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Few Things Galaxy Note 4 Can Do But iPhone 6 Can’t

iphone_6_plus_note_4_pressApple and Samsung, the two leading manufacturers of smartphones are in never ending race of bringing best on best for their customers. Where Apple offers newest technology, Samsung offers some amazing feature but in less price. Galaxy Note 4 and iPhone 6 are the two hottest phones of Apple and Samsung at the current point. Where both these phones have some qualities they also have some drawbacks. Apple claims that its devices are always better than Samsung’s devices, however there are few things which Note 4 can do but iPhone 6 can’t. Here have a look at it:

  • Galaxy Note 4 With Its S Pen

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 was among those devices which introduced the ideal of phablet. After launch of Note 4 Apple announced its iPhone 6 Plus having same size. So its note’s size which makes it unique but it is the S Pen which comes along Note 4 which makes it superior to other such phablets. Though S Pen has remained a part of Note series but with Note 4 we get its revised and improved version. The new S Pen now comes with the support of more than 2,000 levels of pressure sensitivity. The S Pen lets you do a lot of things including faster navigation to smooth paper pen like writing experience. Once you get used to of S Pen, working with fingers seems much boring.

  • Removable Battery

Well you can’t take out most from your smartphone unless you are satisfied with its battery life. However sometimes you are on long trips and don’t get a chance to recharge your phone, in this case if you own Galaxy Note 4 you don’t have to worry at all. It comes with a high capacity 3,220 mAh battery but if you still run out of it you can always replace it with another fully charged battery. All you have to do is pop open its back cover, take out the battery and replace it with a new one.  Apple does not give you the option of removing or replacing your battery so you have to stick with its fixed battery.

  • MicroSD Memory Cards

Even though Galaxy Note 4 comes with spacious internal storage but still Samsung gives you the option of expanding your storage up to 128GB by means of a memory card. Movie lovers can now easily store their favourite movies in their smartphone. However iPhone 6 also comes with 128GB of storage but you have to pay a fortune for that.

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Which E Reader Should You Buy? Kindle, Nook or iPad?

Looking for an ideal e-book reader? With more than ever choices of e-readers, selecting a most suitable one is a daunting task. When we talk of “e-book readers,” we are referring to four classes of products; black and white e-ink readers, full size color tablets like the iPads, 7-inch color LCD media tablets and midsize color LCD tablets ranging from 7.9 to 9 inches. While buying an e reader you should keep key variables like, weight, size, screen type and access of application in mind. Among some of the most famous e readers, Kindle, Nook and iPad are on top of the list. By focusing on their key features, we would help you decide which e reader is most appropriate for you.


Weight and Size

If you are the bookworm of your family and never leave home without a book or an e reader in your hand then size of your device is an aspect which matters a lot. Touchscreen models of e readers weigh a bit more than other models, however they are easier to use. If you are not much fan of touchscreen then entry-level 2012 Kindle is the best option for you. But if you are looking for a device which have ease of touchscreen then 7.5 ounces heavy Nook Simple Touch and the Kindle Paperwhite can be considered as a decent option.

Having color screens and long battery life, 7 inch tablets are heavier than their e-ink counterparts but most surprisingly, the iPad Mini even with a larger 7.9-inch screen, tips the scales at just 11 ounces. Don’t forget that almost every e book reader allows you to adjust font size according to your requirement, so a device with a small screen can also serve you the best.

Scree Preference: E-ink or color LCD

Some of the most dedicated e book readers have e ink screen, they give you an experience which is as close as reading a printed paper, and also allow you to read under direct sunlight. Along with all these benefits these screens have some drawbacks of their own. E ink screens are not self-illuminating, but Kindle Paperwhite uses side-lighting technology to illuminate the e-ink screen, enabling reader to read in dark environments.

If you want to have an amazing experience of reading text on a backlit screen, iPad 2 With its 2,048×1,536-pixel Retina Display is a great option for you. But if you are only interested in reading, without taking notes, tweeting, or other text input, the ultra-cheap, superlight Kindle may be all you need.

Apps and Hardware

If you want to access your reading collection on multiple devices then storing it in the Cloud is the best thing to do, however some e-book vendors offer a better cross-platform support than others. This is the point where Apple lags behind, Apple book store can only be accessed from Apple devices, whereas, if you own a Kindle device then you can access your Kindle Books on many other devices as well. You can access it from iPads, iPhones, Android devices, Windows devices and Black Berry phones. Moving towards Nook we notice that it also offers its readers easy accessibility. Its books can also be accessed from almost every Apple, Android and Windows device, along with Black Berry smartphones.

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Samsung Galaxy S6 is Expected Soon!

If you are a fan of Samsung Galaxy S series and anxiously waiting for its new model then brace yourself as Samsung Galaxy S6 is ready to hit mobile market. Samsung has a predicted pattern of launching their new devices; the flagship ‘S’ model appears, and then a few months later the improved Note pops up. With Samsung having released the Galaxy Note 4 a couple of months ago, everyone’s attention has fallen on its upcoming flagship dubbed as the Galaxy S6. Samsung fans are having huge expectations from S5’s successor as South Korean giant is likely to bring drastic changes to its new device to win its Best Android Phone title back. There have been conflicts about the release date of S6 but now it is expected to be launched in February 2015.

