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4 Amazing Fitness Wearables for 2015

According to the latest technology trends, it is being predicted that 2015 is going to be the year of heavy loaded wearable devices. The facts reveal that the global market for wearables will be expanding at a compound annual rate of 35 percent over the next 5 years. If you desire to buy wearable devices, then you can make a choice out of these 4 superb gadgets which will surely benefit you.  

  1. NeuroOn

packshotEver heard of polyphasic sleep? It’s a term which refers to sleep you aim to have in breaks throughout the day enabling you to sleep less but with better efficiency. This device is specifically designed for people who practice this and follow different kinds of polyphasic schedules.

Here comes the interesting part, the NeuroOn provides the user with a sleep mask. This mask is especially designed to measure brain waves, muscle tension, and eye movements, and it efficiently identifies the exact phases you are going through during sleep. After detecting the phases, it comes up with a pre-defined plan to keep your sleep on right track. There are lights inside the mask that lit up when it’s time to wake up. NeuroOn is definitely a unique device helping you to set your sleep schedule. 

  1. The Basis B1 Band

51AjkIb4PmL._SL1000_When it comes to wearable devices especially made for keeping track of your health and fitness, we long for Apple Smart watch or Fitbit surge but Basis B1 band is also another great wearable which keeps a good track of your activities. It features a heart rate tracker and also records your varying body temperatures. If there are any problems arising out of these records, it provides you with suggestions to help improve health. Moreover, it classifies your activities like sleep, running, walking and biking. After recording this information, it sets a number of goals for you by which you can achieve fitness level you always wished for.

  1. Vigo

vigoVigo is another fitness wearable device that records your activities. It informs you about different phases your body goes through, alerts you when you are exhausted and asks you to take breaks. It looks similar to a Bluetooth headset, and you have to wear it at a side of your eye. It is well equipped with infrared sensor, accelerometer that helps determining the level of your alertness. Keeping the track of over 20 parameters of the blinks, it actually detects about your body functioning, when you are fatigued, when should you take rest etc. Hence, Vigo is total fitness device helping you to get fit.

  1. Reign

12-752x490Reign is an amazing activity tracker that is going to hit the market soon. It serves all what you want from a fitness tracker. This sleek looking tracker works with the support of its companion app which keeps the data. It comes for both iOS and Android. Making good use of sensors, it automatically records the activities you carry out such as bike ride, walking, swimming etc. Featuring ‘Go Zone’, strictly tells you the right things to do. The stylish and reliable Reign falls right in line with your needs for achieving a fitness level you desire.