pentium N3700 / 1.6 GHz Quad Core
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Storage: 1TB HDD
  • Screen:6″ Touchscreen (1366 x 768) Resolution
  • Graphics: Integrated Intel HD Graphics
  • Operating System: Windows 8.1

For those who need flexibility, portability and the diversity of a tablet and laptop, this cheap HP Pavilion is ideal. The 360 degree rotational hinge allows you to choose from four different modes. Work in notebook mode, watch a film comfortably in stand mode, play a game in tent mode or do a bit of quick reading on the go with tablet mode. The super responsive touch screen means you can navigate, scroll and zoom quickly. The long lasting battery life ensures you can work and play on the go without the hassle of recharging. The fan-less design eliminates noise so work away in the library for hours on end without disrupting anyone.

Installed with Windows 8.1, customise your homepage to have easy access to your apps and programmes and manage files; you’ll never waste a moment searching for the folder you saved your coursework in! Packed with all the ports you need and 1TB of storage you can save your work effortlessly and still have plenty of space for pictures, films and your favourite tunes.


The 4GB RAM and Intel Pentium Quad Core processor means you can take on any assignment regardless of how demanding it is. This cheap hybrid has the capacity and power to run numerous programmes simultaneously and won’t buckle under the pressure of power-consuming programmes either.


This cheap hybrid is great for those purchasing with their student finance as it eliminates the need for additional entertainment equipment, such as monitors, TVs, speakers, or extra gaming laptops etc. The 11.6” HD widescreen display with a resolution of 1366 x 768 and integrated Intel HD graphics ensure your film quality will be stunningly detailed and vivid.

This dual functional laptop lets you work and play wherever you are with its numerous great features and its flexible design and it’s only £214.99!


We hope we’ve been of help to you and ended the search for your perfect laptop before university starts!

Still unsure? Check out our wide range of student laptops or all of our Back to School range where you’ll be sure to find something and visit our blog for more helpful reviews, top picks and tech related news.



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