Samsung Galaxy S6
Samsung Galaxy S6

Plenty of whispers are circulating, the rumors mill on what specs and features Samsung Galaxy S6 is going to offer. Seems like Samsung has learned from the mistakes it made in S5 and tried to fix them in S6. S5 did not have any major changes from its predecessor S4, as a result it was unable to stir mobile market. Recent reports have revealed Galaxy S6 will be an altogether different smartphone from S5. It is predicted that Samsung S6 screen will have Samsung’s favourite SuperAMOLED display technology. With the trend of big screens in new models of smartphones, S6 is likely to have large screen between 5.3 inches to 5.5 inches. Samsung has already introduced QHD resolution in its previous devices so we can expect it in Galaxy S6 as well. There are rumors of a flexible or curved display which Samsung has been developing and we’ve seen on the Galaxy Round but we are not sure if the firm will utilize it in S6 or not. It will be great if the S6 has a curved screen, it would be something different from the continuously similar looking rectangular designs. To give its design a solid and elegant look Samsung has built S6 with metal, unlike S5 which has a plastic body. There is no final word on Samsung Galaxy S6 camera but there are more chances that firm will equip their new device with 16Mp with optical image stabilization like the Note. With the common trend of front cameras in smartphones S6 also features a 5MP shooter.

Coming to its software and processor we are pretty sure that Galaxy S6 will stick with Android. It will be preinstalled with latest Android 5.0 lollipop and we expect a new version of Samsung’s TouchWiz interface. Galaxy S6 will be powered by one of Qualcomm’s 64-bit which have already been announced and scheduled to arrive inside devices in the beginning of 2015. On the storage front, the phone has been rumored to come in 32-, 64- and 128 GB models to choose from, plus Samsung is likely to equip the Galaxy S6 with 3 GB of RAM.

With the release of their new smartphone Samsung is ready to battle with their rival Apple. As Galaxy S6 has all those features which can compete with the advanced features and technology of Apple iPhone 6.

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Gift Options for 5th Graders

Your little hero is all set up for the guesses in his Christmas gift you have bought for him. Little Mr. handsome is now grown to 5th standard kid, and soon will be crossing the primary level of his education. The level of enthusiasm and excitement is automatically increased with being in the happiness of power, of all growing up.

So why not give your beloved growing boy a tech surprise this Christmas. A technology that can boost the enthusiasm and help him in learning the new world of educational arena.

Surely with the changing world directions, now children are more of having a tech gizmo on their wish list, than having a traditional conventional gift for their priority.

Some of the most common and exciting gift picks that can help you child grow his inner capabilities are:

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

Samsung galaxy tab 3 is a perfect tablet for your growing child. With his advancement to secondary level of educational system, he needs to get a tech gift that can help him in entering into the new world of technology that can help him not only enjoy the fullest of his movies and games but let him learn through various educational tools available at Google play store. With office installed, your child can have a next level educational experience with great confidence.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3

Xbox One

Xbox is known to have a great boost in the gaming world. Every boy needs one and every parent can have one to give their boys a full thrilling gaming surprise. Xbox not only gives your child a full entertaining gaming session but also lets your boy connect to their beloved family members at long distance, to share their gaming experience. It has a lot of series of educational games as well for better development of your child.

Xbox One

Play Station 4

With emerging trend of advance gaming, all boys are up to clearing the gaming levels of thrills. So why not you’re your boy a gaming experience to show his skills with play station 4.

Play Station 4
Play Station 4


Your little one will not be so little from now on, soon he will be clearing his primary level and will be entering into the secondary level educational system. Where he wants an upgrade with his treatment and gadgets. So give him a superb gift that can help him with his educational projects as well. Camcorder is an excellent gift in this case that can help him with both the aspects of his entertainment and for educational purpose.



To accessories the tech gizmos of your boy, headphones is a very good gift that can be a splendid addition to his accessories. Headphones is an every kid need at every level. To enjoy the games and music and sounds peacefully without disturbing others. Headphones also allow your child to concentrate better without the outside noise, while learning for educational purposes.

Beats Headphone
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Technology revolution and Christmas

In past days with the changing happening in the world, the communication was made easy and things more convenient. But still with advancement there were some stuff that were always use to create hassle. Do we have enough invites? Are invites sent to everyone? Long distance calls, can we afford it? Can people from longer distance living apart can come for a visit? How can you get so much decor done in so short time? Where are proper decor available? Do I have time to get to the store with such busy routine work? And many more other oops, and OH’s for you, when you suddenly realize you have missed someone, someone might not make up to meet you on Christmas, or that you forgot to get someone their desired present because you couldn’t find time to go to the store.

Christmas Technology

Then there was a wave of change that provided a solution to every question of yours and make you feel the comfort of not forgetting or missing anything or anyone. This technological wave was the advancement and intervention of technological solutions in our everyday life. Providing us with lots more better and variety of solutions.

When you forget to mail someone, or have an expensive long distance call to make an invitation to the Christmas family reunion your Christmas wouldn’t be so good without your family. Now you can set a reminders, compose an electronic message with a lovely e-card and send to all your family members in just one click. With numerous devices that have built in reminders apps, and websites like, and many others to no more missing a single person on your love list.

Someone can’t come? They might can’t travel so long distance because of their age or because high fares, or might becase (God forbid) they are sick or ill and cannot travel. You don’t have to worry a bit. Now with the video conferencing with many superb devices such as Samsung galaxy tab3, apple iPad mini, Linx tablet, Lenovo tablets, Toshiba encore etc. everyone, near or far, healthy or sick, can enjoy every moment of the Christmas Eve with their loved ones, feeling and enjoying their presence, sing Christmas carols together.

Suddenly you realize with all this commotion of invitation and talking free now on long distance calls and conferencing you forgot to buy you loved ones their desired gifts, the decoration. No more mini heart attacks about this. List of online stores such as,,, etc. now can help you choose the desired product at the comfort of your home, and delivered it safely to your desired address.

Not only enjoy the moment of Christmas but make it safely into your memories. No longer vague images in mind for your enjoyed moment. With latest gizmos like camcorders and hand cams of high quality you can have your precious moments safer and memorable for long enough for you to have a glimpse whenever you want.