How Can Microblogging Helps You in Increasing Office Productivity

With so much competition in the market every company, either small or big, is trying to increase their productivity through latest and innovative tools. Most of the companies these days have their official accounts on Facebook, Twitter and other such social media platforms. With the advent of all these social media web sites, micro blogging has become a very authentic tool for increasing productivity.

Microblogging is constant participation on blogs or other platforms where you can write small messages which can be read by a number of people. If you have been using twitter for giving latest updates of your business then you are also doing microblogging. Microblogging allows you to connect with masses and broadcast messages to more people rather than a specific person. Micro blogging surely does play a vital role in boosting up the productivity of your company.

Make Connections With More people

friends-bloggingMicro blogging helps in making connections with more and more people around the world. When you write that small message on your page, then it is accessible to everyone rather than a small group of people. More and more people can come to know about your company and your services. With the passage of time you will make your company noticeable for more people and you’ll be able to create a network of things you find interesting.

Best Way For Getting Feedbackfeedback-blogging

You cannot improve your company’s current situation until you get feedback from people. How would you bring improvements in your products until its users tell what is missing and what do they want next. For this kind of feedback micro blogging is the best option. More than 80 percent of internet users use social media websites. And people follow their favourite brands and companies on these websites. In this way giving suggestions and writing feedback on a brand’s page is much easier than sending an email or making a call.

Stay More Informedinformed-blogging

We have all seen that company’s employees start a cold war when they feel like essential information about a new product or a long awaited event is shared by everyone in the office except them. Employee’s cold war eventually lead to decrease in productivity. Anyhow micro blogging helps you in staying more informed. All the employees can share information with each other easily. Whenever the recent updates of a certain thing come, they can be easily broadcasted to all employees through micro blogging.

Cost Effective


Many companies wonder if enterprise micro blogging is worth of expense or not. The truth is yes, it is worth of that little expense it costs. Micro blogging does not costs you a fortune but it can help you in saving thousands of pounds. Think of all those extra pounds you will save from travelling to other locations and other offices of your own company. With micro blogging at your help you will not have to go to other places just to give important information to your employees in other locations. Plus it will also reduce your meeting expenses as less meetings will be needed as most of the essential information can be shared and important issues can be discussed through this tool.

Micro blogging is that incredible tool that helps in unifying your work force. A unified workforce means more productivity and better office atmosphere. Plus it will also increase your business as more and more people will come to know about your company. So if you still haven’t adopted this thing try to adopt it as soon as possible.


Best Tablet PCs of 2015

In the beginning of every New Year top tablet vendors give a hint to tablet lovers what they will be launching for them that following year. As tablets are taking over the tech market with tremendous speed, all the leading brands have shifted their attention form desktop PCs to tablets. Tablet are the device of new generation, providing all those essential features which PCs offers in small size, tablets are preferred by everyone. With the option of multiple operating systems available in the tablets, now it has become easier to get one according to your needs and requirements. If you are also planning to buy a new tablet then this list of some best tablets of 2015 will help you in making up your mind.

Google Nexus 9google_nexus_9_listing_play_store

Google Nexus 9 with its groundbreaking features has succeeded in satisfying all kinds of users. It is the first tablet that came with Android Lollipop 5.0. From its design to processors to other features, it is perfect in all senses. With its ultra-thin design it casts a stylish look.  Featuring Nvidia Tegra K1 Denver chip it takes your gaming experience to the next level and helps you in staying more productive. It can easily handle multiple apps at a time without slowing down.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3en-EMEA-L-Surface-64GB-i3-4YM-00003-mnco

Surface Pro 3 is among best laptops because it is thinner and lighter than its predecessors. Even though it has a large 12-inch display and higher screen resolution but still it is more portable than previous versions. It comes with a kick stand which makes it even more easy to use. Equipped with powerful Intel processor, wide range of connectivity ports and enhanced storage, it gives you an experience you’ve never had before. With the option of wireless keyboard and pen it offers you more comfort and productivity.

Samsung Galaxy Tab SSM-T800NTSABTU-353218-0

Samsung Galaxy Tab S has enjoyed that success which other versions of Galaxy Tab were deprived of. Though its other siblings has also enjoyed tremendous success but Tab S has totally revolutionized the tab market. Having a 6.6mm thick metal body it can make other tablets envious of its super stylish design. Fully equipped with connectivity ports and high resolution camera, it lets you stay more productive. With a perfect combination of a 1.3GHz quad-core processor and 1.9GHz quad-core chip it gives you fast performance in every task.

NVIDIA Shield TabletSHIELD_Tablet_Front_Flat

A tablet having the features to drive gamers crazy. NVIDIA Shield Tablet is especially designed by keeping gaming enthusiasts in mind. With a great graphic punch and a powerful processor it is ever ready to boost up your gaming experience. With the option of SD storage you can easily expand your memory for keeping a huge library of your favourite games. It not just gives you breakthrough performance it also has a stylish body which is only 9mm thick and weighs only 388g. In short it is the best a gamer can get in a tablet.

Top Google Searches for Christmas

google-christmasIt’s that time of the year again, Father Christmas is busy in North Pole preparing his gift list for the kids, whereas people are busy in making their plans for this year’s Christmas. Every year people try to find a new way to make their Christmas special. Whenever we are trying to find or search something, Google is the first name that comes to our mind. Google, the father of search engines, is the most-used search engine on the World Wide Web. It handles more than three billion searches each day. People all across the world use Google to get an idea what is new in Christmas this year, including best Christmas trees of the year, what are best toys as Christmas presents, what kind of dresses are in trend for Christmas parties, and many more. Following is a list of top Google searches related to Christmas. This will help you in getting an idea what are people’s concerns for Christmas this year.

  • Christmas Tree

Christmas tree tops the list of most searched words on Google this year. Well, it is not a surprise to most of us as we know Christmas tree is one of the most important things of Christmas, or we can rather say that Christmas is incomplete without a Christmas tree. Maximum number of people who searched for Christmas tree are in USA and UK seconds this list.

  • Christmas 2014

Christmas 2014 is also among Google trends related to Christmas. This search tells you what are some new decoration style of 2014, some new Christmas songs of 2014, best gift for this year’s Christmas, how to plan Christmas this year and much more.  It is a general search which will help you in having an overview of what is new and special in Christmas of 2014. People in USA and Ireland have most searched for this trend.

  • Christmas Lights

Christmas can never be as colourful and as bright without these special Christmas lights. It would not be wrong to say that these shinning and glittering Christmas lights boost our holiday spirit and make us realize that it is that long awaited part of the year again. People in Australia and US has searched most for Christmas lights on Google, however people lost interest in this search after 13 December but it has again become one of the most searched Christmas related trends now.

  • Christmas Ideas

What can be a better search for Christmas than “Christmas Ideas”. This general term also gives you a wide overview of Christmas ideas in general. It can be ideas related to Christmas presents, Christmas decorations, Christmas shopping, etc. No wonder it is among most searched term in Christmas holidays. By having a look at its statistics, we seem to find that people in Australia and US are most curious about new Christmas ideas for this year.

  • Christmas Gifts

Like all other years, Christmas Gifts is again in most searched terms on Google this year. Buying a perfect gift for your friends and family can be a very daunting task, no wonder you need Google’s help in it. Google helps you in deciding an ideal Christmas presents for your loved ones by telling you the names of shops where you can find best gifts plus it also tells you which shops are offering sale for Christmas presents. Google also gives you an idea what are the most liked gifts among people of various age groups so you can select one easily.