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Amazing Smartphone Apps You Don’t Want To Live Without

We could never deny to the fact that smartphone apps have totally changed the way we live our life. With these innovative apps we get whole world right at the palm of our hand. And with the passage of time the influence of these apps on our day to day life has continued to increase. From cooking to travelling to office work, these apps are helping us in everything we can think of. Here is a list of those smartphone applications we certainly don’t want to live without.


SoundHound_Mobile_IconWho doesn’t like music? The genres people prefer may differ but almost everyone like to listen music. There are some times when we enjoy a song in friend’s car or in the mall but don’t know its name. Finding such songs is just a breeze with Sound Hound. Hold your phone up to the speaker and simply hum the tune or sing the song as much as you remember and it will identify it. Once the song is identified you can download it, read its lyrics or share it.

any-do-logoMany of us don’t agree with it but planners have become a necessity as along as we want to complete the long list of tasks in a small day. is an amazing app which offers interactive visuals. Its innovative calendar and daily planner is ideal for keeping your professional as well as personal life organized.


whatsapp-logoWhatsApp is among some of the most liked messaging platform. It lets you send free messages across the world, and not just text messages you can send pictures, songs and videos all for free. Now you can even make calls with this superb app. The option of group messaging is ideal for talking to whole group of friends at once. The best thing about WhatsApp is it is easy to use with interactive interface.


unnamed (2)Waze is the best app you can get for avoiding traffic jams and hassles. It pulls information from other Waze users so you can avoid crashes, obstacles and traffic jams. But still if you unfortunately get stuck in a traffic jam its amazing feature, traffic bar, gives you the countdown of how long it will take to clear up the road.

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Simple Steps to Secure Smartphones and Tablets

phone_securitySmartphone these days have all our emails, contacts, saved passwords, credit card numbers and much more. In short all our personal and sensitive information is kept in our smartphones and tablets so it is important to keep them secured. There are plenty of hacking and data stealing apps available which makes your data vulnerable to hacking. You will not want to think of all the damage and crisis you’ll suffer from if someone steals this information. There are simple steps which will help you avoid such situations just act on them and make your devices more secured and protected.

  • Password Protect Your Device

There are almost one third of smartphone users who go with the default swipe to unlock option and do not set a password for unlocking their home screen. If you keep your phone open to all it will attract intruders and hackers. Keep a password for screen and make sure password is difficult to guess. Latest smartphones also give the option of setting a pattern which is also good as patterns are difficult to imitate. And make sure you change your password after every few months because there might be someone who knows your password and use your cellphone when you are not around.

  • Install Trusted Apps

While installing a new app we don’t consider whether it is a trusted app or not. A dangerous app can do us more harm than we can think of, they can spread malware, infect the software and some can also steal your contact list. Google Play, Amazon Appstore, Apple iTunes and Microsoft’s Windows Store offer reliable apps but third party apps can contain malicious content. To avoid accidental installation of such apps android users can block such apps by going to security settings and unchecking the “unknown sources”.

  • Install Security Apps

In Android market and Apple app stores you can find a number of security apps. These apps automatically detect malicious content and codes and let you know when you are in danger. Such apps are perfect for protecting yourself from online fraud and phishing you can become victim of while downloading something. Installing these security apps should be the first thing to do when you get a new phone or tablet.

  • Enable Remote Location

Smartphones and tablets often get stolen or sometimes we lose them by our own mistakes, in both the cases our tablets can get into wrong hands and our personal data can be stolen. To avoid this situation tracking apps are developed which let you track where your device is and also let you remotely delete your sensitive information. If you are using an iPhone then go to iCloud in settings and turn on “Find my iPhone.”

  • Avoid Public WI-FI

While waiting at airport on sitting alone in a coffee shop, we always look for public Wi- Fi to get ourselves busy. Where these public Wi-Fi are great for passing time or doing important work while on the move, these open Wi-Fi can also pose big security threat. Hackers use these public networks to access personal information like passwords, usernames, credit card details and much more.

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Apple’s Upcoming iPad Pro

Planning to buy a new tablet? Don’t buy it now as Apple iPad pro is just on its way. A little wait and patience will always help you in buying a perfect device. Apple iPad Pro has been in discussions and conversations of Apple lovers for some time now, but still no one knows its actual launch date. However it is expected in first quarter of 2015. You might be thinking with Apple’s thinner, lighter iPad Air, iPad Air 2 and Retina display equipped iPad mini 3 out in the open, what’s left for Apple to do? Well rumors has it that Apple is working on even larger iPad featuring most advanced technology and features.

iPad Pro
iPad Pro

iPad Pro is the next big name of the production line. A bigger iPad that is intended to be more of a productivity machine than a consumption device, and a competition to Windows devices that offer productivity and portability. We can say iPad Pro is a game changer, it is the blend of MacBook and iPad series. In essence it is a larger iPad focusing on productivity, showcasing the best technology Apple can offer. Apple iPad Pro’s key feature is its size which is expected to be around 12.5 inches, bringing it into the line of MacBook Air. We can never expect something bulky and unattractive from Apple as it always go for slimness and lightness in its products. Similar to other Apple devices, iPad Pro has a light and sleek profile, it is expected to be 7-9mm thick and around 600gms heavy. This slim device will pack 128GB storage, quad core processor and at least 2GB RAM. New version of iPad is expected to have a detachable keyboard to square up against business friendly devices like Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3. It is also expected that iPad Pro will have a set of speakers and microphones on the top and bottom edges, which could function in a similar way as the iPad 2 handles stereo sound. Reports also points out that there is a possibility that it will feature iSight camera, Touch ID sensor and Lightning connector. Apple iPad Pro is also expected to have additional connectivity ports, including a full USB connector. If this rumor is true it’s very shocking as wireless connectivity is the future, and Apple hates to compromise on its control of your user experience.

Having talked enough of its features now let’s come to its operating system and software support. Apple iPad Pro will run iOS 8 as it is the latest version and we don’t expect iOS 9 before iPad Pro’s launch. Engineered for more productivity it has the ability to run full featured versions of Final Cut Pro, Logic Pro, and Photoshop. Final price of this full featured productive iPad Pro is still veiled but most expensive one is expected to be around £950 and around £650 at its cheapest. So start saving now as you won’t skip to own this amazing version of iPad.